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The Garden
Location Information
  • None (Killed by Papa Tunde)
  • Prison
The Garden is a prison created by Marcel for vampires that have broken his rules. All of the prisoners get buried in the wall or in the ground as a punishment. It was originally a foundation for a house Marcel was building for him and Rebekah, until Klaus built over it.

Season One

In Tangled Up In Blue, Thierry disobeys one of Marcel's rules by killing another vampire. Marcel sentences him to 100 years in The Garden. Many other vampires are shown to be buried in cement walls or the ground.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, a desperate Marcel temporarily frees Thierry from his cement cell to seek his advice. In exchange for Thierry's cooperation, Marcel commutes his sentence to the next Mardi Gras.

In Bloodletting, Marcel takes Rebekah to The Garden. It is revealed that the location to The Garden is the basement foundation of a house he was building for the two of them. He tells Rebekah that construction of the house was stopped after she fled New Orleans and he found another use for it. Later, Marcel and Rebekah discuss putting Klaus there as punishment for his transgressions.   

In The River in Reverse, Marcel and Rebekah head down to the Garden in order to find a place where they can bury Klaus, Rebekah previously snapped Tyler's neck and he is thrown onto the floor in front of Marcel who asks where he should be put. Rebekah says he should be out of the way until Klaus is taken care of. Marcel motions to one of his vampires who drags Tyler away. Marcel and Rebekah discuss where Klaus can be kept, and Marcel says he has a stop picked out of him "in the back", after Rebekah tells him he needs to be away from the rest as he can "talk himself out of hell".

If they succeeded, Marcel wanted to keep Klaus buried for 52 years, the exact same amount of time Klaus kept Rebekah neutralized in the 1800's.

In The Casket Girls,

In Dance Back From the Grave, Tunde kills the vampires for power.




  • In Tangled Up In Blue, Thierry was sentenced to 100 years for executing another vampire.
  • Marcel revealed in Bloodletting, The Garden is the foundation of the house that he was building for Rebekah, But Klaus built over it and Marcel built the Garden for those who betray him.
  • The Garden is currently empty due to Papa Tunde mass murdering every vampire in the garden in order to claim their power


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