If you DON'T want to be spoiled STOP READING NOW!!!!!

  • According to our source, in episode 10 entitled “The Sacrifice”, Elena and Rose fortuitously come across an opportunity to get one step closer to the ‘Originals’. While doing a believable impersonation of Katherine, Elena gains the info she needs about a certain Adrienne. But in true TVD style plans go south quick and someone ends up with their heart ripped out, literally.
He is present in episode 10. He’s a vampire who has orders to bring back a woman (Elena, Katherine or Rose?) to his boss (Byron?). He confronts Adrienne, James and Rose to protect that person. He’ll be eventually killed by

Adrienne ripping out his heart.

She is present in episode 10. Her name will be mentioned several times in the coming episodes. She is described as a very dangerous vampire. Nobody dares to touch. She is pursued by Rose and Elena in episode 10 and they end up finding her, apparently in this same episode.
She appears for the first time in episode 10. She’s a pretty young girl with a slight German accent. She seems to live with a boy named Steven.

  • More spoilers about Alice and her encounter with Elena:

She meets Rose and Elena on Steven’s apartment. First, Rose asks Alice what happened to Steven and, then, Elena appears in the apartment and tells her they’re looking for Adrienne. Alice tells her that it is suicide and that no one dares to contact her, and after a moment of reflection she thinks Elena is Katherine Pierce. Elena decides to impersonate Katherine and asks her if she knows her. Alice replied: “Only by reputation. You’re the reason for what I wanted to be transformed”. It seems that Alice did not become a vampire because of Steven. Elena approaches Alice and asks her to phone Steven and find someone connected to Adrienne. Alice refuses to do so and sends a message warning that Katherine wants to see Adrienne immediately. But she knows what Katherine is able to do, so she end up collaborating. She calls someone and ends up getting the number of a person who knows Adrienne.

  • Jules: She makes her first appearance in episode 11. She is a young surfer of 20 years, tanned, sexy and smart. It comes in Mystic Falls to ask questions about the disappearance of Mason Lockwood.

Jules comes to visit Tyler and tells him that she’s a friend of Mason and she’s looking for him. Tyler says: “Mason has gone back to Florida for a while now,” she replied: “The problem is, he has not returned “. She will also confront Damon and she knows from the beginning that he’s a vampire. Damon threats and warns her to stop looking for Mason.


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