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September 16, 2011

It was astounding to me, there were no mistakes. She had every line down for both characters. She was acting opposite nothing, and yet she was delivering the performance of the season for both characters and it was astonishing.

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Rebekah Mikaelson: "How are you dying? I thought Ayana preserved your body with a spell."
Esther Mikaelson: "She did. I'm drawing my power from the Bennett witch line, but when Abby died the connection severed, so my body has weakened."
Rebekah Mikaelson: "Well, if you've come to spend your last moments with your loving daughter, prepare to be disappointed. You should have spent less time plotting my death."
Esther Mikaelson: "Is that what you think I've been doing on the Other Side? I've been looking over you for a thousand years of joy and heartbreak. Your fights with Klaus, the nights you cried yourself to sleep calling out my name, not a day has gone by that I wasn't right there with you."
Rebekah and Esther[src]
Rebekah Mikaelson: "Daggering, biting, deserting. Does your wickedness ever end?"
Klaus Mikaelson: "My "wickedness" is self-preservation! And I wouldn't have to go to such lengths were I not presented on all sides with ignorance and treachery! Now that Elijah's abandoned me, I'll be needing you in my plot against Marcel. Don't expect to be leaving town anytime soon."
Rebekah Mikaelson: "Why should I help you after what you did to Elijah?"
Klaus Mikaelson: "You're my family. Besides, who better to spy on Marcel than the girl he so clearly loves? You can tell me all his secrets, like how did he find us here? Huh, any idea about that, little sister?"
Klaus and Rebekah[src]
Katerina Petrova: "What kind of sick game are you playing?"
Nadia Petrova: "It's not a game, Katherine. You did kill my mother, but it wasn't in Paris. It was in a little cottage in England, and it wasn't 1645.It was April 6, 1492, and she was all alone, exiled by her family two years earlier. You stuck her head in a noose, pushed her off the chair, and snapped her neck."
Katerina Petrova: "Who are you?"
Nadia Petrova: "My name... is Nadia Petrova... And you are my mother."
Katerina and Nadia[src]

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