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Stefan: Caroline Elizabeth Forbes, will you do me the honor of wearing this engagement ring? As a... a token of my love?
Caroline: Too many words. Just get to the point.
Stefan: I... want you... to marry me. Will you?
Caroline: Yes.
Stefan and Caroline's proposal scene in Today Will Be Different

The relationship between the vampire doppelgänger Stefan Salvatore and the vampire Caroline Forbes.

Their relationship at first wasn't very strong. In Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan, but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Elena. Later Caroline started dating Stefan's brother, Damon. Stefan saves her after Damon attempted to kill her. Shortly after, she started dating Matt, Elena's ex-boyfriend. In Season Two their relationship changed due to Caroline's transformation into a vampire. When Damon was about to stab Caroline, Stefan stopped him, promising her that he would never let anything happen to her. He became her mentor, teaching her how to control her emotions and thirst for blood. In one conversation, he told her that she reminded him to his best friend Lexi who was killed by Damon.

Stefan comes across as quite protective of Caroline throughout the series. They became good friends in Season Three in spite of little screen time together. They became really close by Season Four. Caroline told him that every time he feels he's about to lose control she will be there for him and they have given each other pivotal emotional support on many occasions. Notably, they have always been able to help each other with the other's relationship problems. Caroline always supported his relationship with Elena up to the point where she herself developed romantic feelings for Stefan. She was the person who revealed to Stefan both that Elena was sired to Damon and that Elena had slept with Damon. Stefan, on the other hand, comforted Caroline during the emotional fallout of her sleeping with Klaus. Stefan and Caroline share their secrets and always help each other. In Season Five, when Stefan lost his memories due to a spell, Caroline was the only person that he trusted immediately and he also blatantly flirted with her on at least one occasion, telling her she was "much hotter in person". After regaining his memories, when Caroline believed that him and Elena were getting back together, she seemed quite jealous, which was a drastic departure from before, when she always supported their relationship. Upon learning of Bonnie's death, Stefan told Caroline that he would always be there for her as she has always been there for him.

In Season Six, Caroline and Stefan haven't seen and spoken in four months after the death of Bonnie and Damon. Stefan didn't answer her calls and she did her best to find out what's up with him. Enzo found Stefan and took Caroline with him. She was upset that Stefan had decided to move on with his life and try to forget all about the old, Damon's death and her. After a while Stefan became aware that Caroline's feelings for him had turned romantic and made several attempts to reconcile, but their friendship remained strained. After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Stefan stuck by Caroline through her grief and they made up. Their friendship deepened, culminating in a kiss, but Stefan was unsure of how to move forward, given the fact that Caroline's mother had just died, and Damon had planted doubts in his mind.

During Caroline's mom's funeral ceremony, Stefan overcame the doubts in his mind and realized that he had developed deep feelings for Caroline - referring to it as being potentially "something even better" than his previous romances, even if he could not quite define them - but after the service, he arrived at her address too late to tell her since she had already flipped her humanity switch in order to cope with her mother's death and in the belief that her love was unrequited. Stefan reached out to her - realizing that he is Caroline's trigger back to humanity - but was backed into a corner and forced to turn off his own when she attempted to kill his niece, Sarah Salvatore. Afterwards, Stefan, without his humanity, terrorizes Caroline and forces her to "lose control" and give into her murderous impulses as a form of revenge for burdening him with guilt when his humanity comes back. Stefan succeeds and after feeding on a bystander victim together, the two have sex for the first time.

In Season Seven, they decide to give each other space while Caroline grieves the death of her mother and tries to move on. Stefan and Caroline team up against a new threat in Mystic Falls, The Heretics and while boarding up Caroline's house, the two share a moment. Caroline later gets kidnapped and taken by Enzo who was following orders from Stefan and Damon's mother Lily. Stefan makes an attempt to save her but fails due to the fact that Damon bailed at the last minute. Stefan then confronts Damon angrily. Valerie casts a spell on Caroline which turns her skin to vervain making it hard for vampires to harm her.

Caroline then discovers from Nora after she gives Caroline Stefan's old journal that Stefan was romantically involved with Valerie, a Heretic. Caroline gets released by Lily but still had "vervain skin". A few days later, Stefan and Caroline still cannot make physical contact and try to convince two of the heretics, Mary Louise and Nora, to siphon the spell off of Caroline. They decide to attend The "Heaven and Hell" ball where they force Nora to siphon the spell off of Caroline after threatening Mary Louise's life. Stefan and Caroline then kiss and have sex for the for the second time.

