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Hear me, great spirit, hear me. We call upon you in this moment of need. We bring you an offering. A woman who desires justice for herself, for our tribe. Drink. She drinks the tea of protection so that she may be strong and so that no magic may touch her. She accepts our singular lives, so that she may have many. I didn't ask for anyone to die. No, they are not dead. They live on within you. Now... for the final step. She wields a weapon of judgment, one that thirsts for the blood of those that prey upon us. Link her spirit with this sword. This blade draws blood from a vampire. It will connect you. It will guide you. It will aide you in their destruction.
Shaman to Rayna in This Woman's Work

The Eight Everlastings were a group of 8 Shamans who created the spell that turned Rayna Cruz into a Supernatural Huntress by sacrificing themselves and thereby placing their souls as life-cycles within her. This also caused their corpses to be magically preserved in death, only able to decay every time the Huntress died. The last remaining one was presumed to be the leader of the group, who lead the ritual.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Seven

In This Woman's Work,

In I Would for You,

In Kill 'Em All, They have one surviving descendant that did the spell to transfer Rayna's remaining life and all of her powers to Bonnie Bennett to save Bonnie's life from dying from the poison of Rayna's blood, but to also curse her with hatred for vampires.

In Requiem for a Dream,

In Gods and Monsters, Damon destroys the final member.

Current Members

Deceased Members



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