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The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In was a game released on Facebook on May 25, 2011 and it was available until July 2, 2013.

Game Play

Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In is a casual point-and-click adventure game on Facebook. You and your father have recently moved to Mystic Falls and quickly befriend Elena and the rest of the gang. As the game progresses, you become sucked into the supernatural world of Vampires and Witchcraft. The game currently follows many of the major events from the series, with the addition of your own story line of trying to discover the past of your family.

While you are given different quests that involve speaking to characters from the show, much of the game is spent clearing fog to find quest items and collections. While clicking, you will come across several mini games: Mystic Pix, find the differences between two pictures; Mystic Trivia, test your knowledge of Vampire Diaries lore; and Forgotten Objects, find hidden objects. The better your score in these games, the better prize you can win, ranging from experience to Mystic Coins to collection items. Over time the fog in these locations will replenish itself.


Currently there are two chapters, and during which seven locations are unlocked :


By trading in collections, you can unlock locations, find quest items, and gain Mystic Coins and trophies. The following are the main collections and the where you can find them:

  • Amulets- Salvatore Fountain, Salvatore Pond
  • Armed and Ready- Lockwood Fog, Lockwood Fountain
  • Booster BBQ- Lockwood North Path
  • Candles- Old Gazebo
  • Car Wash Fundraiser- Lockwood Fog, Lockwood Fountain
  • Celebration- Lockwood Fog
  • Community Service- Old Gazebo, Salvatore Fog
  • Computer- Garage
  • Diary Pages- Lockwood Bridge
  • Emerald Collection- East Fog and Pond at Esatates, Second Bridge
  • Evening Wear- Second Bridge, Grave 1
  • Fire Starter- Lockwood Fountain
  • Fitness- Uptown Lake
  • Flowers- East Fog, Swamp
  • Goblets- Salvatore Fog South
  • Gold-Southwest Fog, Second Bridge, Grave 2
  • Hospital- Uptown Lake
  • Hungry- Lockwood Fountain
  • Jewels- Swamp, Grave 2
  • Keepsake- Lockwood North Path
  • Kicks- Lockwood West Fog
  • Lapis Luzuli- Pond at the Estates, East Fog
  • Leaves- Uptown Lake
  • Map 1- Grave 1 and 2
  • Masquerade Masks- South Path
  • MF High School- Southwest Fog, Highschool Bleachers
  • Mystical Grimoires- Pond at the Estate, Bus Stop
  • Party Invites- High School Bleachers
  • Rabbit- Salvatore Fog, Salvatore Fog South
  • Rocks- Salvatore Fog South, Salvatore Pond
  • Romantic Items- Lockwood West Fog, Garage
  • Sapphire Rings- Bus Stop, East Fog
  • School Needs- Lockwood West Fog, Lockwood South Path
  • Scroll- Garage
  • Study Supplies- Bus Stop, Southwest Fog
  • Summer Flowers- Grave 1, Salvatore Fountain
  • Trees- Swamp, Salvatore Fountain, Salvatore Pond
  • Vervain- Southwest Fog, Old Gazebo, Salvatore Fog

You Can also sometimes randomly find these objects at all the different fogs, such as the fog by the Libray, Fog by your home, etc.

The following Collections can be found anywhere and are traded in for Vervain Tea and Lemonade:

  • Antiques
  • Food
  • Nuts

There are also special and seasonal collections that can only be gained through gifts from other players or through promotions through the Vampire Diaries Facebook page. These collections are traded in for trophies and can only be traded in once. Some examples of these are:

  • Jack-o-Lanterns- Gifts
  • Salvatore Brothers- Gifts
  • Season 3- Promotion Through Vampire Diaries Facebook Page
  • Winter Holiday- Gifts


There are two types of locations, those with fireflies and those without fireflies. Those with fireflies are where you can find collections, and by hovering over the location with your mouse you can see what you can find. Locations that do not have fireflies are quest locations, meaning at any point you may have to go there to complete a quest by either meeting someone or finding quest items.

Listed below are all the current locations available to go to. Some of these places require being unlocked by either advancing through the game or turning in collections:

List Key: ◙ marks the locations with fireflies

  • Downtown
    • Your Home
    • Mystic Grill
    • Library
    • Mystic Square
    • Cheerleading Practice
    • Football Practice
    • Auditorium
    • Hallway
    • Classrooms
    • The Woods
    • High School Bleachers ◙
    • Fog by the Library
    • Fog by Your Home
    • Fog by the High School
    • Fog by the Football Field
  • Cemetery
    • Crypt
    • Room in Old Church
    • Old Cemetery
    • Bridge
    • Second Bridge ◙
    • Bare Tree
    • Swamp ◙
    • Grave 1 ◙
    • Grave 2 ◙
    • East Fog ◙
    • Cemetery Gates
  • Salvatore Boarding House
    • Living Room
    • Salvatore Study
    • Stefan's Room
    • Basement
    • Salvatore Woods
    • Old Gazebo ◙
    • Damon's Room
    • Salvatore Fountain ◙
    • Salvatore Pond ◙
    • Salvatore Fog ◙
    • Salvatore Fog South ◙
  • Lockwood Estate
    • Lockwood Mansion
    • Lockwood Study
    • Garage ◙
    • Lockwood Fountain ◙
    • Backyard
    • Well
    • Lockwood Fog ◙
    • Lockwood West Fog ◙
    • Lockwood Trail
    • South Path ◙
    • Old Lockwood Plantation (formerly Old Slave Quarters)
    • Lockwood Bridge ◙
    • Lockwood Lake
    • Lockwood Lake House
    • North Path ◙
  • Uptown
    • Uptown Hospital
      • East Wing Room
      • West Wing Room
    • Building Ground
    • Uptown Lake ◙
    • Uptown Gilbert House
    • Uptown Apartment Loft
    • Uptown Hotel
    • Uptown Campsite
    • Uptown Hiking Trail
    • Uptown New Park ◙
    • Uptown Park Fog ◙
    • Uptown Witch House ◙
      • Uptown Empty Room


  • Game was released. (May 25, 2011.)
  • Added Trivia Questions. (July 9, 2011.)
  • Added Find The Differences. (August 5, 2011.)
  • Chapter 2: Act 1 was released. (October 11, 2011.)
  • Added Forgotten Objects. Plus Chapter 2: Act 2 and Act 3 were released. (November 1, 2011.)
  • New look added. (November 22, 2011.)
  • New collections and trophies added (December 13, 2011.)
  • Small cosmetic update (January 10, 2012.)
  • Chapter 2: Act 4 was released. (January 26, 2012.)
  • New missions: Uptown Unlocked, new collections added. (March 13, 2012.)
  • New daily missions added plus small cosmetic update. (April 19, 2012.)
  • Chapter 4: Act 1 and 2 were released. (May 8, 2012)
  • Chapter 4: Act 3 and 4 were released. Bonus Missions added. (May 23, 2012)
  • The game has been removed from Facebook, due to the inability to support Facebook’s upcoming July 2013 Breaking Changes. (July 2, 2013)



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