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I was a dick to her, I was really bad. That's what I hate is I can't make any of it right. It’s like I don't deserve to even miss her.

The romantic relationship between the werewolf Tyler Lockwood and the vampire Vicki Donovan was mainly a physical rather than an emotional one. Tyler did not treat her well and they broke up after Vicki chose Jeremy over him. Although they never truly cared for each other, Tyler grew to care about her after her death and said that he regretted hurting her to Vicki's mother, Kelly Donovan.

Season OneEdit

Tyler and Vicki had dated previously and were back together by the time the school year of 2009 started. Tyler had treated her poorly in their relationship. At one point he tried to force her into sex, but Jeremy stopped him. Tyler also didn't visit Vicki while she was in the hospital.

After Vicki got out of the hospital, she asked Tyler to take her to the Founder's Party and Jeremy pointed out to her shortly after she had to ask Tyler to take her. Later at the Founder's Party and Heritage Display, Tyler didn't want his parents to see her there. When Vicki questioned him about it, he told her that his house was boring. Tyler's mother, Carol had seen both of them and after Vicki left, Carol said, "That's what you get when you bring white trash to the party."

After Vicki was turned into a vampire by Damon, Vicki visited Tyler and she attacked him, almost killing him. Damon and Stefan showed up to stop her from accidentally murdering her ex-boyfriend. Tyler was wondering what was going on, but Damon compelled him to forget what happened and threw him across his car. Tyler was saddened by the news of Vicki's death and visited Matt on the day of the news. Ever since learning of her death, Tyler was guilt-ridden for not being able to fix their relationship.




  • They were each other's first love interests on the show (onscreen).
  • Tyler and Vicki were only sexually attracted to one another.
  • Tyler only grew to care about Vicki after her death.
  • Vicki was not the only Donovan Family member to have a romantic relationship with Tyler. Kelly Donovan and Tyler shared a make out scene before Matt Donovan and Elena Gilbert interrupted them.

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