Summer Fontana is an American child actress who portrays Hope Mikaelson and the Hollow in the fourth season of The Originals. She will also appear in a flashback scene in the fifth season.[2]





  • Auntie (2016)
  • Basic Witches (2016)
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2018)

Television Shows



  • Her most notable role is in the short film Basic Witches.
  • As of Comic-Con 2016, none of the cast had met Summer, however, they have heard that she is a formidable actress.[3]
  • She shares her surname with Tanner Fontana, who played the minor role of Nick in season two of The Originals.
  • She is known for drawing pictures for the cast and crew.
  • She likes to sing and has been in a few minor musicals.

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