• Hi wiki users I'm creating a fanfiction-style on the vampire diaries novel series with the first book (The Awakening) and I want your help in helping me cast the actor with the actors based entirely on their appearances in the novels.

    Now I'm planning on casting the Salvatore Brothers.

    Stefan Casting Call: handsome, Green eyes, black hair, Caucasian and mysterious-look. Average male height. Someone who looks 17-18.

    Damon's Casting Call: handsome, dark black hair, dark eyes, Caucasian. Older person than Stefan's actor.

    Casting for this character will end on the 20th of September and I will reveal the actor the following day (Casting for Elena is still up which will also end on September 19th)

    Please cast the actor(s) here is the page link and may the best audition win:

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