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  • Ayushi123

    This is my fanfiction. Tell me if you like it. =)

    If you have not yet seen The Departed do not read this!! This features many spoilers from The Departed!

    We see Elena get up from the hospital crate thing. She gasps for air a few times.

    Elena: Stefan! Stefan! What happened?! Rebekah... she was there! And Matt! And we... we drove into the lake!

    Stefan: I know, Elena. And I tried to save you, but you wanted me to save you first. And I don't know how! But you're awake now! Damon told me that Meredith said your injury was far worse than she said. Your brain... it was bleeding! She gave you vampire blood, and you didn't get it out of your system. You're your transtioning..

    Elena: What?! But... Meredith told me it was only concussion. She... lied?


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  • Ayushi123

    Who do you ship?

    June 6, 2012 by Ayushi123

    Hello, everybody. Who are your favorite couples? Here are the choices;




    Alaric and Jenna

    Meredith and Alaric

    Damon and Rose

    Tyler and Caroline

    Damon and Katherine

    Stefan and Katherine

    Rebekah and Stefan

    Damon and Rebekah

    Matt and Rebekah

    Bonnie and Jeremy

    Caroline and Matt

    Jeremy and Anna (I just put this one on, I forgot to mention it, sorry!)

    If you have any other couples I forgot to mention, please put them in comments. Please tell me your favorite couple in comments. Only 3. Mine are Stelena, Delena, and Klaroline. Tell me yours. :)

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  • Ayushi123

    Katherine and Kol

    May 7, 2012 by Ayushi123

    == Katherine and Kol== Many people want Katherine and Kol to be together. Maybe in Season 4 they will get together. They are referred to as 'Kathol' by fans.

    The fans of The Vampire Diaires want Katherine and Kol to be together. Hopefully they will be together soon.

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  • Ayushi123

    Season 4

    April 28, 2012 by Ayushi123

    Season 4. Who will stay in season 4? I think that the cliffhanger is going to be that Klaus comes back or something or that Alaric runs away after being turned into a vampire. So who do you think is going to not be in season 4? Well, Damon,Elena, and Stefan are perement. They are the main characters. Klaus, Elijah (If he ever returns!), Rebekah, Kol, and maybe Esther posesses Bonnie into keeping her body preserved like Ayanna did? Maybe. Well Bonnie and Caroline are staying maybe. So that leaves Matt, Jeremy, Meredith, Carol, Tyler, and some other people such as Katherine I think that she and Damon will have like sex or something and then she'll leave and come back in season 4.

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  • Ayushi123

    Who Should She Choose?

    April 18, 2012 by Ayushi123

    So we all know that Elena has to choose between Stefan or Damon. Who do you think she should choose? Tell me in the comments. Now we all know Stefan was the good guy and Damon the bad guy. But that's changed ever since Stefan became a Ripper. Damon comforted her while they were searching for Stefan.As we all saw at the at the end of The Murder Of One Elena feels something for Damon. I want to know if she will choose Stefan or Damon. I mean sure, Stefan is now the bad guy but didn't Elena love Stefan? Damon has always felt something for Elena and ELena is starting to fell for him too. Personally I hope she gets back with Stefan after he controlls the blood thing. So who do you think she should get back with? Tell me in comments.

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