After being apart for three years however, their relationship is tested being Stefan has been on the run with Valerie Tulle for three years. After going on the run together when Bonnie Bennett turns into the next Supernatural Huntress, Caroline and Stefan bond and maintain a new friendship. After Gods and Monsters, Alaric and Caroline break up being her heart truly belongs to Stefan. Caroline and Stefan talk, sharing a kiss together. Currently, Stefan and Caroline are dating once again. Shortly after this, Stefan proposes to Caroline and she accepts his wedding proposal; they are currently engaged as of Season Eight.

The friendship and romantic pairing is known as "Steroline" by the fans.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

On the first day of school, Caroline expressed interest in Stefan who was the new and mysterious student. She invited him to a back to school party, and he accepted because Elena was going. At the party, Caroline tried to get his attention but he rejected her and went to spend time with Elena, offending Caroline who felt that every boy she liked would always like Elena. However, she met Damon, Stefan's brother and got over Stefan.

Normal VD103-0005

Stefan and Caroline.

Stefan disapproved Damon's involvement with Caroline and how he fed on her and played with her like she was a puppet. Damon ignored him and Stefan worked with his nephew Zach Salvatore to stop Damon, spiking Caroline's drink with vervain. After Damon's disappearance, Caroline was disappointed to learn from Stefan that Damon wasn't coming back.

Damon compelled Caroline to free him from his prison and killed Zach, much to Stefan's horror. He told Damon to leave Caroline alone when she planned a party at the Mystic Grill.

P 55

Stefan saving Caroline

In The Turning Point, he helped Damon save Caroline from Logan Fell, a  newly turned vampire, and gave Elena jewelry full of vervain to give to her friends, including Caroline.

Caroline arranged a double date with herself and Matt, and Elena and Stefan. She didn't feel that the date was going the way she had planned. Realizing this, Stefan decided to give her some time with Matt and he let the two drive his car.

Both Caroline and Elena took part in the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant with Stefan and Matt as escorts, but both guys had to be replaced. Stefan and Caroline were also on the float on Founder's Day. Tyler Lockwood, Stefan, Damon and several other vampires were affected by the device. Tyler drove off the road and Caroline was injured in the accident.


Stefan protects Caroline from Damon.

In Brave New World Damon gave Caroline some of his blood to help her heal faster, but Katherine Pierce came and killed her afterwards. Caroline was confused and frightened by what was happening to her. Damon's solution was killing her, and Stefan secretly agreed (after what happened to Vicki Donovan) but worked with Elena to protect Caroline. Caroline killed Carter and Stefan arrived just in time to pull Caroline away from Damon before he could stake her.

Stefan comforts to Caroline

Stefan took her away to clean her up and Caroline was horrified by what she had done and how her eyes were changing black. Stefan showed her it was natural for vampires by changing his own eyes and told her she had to fight the need to kill. After she calmed down, Stefan comforted her and Caroline used his advice later on, which stopped her from biting Matt.

In Bad Moon Rising Stefan convinced Bonnie to make a Lapis Lazuli ring for Caroline so she could adjust better to being a vampire. Stefan started teaching her how to hunt and was amused when she started to complain and rant, noting that her usual behavior had amplified.
Stefan and Caroline 1 Bad Moon Rising 1

Stefan teaching Caroline.

He promised her that when they were through, she could go and see Matt at Tyler's party. When they got to the party, Caroline noticed the way Stefan was staring at Mason Lockwood and told him he was too serious, amusing him again. Stefan disapproved when Caroline used her compulsion on Aimee Bradley so she would back off of Matt.


Caroline and Stefan try to flee

Later Caroline was about to bite Matt but Stefan arrived in time to stop it. They had to run to get away from Mason who was turned into a wolf but Mason attacked Caroline, and Stefan tried to get him away of her away before he could hurt her. Then Tyler's shout drove the wolf away.


Caroline and Stefan

In Katerina, Caroline tries to distract Stefan so that Elena can talk to Katherine. This relationship is nice for Stefan because Caroline reminds him of his old friend Lexi.

In Daddy Issues, Caroline texts Stefan, saying that there is an emergency. When he finds her, she explains that Tyler knows about the vampires. She asks him to find Tyler and reason with him, adding that he is her friend.

