Hi there! It's time to nominate your favourites in our seventh annual The Vampire Diaries Wiki Awards. This year we're going to do it differently. First we'll do TVD's Season Eight and then later this year we'll do The Originals' Season Four simply because we have so much time until the fifth season airs.

Now you have until July 17 to nominate your favorites from The Vampire Diaries in the comments.

The categories are:

  • Best Character:
  • Best Male Character:
  • Best Female Character:
  • Best Episode:
  • Favorite Couple:
  • Best Actress:
  • Best Actor:
  • Best Guest Star:
  • Best Kill:
  • Best Kiss:
  • Best Cliffhanger:
  • Best Surprising Moment:
  • Best Noble Act:
  • Best Villain:
  • Best Chapter:

Note: Next to best Kill, Kiss, Cliffhanger, Surprising Moment and Noble Act add an episode number inside the parenthesis.

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