The Vampire Diaries Game was developed by Her Interactive. It was released in 1996 by American Laser Games, Inc. for windows. Based on Young Adult Fiction author L. J. Smith’s books ‘The Vampire Diaries', this game is a mystery adventure about a town infested with vampires and children falling victim to a mysterious illness. Some children are even missing!

You play as Elena Gilbert from the first person perspective. The game begins during a party at the Romanoff Gallery the lights go out and upon returning you find that your young sister Margaret is lying on the floor; floating away from her body is an eerie wispy figure. You must find out what is going on in your home town of Fell’s Church, Virginia to save your sister and the town..

The story unravels through puzzle solving and an intriguing storyline. You must solve the mystery using items you find from various locations. Point and click your way through places and puzzles for an adventure.

This game, though baring the ‘Vampire Diaries’ moniker has its own storyline and characters quite separate and free floating from the novels.

Walkthrough is available here, and video walkthrough here.


  • This game is extremely rare. Even though many years have passed after the game's release, it is still highly sought after by fans of the novels. Finding an original copy in the box is nearly impossible. HER Interactive has long stopped producing it, or acknowledging they developed it. This is quite a shame since right now the game would only have to gain.

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