Caroline is kidnapped

Later, Stefan continues to talk to Tyler and tells him to stop being mean to Caroline. He says that there is no reason why vampires and werewolves have to hate each other. Tyler is unconvinced and, when his phone rings, jumps to answer it. Stefan steals it from him and yells that he's trying to save Tyler's life. Back at the Lockwood house, Stefan is still trying to convince Tyler to relax about the vampires when he receives a call from Caroline's phone. It's Jules, who tells Stefan that he has 20 minutes to take Tyler to her before Caroline dies.


The Salvatore brothers attempt to rescue Caroline

Back at the caravan, Jules tells Brady not to hurt Caroline too much because she just wants Tyler back. Stefan and Tyler appear and Stefan asks Jules to let Caroline go. He tells her that she needs to leave town, saying no-one else needs to get hurt. Jules refuses to go without Tyler and Stefan replies that he can make a decision when Caroline is free. Dr. Martin appears, and it emerges that he is casting a spell. He explains that he is upholding Elijah's promise to keep Elena's friends safe and Caroline, Stefan and Damon leave. Dr. Martin tells Tyler to pass on a message to the werewolves - that they should get out of Mystic Falls.

Tumblr lg5nrw0OE01qex0dmo1 500

Caroline and Stefan

Stefan walks with Caroline home, but she explains that she is fine and just wants a shower. He reassures her that she never has to pretend with him. Stefan is clearly worried about the state of mind of Caroline. Later, Stefan returns to Caroline's house with Bonnie and Elena. They explain that they are going to have a sleepover together and Caroline begins to cry.
Normal 136

Stefan asks Caroline if she wants to dance

In Know Thy Enemy, Caroline calls Stefan and admits that she can't find Matt, who is freaking out because she is a vampire. Stefan advises her to find him and calm him down, compel him if necessary. At the Lockwood house, Caroline spots Elena and Stefan arrive and tells them that she hasn't found Matt yet, worrying that he will tell everybody about her. Elena promises to help out once she's picked up the check and Caroline rushes off.

In The Last Dance, when Caroline and Matt were dancing, Stefan asks if he could dance with Caroline. Whilst Matt gets the drinks; Stefan tells Caroline that Klaus is here. Even though she knew Klaus was there, she didn't have anything to do with the whole plan.

1014318 1335600801067 full

Caroline and Stefan

In The Murder of One, Stefan and Caroline make a plan with Elena, Matt and Damon to kill the Originals.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Caroline encourages Elena to ask Stefan to be her date to the 1920s school dance, to which Elena reluctantly agrees. During the dance, Stefan informs Caroline that they are trapped there with a boundary spell. Caroline tries to reassure Stefan because he's worried about Elena.

In Memorial, Caroline and Tyler go for help of Stefan, after that Connor shoots at Tyler.

Tumblr mcmvnzAdSZ1r9sc35o1 1280

Stefan and Caroline

In The Rager, Caroline tells Stefan how he saved her vampire life. Stefan invites Caroline to the Salvatore Boarding House and asks her if she remembers what she was like being human. Stefan says that Caroline is good at being a vampire, but Caroline says she's only good at it because of him. Caroline tells him to come to her whenever he wants and that she won't let him lose control.


Caroline and Stefan talking about the Sire Bond.

In My Brother's Keeper, Stefan moves in with Caroline when Elena moves into the Boarding House. Stefan and Caroline talk about how things are with Elena and Caroline asks Stefan not to give up.

In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, Caroline & Stefan discuss the sire bond and she is surprised that Stefan feels bad for Damon. Stefan tells her that he knows Damon loves Elena and for Damon to let her go completely is sad. Caroline hopes Damon does what needs to be done. Stefan says Damon told him he will. Caroline asks him if Damon told him anything else and Stefan asks her what she means by that. She changes the topic by asking him how he can trust Damon.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, both Stefan and Caroline find themselves at odds with Tyler over his plans for Klaus and his hybrids. Stefan doesn't have to hear Caroline say anything about Damon and Elena because he can read it on her face.

130507vampire-diaries1 300x206

Caroline and Stefan

In After School Special, they talk to each other on the phone and are texting each other when they plan on trying to kill Rebekah, Stefan is clearly worried about Caroline when Rebekah says she already found her. Caroline yells at Rebekah to stop when she is compelling Elena to tell the truth to Stefan about Damon. Stefan is shielding Caroline and Elena from Tyler who is transforming into a wolf.

In Stand By Me, Caroline and Stefan talk about the mental state of Elena because Jeremy's death, the two are concerned and try to find a way to bury the corpse of Jeremy.

Tumblr mjoh7xzQee1qf286vo1 500

Caroline and Stefan dancing together.

