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The Stoner Pit (aka The Stoner Den) is where the stoners of Mystic Falls High School hang out during school hours. 


Season 1
Season 3
Season 4
Season 6

Trivia and Cultural References

  • According to Urban Dictionarystoner is slang for someone who often smokes cannabis. According to, a pit is an artifical hole or cavity in the ground.

Events and Occurances

  • In The Rager, when Matt offers his arm to Elena (for blood) at school, she mentions that the stoner pit was their old makeout place. 
  • Jeremy and Vicki used to traffic drugs at the stoner pit.
  • Jeremy wrote J + V in graffiti on the walls of the stoner pit, as seen in Stand By Me
  • Vicki also wrote her name in graffiti on the wall of the stoner pit, as seen in Stand By Me.

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