Witch spell link This page is an official policy on The Vampire Diaries Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. Generally this guide is to be used for character articles, but can be adapted to almost any in-universe article by leaving out sections that are impertinent. By adhering to this layout guide we will add more uniformity across all the pages. This will create a more professional look for The Vampire Diaries Wiki. In addition, if you are unsure of how to start an article use this guide to provide a starting point. If you have any questions or comments feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page. This layout guide was adapted from Wookieepedia's Layout Guide.

If you have any suggestion/objection, please add it to talk page.

Title tag


  • Used to alter the appearance of the article's title at the top of a page.

Youmay tags


{{Youmay|Caroline Forbes from the novels|[[Caroline Forbes]], a character from the television series}}
  • Generally used when it is possible that a user has found one article when they were actually looking for another of a similar or same name.


Example (for an article about Damon):

|image = DAMON-HI-RES.jpg
|name = Damon Salvatore
|birthdate = <nowiki>
* 1840 (age 24/171)
|family = 
* Unnamed Mother
* [[Giuseppe Salvatore]] (Father,deceased)
* [[Stefan Salvatore]] (Younger Brother)
* [[Zachariah Salvatore]] (Deceased)
* Unnamed Half-Brother (deceased) 
* [[Zach Salvatore]] (Distant Nephew,deceased)
* [[Joseph Salvatore]] (Cousin,deceased)
|job = 
* Confederate soldier <small>(1864)</small>
* Head of the [[Founder's Council]] <small>(Present)</small>
|species = 
* [[Vampire]]
|transfiguration date = 
* 1864 by [[Katherine Pierce]]
|killed by = 
* [[Giuseppe Salvatore]] (as a human)
|significant sires = 
* [[Isobel Saltzman]] <small>(2007)</small>
* [[Vicki Donovan]] <small>(2009)</small>
* [[Caroline Forbes]] <small>(2009)</small>
* [[Abby Bennett Wilson]] <small>(2010)</small>
|significant kills = 
* [[Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton]] (first seen victims of season 1)
* [[Zach Salvatore]]
* [[Samantha Gilbert]] (revived by Gilbert Ring)
* [[Crow]]
* [[Lexi]] (as a vampire)
* [[Bree]]
* [[Samantha Gibbons]]
* [[Jeremy Gilbert]] (revived by Gilbert Ring)
* [[Alaric Saltzman]] (revived by Gilbert Ring, twice)
* [[William Tanner]]
* [[Mason Lockwood]]
* [[Jason Harris]] (Web-series)
* [[Elijah]] (1st time)
* [[Logan Fell]] (as a human)
* [[Rose]] (mercy kill at her request)
* [[Jessica]]
* [[Luka Martin]] (unknowingly torched)
* [[Vicki Donovan]] (as a human)
* [[Isobel Flemming]] (as a human)
* [[Greta Martin]]
* [[Maddox]] (With help of [[Matt]]
* [[Abby Bennett Wilson]] (as a witch)
|status = 
* Undead
|cause of death = 
* Shot in the chest (as a human)
|actor = 
* [[Ian Somerhalder]]
|first = 
* ''[[Pilot]]''
|last  = 
* ''[[The Murder of One]]''}}

  • The image may not be larger than 250px
  • For the first occurance of each information make it a link, e.g. link the year for the birthday/deathday and link all family members, jobs, etc.
  • Wherever there is more than one "answer," seperate them by a line break (<br />)
    • Do not put a line break after the last entry in that field
  • Leave unknown fields blank

Opening quote


{{Character Quote|I`ll do whatever it is you need me to do, Elena. No one`s going to hurt you. Especially not my brother.|Damon to [[Elena]] in [[Smells Like Teen Spirit]]}}
  • An opening quote is welcome for almost any type of article.
  • Quotes can be said by the article's subject, or said by someone else about the article's subject.
  • Do not use links within a quote, unless it is the only mention in the article of a certain subject.
  • If the speaker is another subject please include a link.
  • Please include a source

Article body

Example (for an article about a Character):

'''Damon Salvatore''' is... (insert introductory sentence or paragraph)
==Early History==
==Season One==
==Season Two==
==Season Three==

==Physical Appearance==
==Powers and Abilities==

{{DEFAULTSORT:Salvatore, Damon}}
{{VD Characters}}

  • Start headings at the second level (==)
  • Headings and subheadings are usually not required for very small articles.



[[File:Stefan_and_Damon_3.jpg|thumb|200px|Damon and Stefan]]
  • Images should be placed where they are most relevent and should not interrupt the flow or the aesthetics of the article.
  • Images should have some sort of description.
  • Images should be placed before or after paragraphs or sections of text, not right in the middle of them.
  • Placing them immediately underneath a heading or subheading usually works quite well.

Notes and references

  • List of sources for information in the "Trivia" section.
  • Items are added to the list by placing <ref>Source goes here</ref> after the information tidbit in question.
  • These citations also need to be made outside of the punctuation (ie after the period and outside any quotation marks).
  • To get the references to show up in this section, insert the following code:

External links


==External links==
  • It's called "External links" even if there is currently only one link
  • Links to other unofficial sources, e.g. fan sites, Wikipedia articles



  • Used at the bottom of the article body when the article is too vague or brief, AND when there is clearly more information that can be added


Main article: The Vampire Diaries Wiki:Category Policy


[[de:Damon Salvatore]]
  • If there is a translation of an article available please place the proper code here.


At the end of each episode page add
  • If it's 12th episode in season 3. (First number is the season number (in this case 3 ), and the other two are the episode number.. (01,02,03...14..19..)

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