I took an oath to help people!

Tara was a medical student at St Armis Medical Center.

Early History

Tara's parents died in a car crash around 2008. They were organ donors and their organs saved other people's lives. Influenced by this, Tara volunteered at a organ-transplant support group.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Eight

In We Have History Together, Stefan and Damon saw her outside the café. Stefan stabbed Damon with vervain in order to get Tara to help him. At the Hospital, Stefan compelled her to believe that Damon was a drunk driver and was responsible for killing her parents; that his future is over and his organs could help others. In the end, she made the choice to 'kill' Damon by injecting air into his IV, sending an embolism to his heart. Later, Damon killed her.


Physical Appearance

Tara had medium-length, curly-wavy light brown hair and dark, brown eyes. She wore a dark blue coat and a light blue medical uniform.


Season Eight


  • Tara is an Irish name and means "where the kings met".[1]


  • According to her character's side, she is a doctor helping Alaric with his friend in a scene.[2]
  • Her appearance, history and interest in medicine were similar to Elena Gilbert's. This was the reason why Stefan chose her at the café; for Damon to ultimately kill her.




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