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Tomás Vargas was a character of The Originals novel series. He was the twin brother of Alejandra Vargas and a human who had magical weapons that could defeat the Mikaelsons and other supernatural beings.

The Originals Novels SeriesEdit

The ResurrectionEdit

Tomas, Alejandra and his followers had planned on getting rid of the vampires and had gotten a hold of a special powder called vinaya which was enchanted by witches, and it would distort a vampire's thinking and be controlled by a human when it was ingested. He also had an arsenal of weapons which would be used to get rid of other supernatural beings, such as werewolves and even witches.

He had followed Rebekah and Luc to Mystic Falls and he threatened her with her and her family. After the threatening and trying to turn each of the siblings against each other, Klaus had gone after them and Tomas was a witness to him ripping Alejandra's head off, which caused Tomas to seek more vengeance. He had tried to burn down the Originals' mansion, but did not succeed and they had burned his warehouse down instead. It is later revealed that Luc was in league with Tomas and had put a front so the Mikaelsons wouldn't suspect him. He fought against the Mikaelsons and later met his end by being held by throat by Rebekah. They had later gotten rid of the powder so it wouldn't be used anymore on any other supernatural being.


He was arrogant and spoke in a soft manner, as though he had no care in the world and wasn't worried about the enemies had made in the vampires, werewolves or witches. He didn't care about his followers as they had been collateral damage and he only cared about taking down the Originals.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He looks identical to his twin sister, with black hair that curled to his shoulders and startling green eyes. He is tall and his body was shrouded in a thick black cloak with a glittering silver pin at it's throat.



  • Tomás is Hebrew and Spanish. It means "twin" in both languages.
  • Vargas is Spanish and Portuguese. The habitational name from Vargas in the Santander province, or a topographic name from vargas, plural of varga, a dialect term used in various senses: '(thatched) hut', 'steep slope', or 'fenced pastureland which becomes waterlogged in winter'.

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