A couple of weeks ago Nina Dobrev announced on Twitter, that she and KRMA Clothing would be teaming up for a contest. Well yesterday she announced the first of 3 questions, for a chance to win a KRMA Jade Leather Jacket, just like the jackets she wears on the show! A value of $650. Here’s how the contest works (per Nina and KRMA):

  • Follow @ninadobrev on Twitter. Follow @krmaclothingtoo, while you’re at it.
  • Nina will be posting THREE TRIVIA QUESTIONS on her Twitter, once a week. Tonight she posted the first question.
  • AFTER she has posted ALL THREE QUESTIONS, send your three answers to You can’t win the jacket unless your email contains all three correct answers to Nina’s trivia questions.
  • The winner of the Jade jacket will be the 500th person to send an email with three correct answers.


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