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The first illumination was held in celebration with the newfound prosperity that Mystic Falls enjoyed after the war.
Tobias in Ghost World

Tobias Fell was the Head of the Historical Society and was later killed by the ghosts of the tomb vampires.

Tobias was a member of the Fell Family.

Season Three

He was introduced in the episode Ghost World. He says a speech about the past of Mystic Falls after what happened with vampires. He was killed by Frederick and the angry tomb vampires (as ghosts).


Tobias is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is "God is good".

Fell is of Norse origin and means "from the rough hill".

Physical Appearance

Tobias is a man at least in his 60s with white-grayish hair and blue-gray eyes.


Season Three


  • He is the first and only known person to be killed by the ghosts.
  • When Elijah introduced himself to Jenna and Carol, it was under the guise as a historian. If he actively portrayed this persona, Tobias may have been his boss, as the Head of the Historical Society.


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