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A few hundred years back, I came across a group that worshiped Silas. His followers told me that he would rise again, and when he did, he would trigger the end of all time. You know, being an immortal, you can see why I'm opposed to time's ending. I murdered all of them, and now here you are willing to risk raising him in your search for the cure.
Kol about the Cult of Silas in Catch Me If You Can

The Cult of Silas was a group of humans and maybe other supernatural species that worshiped Silas. They originated around Greece and started approximately two thousand years ago. The group's current status is unknown.


Some centuries ago, Kol came across a Cult that worshiped Silas as a god despite the fact he would supposedly destroy the world. This is what made Kol decide to kill them all.

He also mentioned running into with some witches in Africa in the 14th century, Haiti in the 17th century and New Orleans in the 1900s who all knew about Silas though it is unknown if they were part of the cult.

Present Day

While there have been several people working to free Silas for their own ends, they did not act as an organized, force, nor did they worship him. As such, the cult of Silas remains destroyed.




  • Unamed members (Killed by Kol Mikaelson)


  • Potential Unnamed Members (Killed by Kol Mikaelson)

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