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The Hunters Trilogy is the third set of books in The Vampire Diaries book series. The trilogy is written by an unknown author (a ghostwriter), as the original writer, L.J. Smith, was fired from writing the series.


  1. Phantom
  2. Moonsong
  3. Destiny Rising


The past is never far. . . .
8) The Vampire Diaries The Hunters Phantom

Elena Gilbert and her friends saved Fell's Church from evil spirits bent on destroying it, but the town's freedom came at a price: Damon Salvatore's life.

Damon's death changes everything. He and his vampire brother, Stefan, had been locked in a vicious battle for Elena's heart. Now that he's gone, Elena and Stefan can finally be together. So why can't Elena stop dreaming of Damon? As Elena's feelings for Damon grow, a new darkness is brewing in Fell's Church. Elena has been to hell and back, but this demon is like nothing she's ever seen. Its only goal is to kill Elena and everyone she loves.


9 The Vampire Diaries The Hunters Moonsong

Evil never dies....

After escaping the horrors of the Dark Dimension, Elena can't wait to attend Dalcrest College, the beautiful ivy-covered campus where her parents met. Life with Stefan is better than ever, and even Damon seems genuinely changed and is getting along with everyone. But moving away from Fell's Church doesn't mean she and her friends are free from danger. When students start to disappear from campus, suddenly every new acquaintance is a potential enemy.

Then Elena uncovers a long-hidden secret, one that shocks her to the core, and realizes tragedy may be unavoidable.

Destiny RisingEdit

10 The Vampire Diaries The Hunters Destiny Rising

Destined for danger....

Elena has faced countless challenges- escaping the Dark Dimension, defeating phantoms, discovering she is a Guardian. But nothing compares to choosing between the two loves of her life: Stefan and Damon. Elena has reunited with Stefan, while Damon who was hurt by the rejection has become dark and unpredictable. Now Elena's torn between saving Damons soul and staying true to Stefan.

But before Elena can choose who her heart belongs to, Dalcrest college is overrun with vampires determined to resurrect Klaus, the wicked Old One who will stop at nothing to destroy Elena- and everyone close to her.

As Elena learns more about her destiny as a Guardian, a protector against evil on earth, she realises that before she can defeat Klaus, she has to sacrifice someone close to her. Elena must decide how much -and who- she's willing to give up before it's too late...

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