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Favorite CharactersEdit

  2. Rebekah Mikaelson-TO will never be the same :((
  3. Elena Gilbert- Poor widow Elena :(
  4. Alaric J. Saltzman-So glad he is back <3
  5. Katherine Pierce-RIP :(
  6. Caroline Forbes-Most adorable character <3
  7. Elijah Mikaelson-Love his devotion towards his family.
  8. Tyler Lockwood-All he needs is a freaking good story line.
  9. Bonnie Bennett-Bonnie needs to start thinking about herself.
  10. Enzo-Excited to him as a regular :)

Favorite CouplesEdit

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  1. Elena and Damon-My love for them cant be described in words. My first and most addicting OTP <3
  2. Stefan and Caroline-How can anyone not root for them <3
  3. Elijah and Katherine-Because he was the only one who truly loved kath.
  4. Stefan and Rebekah-Their scenes were awesome :D
  5. Jeremy and Anna-They were adorable.

Favorite Friendships/BromanceEdit

  1. Damon and Alaric-Now Ric is alive but Damon dead :( One just cant have their scenes :'( 
  2. Damon and Jeremy-Can I go back to the time when writers didnt screw them up :(
  3. Damon and Rebekah-For me they are very similar, loyal and craving for love and hence are my favorite characters. I loved their scenes.
  4. Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie-Ignoring Caroline's judgmental attitude, love their moments <3 
  5. Stefan and Damon-Just like Rebekah said no matter how much they fight at the end of the day they will die for each other <3

Delena Gifs GalleryEdit

Delena Gifs <3

Fanart GalleryEdit

Some of my fav Nian/Delena fanarts <3

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