In Bring It On, Caroline and Stefan both think that taking Elena back to school is a good idea. Stefan shows concern when Elena drops Caroline in a cheerleading competition, he then injected some vervain in Elena, taking her back to the Salvatore Boarding house.

At the house, Elena arranged a big party, and Caroline came to help Stefan deal with the situation. They watch to Elena dancing on a table and Caroline reminisces to him about having fun. She tells Stefan to find some girl to dance with. Stefan then picks her up and proceeds to the dance floor.

Stefan saves Caroline 4x16.

Stefan saves Caroline from Elena

Caroline and Stefan start dancing together. Elena watches them then walks over tells them they make a good couple and that they look good together.

Elena attacks Caroline's mother, and when Caroline prepares to fight Elena, Stefan stops her. Elena escapes. Stefan and Caroline are separated to find Elena. Elena finds with Caroline and start a fight, when Elena is about to stake to Caroline, Stefan pulls her back and then pushes her away and puts his hands on Caroline's shoulders in a comforting way. Later Stefan asks Caroline to not give up to Elena. They shake hands and agree to not give up on her.


Caroline and Stefan

In Pictures of You, Caroline and Stefan share a dance and he asks her "How does anyone ever seem to move on?" (Talking about Elena) And she says "I don't know. I think that one day you will meet someone new and fall madly in love without even realizing it." In which they share a longing look in each others eyes then look down, they also seem to get closer.

In She's Come Undone, Caroline asks him if she can talk to Elena and he agrees. After Elena tries to attack Caroline she snaps her neck and then looks at Stefan and tells him to do whatever he needs to and says she'll be upstairs. 

In The Walking Dead, Caroline and Stefan are investigating where Bonnie will the spell, Caroline said the searched the whole and didn't find her they hear the ice melting and Caroline said that she is at the center of the triangle and that's where Bonnie should perform the spell, Stefan realizes that they are the right place but the wrong elevation. Later Stefan and Caroline find Bonnie hurt and finds out that she linked herself to Katherine, Caroline says she'll stay with her, then reveals that Silas was posing as Caroline.

Tumblr mm5a88xDUf1r5kkwzo1 500

Caroline and Stefan

Stefan arrives at the grill later with Caroline wanting to celebrate getting rid of Silas and he says the he's not in the mood to celebrate, because he thought that there was someone he was going to see but he didn't, Lexi, but she appears and Stefan introduces Caroline to her. Lexi suggests that Caroline is cute for Stefan.

In Graduation, Caroline is happy because all of them will graduate and invites them into a group hug, Stefan at first opposes but ends giving. Stefan graduated with Caroline and the others.

Later, Stefan is talking to Alaric while Caroline is trying to communicate with Klaus, then they are attacked by the 12 witches who were killed by Caroline and there appears Klaus to save them.


Caroline and Stefan

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Caroline meets with Stefan in the traditional Remembrance Day to honor the dead in Mystic Falls, he immediately recognizes her because he has seen photographs of her and believes she is much hotter in person, at the time Jesse arrives and Caroline tells him to leave her alone with Stefan. Stefan tells Jesse that he is hungry and he can smell his arm is bleeding, Caroline compels Jesse to hide. Caroline talks to Stefan and he asks if she has blood bags, Caroline nods and tells him to follow her and they will go to look for them but when she turns around, Stefan disappears.

Caroline finds Stefan attacking Jesse in the Crypt and she stops him, Stefan tells her that he has to go and he leaves the crypt. Jesse is bleeding and Caroline gives him her blood to heal him. Later, Stefan tells Elena and Damon, that he leaves and that he will be fine. He tells that Caroline will call him every hour to see if all is well and that he trusts her.

Caroline and Stefan

Caroline and Stefan

The next day, Caroline finds Stefan in the crypt and she is very sad because she has learned about the death of Bonnie, Stefan asks what happened to Bonnie but she says she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want to cry, as she believes she will never stop. She tells him the only thing she feels is sadness and anger but Stefan then interrupts and says that she has to him, he will always be there for her as she is always there for him, then he takes her hand.

In Monster's Ball, Caroline and Tyler attend the costume ball organized by the university, they are talking when Stefan arrives and invites Caroline to dance, Tyler gives his permission and Stefan takes her hand and they go to the dance floor.

