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Why doesnt Katherine just become a vampire again?

  • Am I missing something....or wouldnt it make sense for Katherine to be trying to become a vampire again.  I mean, she loved being one....she was ruthless and well adapted to it, and she didnt have the issues like Elena did.  Now we find out that she may be dying due to taking the cure (aging rapidly I think) so why doesnt she trick someone into giving her blook or something, die, then become a vampire all over again.  Obviously they are not going to let her character die, but I just feel that is what her character would have logically been trying to do since being forced to take the cure.  

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    • I like that she is a human. It's much better.

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    • It may be true that of ALL the characters on this show, Katherine, of all people didn't ever wish to become a vampire.  Not until her very survival was absoluely threatened.

      I will agree though that if the doctor can't "fix her", she may try the other option.  But, we know nothing of the cure.

      Kathherine may be a dead woman walking (hell they may even use, possibly with Katherine's very own consent) to be the person to "sacrifice to open the doorway for Bonnie to come back.

      But, the cure may equally make it impossible for Katherine to EVER become a vampire again (thus playing a very large part in the Augistine vampire, side drama...).

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