Here is a Quiz dedicated to Caroline Forbes. Feel free to comment with your answers, but NO CHEATING. Good luck!! Asheley .x

Caroline grill party


Q1-What is Caroline's favourtie movie?

Q2-Why did Caroline help Tyler through his first transformation?

Q3- Who was Caroline's escort for Miss Mystic Falls?

Q4-What colour was Caroline's dress for the Founders Day Parade?

Q5- What was the theme Caroline choose for the Founders Day Parade Miss Mystic Falls?

Q6- What did Tyler say about Caroline in Plan B to Matt?

Q7-Why did Caroline try and occupy Elena at Jenna's BBQ?

Q8- What was the story Caroline asked for from the Nurse about her bite on the neck?

Q9- What finger does Caroline wear her Lapis Lazuli ring on?

Q10-What was the name of the man Caroline killed at the Carnival?


Caroline Forbes

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