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Mason using his super agility.

Super Agility is a supernatural ability that werewolves, hybrids, and vampires possess. This skill allows a person to run, jump, climb, flip, and move extremely high and fast.

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Werewolves have demonstrated that they can flip, climb, move, jump very high and run supernaturally fast with little to no difficulty or exhaustion. They can use this ability in both human and wolf form. A prime example of this ability in use is when Jules was able to elude capture by flipping of her trailer.


Non-Original Vampires have shown that they can jump very high. Stefan jumped up to the top of a Ferris wheel and jumped off the Salvatore house even though he only drinks animal blood, so with human blood vampires can jump much higher. Vampires can jump with their super speed too. Damon did this when he and a confused Vicki were dancing around the house and he jumped to the bannister at full speed. Elena also did this when she jumped off a cliff in Down the Rabbit Hole. A number of vampires showed this is scenes of the Original Vampires.



Hybrids are both vampires and werewolves combined, so they can climb, move, flip, run, and jump higher than any other supernatural species. There super agility far surpass that of any Werewolf or Vampire. Ray Sutton demonstrated this ability when he was able to jump and climb over a small mountain of rocks in order to escape from Klaus and Stefan

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