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October 14, 2011

Team Klaus, Katherine, Elijah, Caroline and Kol

I ship Klaus/Caroline, Katherine/Elijah and Jeremy/Anna


Hi, my name is Anna and I am 18 years old. Well like everyone on this wiki, I am in love with the Vampire Diaries series.

My favorite pagesEdit

My favorite quotesEdit

Season 1Edit

Caroline: Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Sex.

Katherine: Hello John, goodbye John.

Season 2Edit

Damon: They are not vampires. What the hell are they?
Stefan: Maybe they are, Ninja Turtels.
Damon: You are not funny!
Stefan: Or.. no.. zombies, werewolves.
Damon: No comedic timing at all.

Damon: You, witch, are going to get over yourself and help us.
Stefan: Yeah, he meant that as a question. With a please on the end.
Damon: Absolutely.

Katherine: Here we are: the brother who loved me too much and the one who didn't love me enough.
Damon: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.

Katherine: Do you honestly believe that I don`t have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C and a plan D. You know how the alphabet works, don`t you?

Season 3Edit

Damon: Here doggie, doggie.

Damon: No, no, no, no, did I mention? NO!

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