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Josette Parker levitating a book

Telekinesis is an ability of the witches to move objects with their mind through force of will. Witches commonly use this power to bring objects to them or generate concussive force to push people away. This power can also be activated through a spell though commonly performed non-verbally, is evoked through the Latin-based term "Motus".

Notable Users

Bonnie telekinesis

Bonnie using the power.

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett has probably used this power the most out of all of her powers, at a tie with Pyrokinesis. Bonnie has used this power to lift small objects e.g. feathers to moving people away from her. She has notably used this power in 162 Candles to show her powers to Elena Gilbert where she lifted many feathers out of a pillow case. In The Return she used this power to open the doors, when Katherine Pierce tried to kill her so people were watching. She has also used this power in The Last Dance to attempt to injure Klaus who was possessing Alaric Saltzman's body. Bonnie usually activates this power by lifting her arm or hands towards to object she wishes to move and then moves it in the direction she wishes the object to go but she had also used her eyes and mind alone. Bonnie has used this power more throughout Season One than Season Two.

Greta Martin

Tumblr mdve50XyaX1qdnl2z

Greta used this power once during the Klaus' sacrifice ritual in The Sun Also Rises. She used it to separate Elena Gilbert and Jenna Sommers by flinging Elena through the air so she could trap them in the enormous rings of fire and feed Jenna her blood. She activated this power similarly as she activated her pyrokinesis, she splayed her fingers and pushed Elena away from her. Elena then went flying through the air and landed on the rough ground Greta had intended.

Jonas Martin

Jonas used this power a few times during his run on the show. The most notable time would be in The Dinner Party when he burst in and pinned Jeremy Gilbert to the wall with the power, took Bonnie's power, then stormed out telekinetically slamming the door shut behind him. He activated this power in a way not different from Maddox's Pain Infliction. He splayed his fingers and threw his arm towards Jeremy before he went flying to the wall. He seemed to be pretty skilled in this power as he was able to keep Jeremy pinned to the wall while apparently hardly concentrating.


Maddox telekinesis

Maddox uses the power.

Maddox used this power quite a bit during his siding with Klaus. The most notable time was when Carol Lockwood had been compelled to call her son, after she'd asked 'Why did I say that?' he told her, 'because you've had a terrible fall'. He then used his telekinetic powers to push her over the banister so she'd fall and end up in the hospital. Maddox activated this power by splaying his fingers and pushing his hand towards Carol's head. She then went flying to the ground.

Emily Bennett


Emily using the ability whilst possessing Bonnie.

Emily has only used this ability whilst possessing her descendant, Bonnie in History Repeating so it is unknown if she tapped into Bonnie's powers, used her own or both. It is more likely that Emily didn't use Bonnie's powers as whilst possessed, Bonnie performed more powerful magic that she hadn't performed up to then or would for a while. She used this ability twice: to close and lock all the doors after she went into the bathroom and to send Damon flying onto a tree branch, when he tried to attack her.

Olivia Parker 

Being a witch, Olivia has been seen using telekinesis quite often during her screen time, and her control over it is highly advanced, being able to fling Tyler and all the furniture around him across the room after he assaults her of being a newbie witch.
Tumblr n35v4aEkjT1snkwclo2 250

She was also later seen ambushing Elena at school throwing her telekinetically against a wall and at the same time sending wooden debris pinning her biceps without any effort. Her most powerful feat seen is when she was able to throw away an SUV and at the same time lock the car and control it. It can be noted that Olivia threw away an SUV with Spirit Magic, which gives her access to great power, but was able to do the same thing using Traditional Magic, which is considered a weaker form of magic, as it draws power from the witch herself when using it.

Davina Claire

Tumblr mz02m2LomV1sjx0qto1 500-0

Before Davina lost the collective godly powers of the three other Harvest Witches, Davina has caused an entire church to shudder on more than two occasions, one of these distorting the whole church shattering its windows and the furniture to break away, knocking out an original hybrid on one of these simultaneously, levitating and killing four witches on another, though this earth-shaking ability may be geokinetic in nature. After losing her collective Harvest abilities, Davina has exhibited telekinesis on a lower scale, though she still has immense power, having managed to snap Marcel's neck and throw Klaus through a door, while on another occasion throwing Kol around a room.

Freya Mikaelson

Tumblr nj6hm71p791s389oyo8 500
Freya has been seen using very powerful telekinesis when rescuing Rebekah from other witches, throwing away two witches of The Kindred against opposite directions at the same time, and one against the roof of the Dowager Fauline Cottage . She later showed even more power by breaking and throwing away the gate to the Cottage after undoing the barrier that held all the witches of the asylum imprisoned.


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