Hello Guys! Well, recently I have joined the wiki, and the main reason is that I want to make a fanfiction involving supernatural beings, such as vampires and werewolves. And I want people to give me characters and stuff so that I can use them. Your character may not be used in the first couple of episodes as I need to introduce things and stuff, I only plan to use humans,vampires and werewolfs in the first series. However, I would like your character so that I can plan them out and do designs of them.

Auditioning Process

Use this auditioning format please, you may add extras, but these ones definately need filling:)

Full Name:



Species(Human,Vampire,Old Ones/Originals,Werewolves,Hybrids,Witch,Other:


Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:


Strengths(Normal for Species, but any others such as singing):

Weaknesses(Normal for Species, but any others such as singing):



THANK YOU!:-) I don't expect many auditions as I'm not popular on this wiki:-)

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