It's all right, dear, the vampires are all dead.
Thomas in The Dinner Party

Thomas Keeping[1] Fell was a character who appeared in the fifteenth episode of the second season in The Vampire Diaries. He was the husband of Honoria Fell and a reverend in Mystic Falls.

Thomas was a member of the Fell Family and member of the Town Council.

Early History

Thomas Fell lived in the mid 19th century, belonging to one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls. He was killed by Stefan Salvatore shortly after the town had burned Fell's Church, thinking they had destroyed all the vampires in Mystic Falls.

Physical Appearance

Thomas was a man with brown hair with some facial hair, green eyes and stood at 5'10.

The Novels

The Fury

Thomas Fell did not appear in the books, but his wife Honoria kept a diary which kept track of their lives. Thomas and Honoria founded Fell's Church and lived there all their lives. Jacob Smallwood, a villager, was a werewolf and attacked women in the night. Thomas fashioned silver bullets and went with Honoria to Jacob's house and finally stopped his killing spree. When Thomas died he was buried with his wife in the town's cemetery.

Dark Reunion

In the diary of Honoria Fell in the library, it mentioned that Thomas Fell and his wife discovered the existence of werewolves, and decided that they needed to destroy Jacob Smallwood because he was the person behind the killing of many women in Fell's Church.


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  • Thomas is a name of Aramaic origin and its meaning is "twin".
  • Keeping comes from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It was a name for a rotund or heavy person.
  • Fell is of Norse origin and means "from the rough hill".




  1. See the list of guests of the First Founders' Party.

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