Steroline 5x9,.,

Caroline arrives to Salvatore's house

In The Cell, Stefan was keeping a close eye on Katherine after the suicide attempt but Katherine was too concerned about him since she overheard some of his PTSD and she invited Caroline over to help him. Caroline arrives with the safe where Stefan was locked up for 3 months, she has the idea of ​​putting him back in his box but Stefan is terrified by this. Caroline is reading a book in search help but wasn't working very well, Stefan was still freaking out and Katherine was questioning whether or not Caroline and Stefan had ever hooked up.
Steroline 5x9.

Stefan and Caroline hug

Katherine had the idea of shutting herself in the box with him to help, meantime Caroline watched them. When Katherine and Stefan are getting closer and seemed like they were going to kiss, Caroline felt the need to open the box because she thought it was too quiet . Stefan got out of the box and he hinted to her that all was well and that it had worked, Caroline hug him very happy.

At the Salvatore's house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself. She yells for Stefan to help but he’s cleaning up the room he tore up earlier. After Caroline heard when Stefan and Katherine are kissing and she leaves a message to Elena to call immediately.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Stefan calls Elena to tell her that Katherine is dying but Caroline answered her phone, saying that Elena will not talk but Stefan tells her that Elena is going to want to talk about that.

Later, when Caroline and the others are celebrating the imminent death of Katherine, Stefan asks them to knock it off or take it somewhere else because them are being insensitive. In the evening, Stefan and Caroline are gathered with others in the room of the Salvatore's house, Bonnie begins to see some familiar faces from the Other Side: Vicki and Alaric. Also Tyler returned.

Steroline-4 5x12

Caroline and Stefan talking

In The Devil Inside, Caroline and Stefan are talking for Cell about Damon and Elena because Stefan want to help them to reconcile, Stefan wants Caroline's help but initially she refuses then Caroline feels guilty about sleeping with Klaus and for this reason she agrees to help Stefan with Damon and Elena relationship. As they find out that Elena doesn't answer Damon's calls she tries to find her herself, with no luck.

Later Caroline and Stefan arrives at the bar where is Damon, and Stefan tells him that she wants to help, Damon is surprised because he knows that Caroline hates him and in the end Damon tell to them that he don't need their help, so Stefan decides that they must better try with Elena again.

Caroline and Tyler are arguing because Tyler learned that she had sex with Klaus, he is furious with her and asks her to leave.
Caroline and Stefan 5x12..

Caroline and Stefan

She refuses but then Tyler threatens her with starting to turn into his wolf form, Stefan finds them and protects Caroline about the apparent attack of Tyler, Tyler tells Stefan that Caroline slept with Klaus, Stefan looks surprised at her and Caroline is embarrassed and leaves. Stefan hits Tyler for hurting Caroline saying that even when he is drunk she didn't deserve this behavior.

Later Caroline is in the Salvatore house, Stefan arrives and sits down to talk to her telling her that he had been looking for her everywhere, Caroline tells him that he is her friend and she need to hear what he really thinks about she and Klaus, but Stefan starts joking, making smile to Caroline, he also looks at her with a tender smile.

Care and Stefan 5x13.

Caroline and Stefan

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, At the Bitter Ball, Katherine and Caroline come to the dance, then Stefan appears and Katherine invites him to dance. They are dancing and talking but Caroline interrupts them and Caroline tells him that Katherine promised to join her at the shredding station, Stefan is agrees, so she and Katherine leave him alone.

Later, She arrives where is Stefan and asks him why he hasn't even told Elena what he has come to tell her, Stefan thinks she was listening to their conversation but she tells him that he come to the dance for his own free will is because something happening. Stefan tells her that Damon fell off the deep end and that he killed Aaron and as he saw Elena happy her, he couldn't tell her. Later, Stefan and Katherine are embrace in the room of the college, Caroline arrives and interrupt them, Stefan and Caroline stare at each other.

Stefan- Caroline 5x14

Caroline talking with Stefan

In No Exit, Caroline is helping Stefan to find Damon and she arrives to the Salvatore's house, where is Stefan, they are following the traces left for Damon, killing vampires and tearing their heads. Stefan feels guilty for letting Damon go, but Caroline tries to cheer him up, saying that it isn't his fault and that no one could've stopped Damon from going after Wes the other night, Stefan says her that he have to find Damon.

They are talking and then arrives Katherine that is still in possession of Elena's body, she offers to accompany Stefan to find Damon, Caroline is surprised to see her but Katherine tells her that Stefan is helping in her studies. At that moment Caroline's phone rings.

