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Telep 1

Bilocation, an advanced form of teleportation

Teleportation is an ability of the witches to move themselves or other objects from one location to another without occupying the space in between. Witches commonly use this power to transfer someone or something from one point to another by disappearing and appearing instantly to their desired location.

Teleportation is also possible when traversing through different dimensions such as a user of a Gilbert Ring waking up far away from their body at The Other Side.

Notable Witches Throughout The Vampire DiariesEdit

Human TeleportationEdit

Bonnie Bennett channeled the eclipse in combination with the Ascendant and her blood to open a portal to free Damon and herself from the Prison World, though only Damon was freed. She later performed the same spell again, in order to send her teddy bear, infused with her magic to the mortal plane.


Bonnie Bennett teleporting to the mortal plane

After Kai Parker siphoned the magic from the knife in which Josette stored her power, he stabbed Bonnie and used her blood together with the Ascendant and the eclipse to teleport himself back to the mortal plane. Following the Merge with his brother Luke, Kai became the leader of the Gemini coven and was thus powerful enough to teleport non-verbally.


Kai Parker teleporting

He used this ability several times, such as when Damon was about to hit him and when he was about to be killed by Bonnie in the Prison World. Kai and Bonnie also performed a spell together to transport themselves, Elena and Damon to the Prison World to free Lily, however, Kai was left there as Bonnie's revenge, thus she performed the spell to transport Elena, Damon, Lily and herself back to the mortal plane. Kai later on performed the spell to teleport himself and the Heretics back to the mortal plane.

Olivia Parker also used a spell that she bound to the moon to transport Elena and Damon to the 1994 Prison World to save Bonnie, though she was forced to teleport them back sooner due to Kai's attack.

Object TeleportationEdit

The first instance of teleportation of any kind was shown when Bonnie Bennett was able to teleport a letter to Elena. The letter caught fire and combusted into ashes and appeared by Elena within minutes.

Notable Witches Throughout The OriginalsEdit

Human TeleportationEdit


Dahlia teleports non-verbally

Dahlia had shown a mastery over teleportation. She was able to simultaneously appear and dissapear within a matter of seconds simultaneously without the need of a spell or verbal action of any kind.

In You Hung the Moon, Freya teleports from the bar over to Elijah and Hope in the Bayou with relative ease. Following in her Aunt's footsteps, it's possible that Dahlia taught Freya how to teleport.

Object TeleportationEdit


Similarly, Genevieve was shown to have teleported a Newspaper Article about Klaus to Mikael as a favor for Rebekah.

Although similar to methods used by Genevive and Bonnie, Freya was able to send a letter to her sister Rebekah, without verbal action or the need for the letter to catch fire.


  • It is one of the rarest ability, having shown used by only a handful witches, all of whom are noted to be very powerful.
    • The first instance of the ability was Bonnie Bennett sending Elena a letter, a feat that exhausted her magic at the time.
  • Freya is the first witch shown to be able to use her magic while teleported in her Astral body. This has never been established until now.
  • Dahlia is the first witch to be seen using actual teleportation on oneself in the The Originals with Freya being the second.
  • The Gemini coven leader, Malachai Parker also demonstrated this ability following The Merge with his younger brother. He has used it on several occasions, such as when he teleported from Bonnie who was trying to kill him in the Prison World.
  • With the Ascendant and the blood of a Bennett witch, as well as a celestial event, a witch can teleport themselves (and others) from the Prison World to the mortal plane. This was thus far performed by Bonnie Bennett, Malachai Parker and Olivia Parker.
  • Bilocation is an advanced ability, combining both Astral Projection and teleportation, that allows one to split their consciousness to two tangible bodies thereby allowing either to operate independent of each other.

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