There are over 100 days til the season premiere, but we know some of new characters' names.

  • First we have Pastor Young who will appear in the first episode and die soon. "He hates vampires, and he threatens Meredith that he will expose her use of vampire blood on her patients and he captures Damon and wants to use him as bait in order to try to capture Stefan, too. "
  • In the following episode, his daughter, April Young, will attend his funeral."She is a 16-year-old girl who comes back to town and is originally from Mystic Falls, so she remembers Jeremy and Elena from their childhood, but she's been away at private school for the last few years. She decides to move back to town after a death in the family, so when we first meet her, she's grieving."
  • We will also meet Connor Jordan in the second episode who is described as "highly trained killing machine" and "scary hot." "He shows Damon a folder of notes he's been keeping and threatens Damon. Connor and Tyler argue over each of them having something that the other wants (knowledge of how a curse is triggered and the location of a particular stone)."

Season 4 premieres October 11th!

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