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Hey TVD/TO fans, welcome to my profile, I hope you have fun reading my views/rants. Namaste :)

Some Facts About Me:

  • I am obsessed with delena (Ok thats quite obvious from my username :p)
  • I had absolutely no interest in watching English movies/shows until I came across TVD.
  • I decided to watch TVD when I came across the delena 3X22 phonecall scene on my FB timeline. It felt like as if I was magically compelled to watch TVD :p
  • Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore has officially ruined my love life.
  • Discussing Delena/tvd over here is my favorite hobby.
  • I have never ever cried while watching TVD (Shocked, right? :p)
  • I am a sucker for fictional bad boys. Any cocky guy who pretends to be bad but deep down has a heart of gold are my favorite kind of characters.
  • Reading DE fanfics is my another obsession and someday I wish to write my own.
  • Every real life couple I ship ends up breaking up and every fictional couple I ship are endgames (Yes, Delena will be too :D)
  • My favorite subject is Accounts. I love Maths too and I absolutely hate mugging things up.
  • My favorite food dish is Dosa (South Indian dish) and Pasta.
  • I love helping people.
  • Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Pdukone, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Benedict Cumberbatch and Parth Samthaan are my favorite actors/actresses.
  • There are times when I miss Gossip Girl and Lost badly :(


Favorite Characters:-


Damon Salvatore

I have never loved a fictional character like I love this Blue Eye Hottie. Whether he is that cocky asshole from season one or the current love struck idiot. I love him sooooo freaking much. His sarcasm, his humor, his devotion towards Elena, his cockiness, his undying ability to look smoking hot 24X7. Secretly am looking for my own Damon in real life *blushes*.


Elena Gilbert

She is my adorable cupcake ever since season one. Yes at times, I feel like killing her when she is unable to admit her feelings for Damon or when she doesn't shut Caroline up against her anti-DE crap. Best thing about her is her undying devotion towards the people she cares about. Whether its her ability to give them second chances or her crazy protectiveness over them. I cant see her current widow state :( But I know my hero (no need to mention who) will come back soon and make her feel alive again ❤


Alaric Saltzman

Lets just talk about how freaking awesome it is to get him back. With him gone, gone was the amazing Team Badass (If you dont know whats that then I question if you have really watched the show :p) His fatherly concern for Jeremy and Elena is beautiful and cant wait for their scenes in season six. I also wish for him to find his happiness in someone, though no doubt Jenna will always be his one true love.

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

I miss Barbie Klaus sooo much. Ever since she left The Originals, the show has not been the same for me. Seriously whats the point of calling that show The Originals without Bex. In the beginning of Season Three I used to consider her a bitch and hated her. But then as we got to know her, I fell in love with her character. The way she longed for love was beautiful to see. I think Hope might be the one to cure her heart. It would be amazing to see her protect baby Mikaelson and being an awesome mother to her.


Caroline Forbes

Her over optimism and over adorableness is what made me love her. Her character growth was the highlight of Season Two. The two things that stopped her from being my second favorite was her judgy and hypocritical attitude towards the delena relationship. Ofcourse as they are my OTP so it hurts very much to see one of my fav characters hating on them. Not to mention the whole SE are soulmates crap. But thanks to the Hero Hair boy, Care's no longer being anti DE/SE supporter as she is back to planning her June wedding with him.

Some other character I love are Enzo, Katherine Pierce, Elijah Mikaelson, Tyler Lockwood, Stefan Salvatore, Davina Claire & Marcel Gerard.


Favorite Couples:-


Warrior Princess and her Caveman

My love for them cant be described in words. They are the first fictional couple I truly fell in love with. My first OTP and will forever be my No. One! I was one of those idiots who used to believe in the first love concept but they changed me. They thought me the definition of true love and what it is like to love unconditionally. Seeing their beautiful love story has been one of my best experiences ever. The undying passion, the crazy sexual tension, the neverending banter, the scorching chemistry and the twinflame connection. And also they are the reason why I joined this wikia, so everyone you should thank them as its because of them you got to know the awesome Delena05. Ok yeah that was indeed very cocky, sorry but you know my fav character is Damon Salvatore, I will atleast adapt some character trait :p

Steroline 5x12

Stefan and Caroline

At first I was totally against the idea of a romantic Steroline. To be honest I even stopped caring about them during season four, yes because of the anti DE crap. But Season Five had some really amazing Steroline moments. I didnt even realize when I started adoring Steroline sooo much that they kinda became my OTP. I love love their happiness around each other. Lets cheers to the beginning of a Steroline romance in Season Six.

Forwood in 3x21

Tyler and Caroline (Formerly)

Yes I was previously a big Forwood shipper. I bet not many people know that, right? :p Well they were once upon a time an adorable couple, added to that was the amazing chemistry between the actors. During Season One times, I always thought that they would make an amazing couple. Much much better than Matt and Caroline. And then Season two started and thus started the awesomeness of Forwood. They bonded, helped each other and ultimately fell in love. And then Season Three started and thus started Klaroline :/ Klaroline wasnt that bad, I kinda liked many of their scenes but the fact that a beautiful love story like Forwood was destroyed because of them, I was never able to ship them and kinda hated them. And I dont even need to mention Season Five! Well now I have Steroline so I dont mind it that much. Actually I do but I have taken enough space, so more rant in my rant section :p

Other ships that I love are Elijah and Katherine, Stefan and Rebekah and Jeremy and Anna.


Favorite Friendships/Bromance:-


Damon and Alaric

Alaric is back! Damon will be back soon! We will be getting Dalaric scenes after freaking 2 years and I just cant stop thinking about it. They are my first BROTP. From enemies to best friends. From hating each other to loving each other. From not giving a damm about each other to always having each other's back. Their love-hate romance (Oops I mean Bromance!) is the best thing ever. Team Badass always and forever ❤


Damon and Rebekah

They both are basically my favorite characters and I find them very similar. Longing for love, fiercely loyal to the people they love and of course the whole badass attitude. Throughout the series they had very few scenes together but all of them are mindblowing. To be honest if there was no Elena in the series, I would have shipped them romantically as well :p I love the way they are sarcastic towards each other and subtly flirt as well. I know that in future it is likely that we will never see a scene of them again but I still hope one day we do.

Defan hug

Stefan and Damon

Bros Before Hoes forever :D Defan have such an amazing and complicated relationship throughout the series. People say its destroyed because of the triangle but I highly disagree. Yes there are moments when they both screw up but then that's the case with every other relationship. I will just reminisce two scenes. First, in Season Two, when Stefan left everything behind including Elena to save Damon's life and second, in Season Five, when Damon had everything he wanted (Elena's love), he still went with the sacrifice to bring Stefan back to life. I hope we get to see Defan childhood flashbacks one day.

Other favorite bromance/friendships are Damon and Jeremy, Damon and Enzo and Elena, Caroline and Bonnie.


Favorite Scenes:-


Favorite Fan Videos:-


Favorite Fanfictions:-


I will add stuff soon :)


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