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I see this stuff everyday, sometimes I think denial is the worst part for people like us. Because we know the truth. We can see they're on a collision course with it, all we can do is brace ourselves for impact.
— Meredith to Stefan in Stand By Me

The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger Stefan Salvatore and the human Meredith Fell.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Season Three

Stefan saves Meredith

Stefan saves Meredith

In Break On Through, Stefan came to see Elena and could sense someone up in a room by the smell of their blood. They found Meredith on the floor in the bathroom bleeding. She had been slashed by Alaric's evil personality. Stefan just about drank her blood but controlled his urges and then gave her his blood to heal her.

Season Four

In Stand By Me, Meredith was contacted by Stefan, along with Caroline, to examine Jeremy's body, who had been killed by the immortal Silas previously. Meredith told Elena that Jeremy's body would bloat if they held it in their care any longer and Elena had refused to believe that Jeremy was dead, holding on to the hope that the Gilbert Ring would bring him back eventually. Elena attacked Meredith and Stefan jumped in to restrain Elena from hurting the doctor.

Sometime later, Meredith and Stefan sat down on the stairs and had a talk. He told her that after years of watching, the pain of losing someone never stopped. Meredith agreed with Stefan, saying that even though she saw death everyday, denial was the worst part of it.


Stefan: "I've been alive for almost two centuries now. You'd think, with the amount of people I've seen die, it would hurt less each time. Never does."
Meredith: "No. No, it never does. I see this every day. Sometimes I think that denial is the worst part for people like us because we know the truth. We can see they're on a collision course with it, and all we can do is brace ourselves for impact."
Stand By Me.



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