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    Klaroline,no more?

    March 22, 2012 by Ai94

    Well we all saw how Candice spolied whole season 3.And i get really angry.I was really annoyed when she said "Everyone’s so excited about this potential thing between [Klaus and Caroline], but it’s so funny, because I think viewers are forgetting that Klaus is a really bad guy,” she says. “This is evil Klaus who murders people unforgivingly, threatens Elena’s life constantly, and uses her for blood. He’s not a good guy.” And we are talking about girl that is big Steroline fan(and we all know that Stefan is mass murderer also) ..

    .“Caroline is really just using Klaus to relinquish Tyler,” Candice says. “She’s playing the game a little bit so that maybe he’ll do that for her out of love. Right now, he’s not really buying it. … If this had bee…

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