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Nah, it can't be. It's just my mind playing tricks on me.
Tiki's Grandfather in You're Undead to Me

Tiki's Grandfather is a resident of Mystic Falls, who moved to the town in 1953. He stayed at the Salvatore Boarding House for a while, where he met Stefan and Damon, who were visiting one of their half-brother's descendants.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

In You're Undead to Me, Tiki's Grandfather made his first appearance inside the Mystic Grill, when he recognized Stefan and was surprised that he hadn't aged a day. Stefan completely ignored and refused to admit that he knows him, even when Elena asked.


Old Man at the car wash.

Afterwards, Elena saw him again at a fund-raising car wash and when she asked started asking him questions, he told her about about the "attack" on Zach Salvatore's grandfather, Joseph Salvatore. He was sure that he saw Stefan in early June, 1953. Tiki's grandfather led Elena to look up information on the attack and she asked Logan Fell if she could use the computer at WPKW9 (the local news station).

Physical Appearance

He had black-gray hair and brown eyes. He had a mustache and a beard that was black-grayish-whitish in color.


Season One


  • His first or last name hasn't been revealed.


  • He is the eldest human to appear in the series (He is at least 60 years old).

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