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Television ratings represent how many people have watched a certain program.

Preliminary ratings are announced on Saturday. The final ratings are announced on Monday.

The Vampire DiariesEdit


TVD Ratings (for the first 7 seasons)

These are the ratings for every episode so far.

The OriginalsEdit


TO Ratings (for the first 3 seasons)

Ratings for every episode so far:

Season AveragesEdit

The Vampire Diaries Season Rank Season Average
Season 1 #118 4.5
Season 2 #193 3.17
Season 3 #166 2.81
Season 4 #133 2.97
Season 5 #147 2.68
Season 6 #160 2.25
Season 7 #173 1.77
The Originals Season Rank Season Average
Season 1 #149 2.61
Season 2 #172 1.81
Season 3 #181 1.44

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