She answers and is Tyler asking to her for Matt, as she cares about Matt, she says that she will go to his home and she hang up the phone. When Katherine leaves them alone, Stefan reminds to Caroline that Tyler hates her, giving to understand that she should not go to his house, Caroline tells him that everything will be fine and that they both have weird ex-friend situations, because of Tyler and Elena. Stefan tells her that he and Elena are just friends and that he only helped her with her ​​studies and that in the trip, whatever she's feeling, he is sure that he will be able to figure it out.

Stef-Care 5x14

Caroline and Stefan talking about Elena

Later, at the Salvatore's house, Caroline is standing in front of the fireplace, and Stefan arrives, Stefan ask her when she get there, she shakes a glass a little bit, causing the ice cubes to jingle, telling him that about one and half of these ago. Caroline says him, that she knew that the Klaus thing was gonna come with consequences and that now she just have to deal with it and learn from her mistakes. She tells him about Nadia's been compelling Matt to forget things, and Caroline shows Stefan Matt's text message, calling for help with a K, she takes the phone back and they start talking about the strange behavior of Elena, Stefan tells her that Elena kissed him, they begin to realize all actions that Elena has been doing lately and then between the two realize that Katherine has actually possessed the body of Elena.

Stefan and Caroline 5x15..

Stefan and Caroline

In Gone Girl, Caroline is in the Salvatores house with Tyler, Matt and on the phone with Jeremy and Bonnie. They're talking about Katherine possessing Elena's body and all the things that she did to hurt them supplanting Elena, then Stefan arrives and begin to looking for a solution on how to draw her to them and so to stab her with the traveler knife.

Later, Caroline is talking to Stefan about that they have lost their hopes of seeing Elena again and that they also blew their only advantage. At that moment, Damon who is in the cell says that the solution can be a locator spell.

Caroline reaches the cell where Damon is enclosed to replace Tyler in caring for Damon, she finds that Damon attacked to Tyler, at that moment Stefan arrives. Later, Caroline and Stefan are with the others in the main room of the Salvatore Boarding House as they have to Nadia dying there, they're hoping that Katherine appears and she does.

Enzo-Caroline in 5x16

Caroline talking with Stefan

In While You Were Sleeping, Caroline is searching for a cure for the Ripper Virus when she comes across Wes' recording about using the werewolf venom from Nadia's bite, then Enzo appears, he tells her that he has the antidote. She calls Stefan and tells him that the virus that have Damon and Elena isn't the same virus, Caroline says that Wes was working on the next phase of the virus that when Nadia was sick, he was experimenting on her blood and he figured out a way to extract werewolf venom from her blood and put it in the virus. She also says that has a antidote, that just requires he to come meet with her and that she will send a text to him with the address, Stefan tells her that she could just bring it over there but Caroline tells him she can't, Stefan refuses to go without knowing what is really happening and Caroline finally tells him that the travelers don't want anyone to know what they're up to refering to the witch, Stefan finally agrees.
Caroline and Stefan 5x16..

Stefan and Caroline

Stefan finally meets with Caroline, they arrive at some abandoned train station, they're talking about Damon and Elena and as Damon is going to tell her that he killed Aaron, Enzo then arrives and interrupts them. Caroline asks him where is the antidote and Enzo nods and a group of travelers disperse through the stockyard. One particular woman walks right over to Caroline and Stefan, she is Sloan. Stefan ask to her that she have the antidote to the ripper virus, and she answer that yes thanks to Enzo. Enzo tells them that Wes was experimenting with him and so discovered the antidote, Caroline ask what does that have to do with them, Sloan say that when Wes died, the travelers took it. And seeing as Elena is valuable for them, they are in the process of using Wes' resources to find a cure for her virus, she also says that them have to find something, Stefan ask what do they need and Sloan say another one of him.
Caroline and Stefan talking with Enzo 5x16

Caroline and Stefan talking with Enzo

Enzo tells to Stefan and Caroline that they will find another doppelgänger of Stefan and that he don't know the traveler lore, he also says that the last remaining pair of doppelgängers are special. Caroline asks what he mean by "special" but Sloan interrupts telling her that it is none of their business. Enzo anyway replied her talking about Markos, the leader of travelers, he says them that Markos wants the blood from the last remaining pair of doppelgängers, Stefan and Elena, they need to use Stefan to find his doppelgänger and then kill him.
Caroline and Stefan in 5x16

Caroline and Stefan

Caroline and Stefan are talking privately as they walk to a separate section, where Sloan and the other travelers are. Caroline is worried about Stefan because he could lose his memory again, she is willing to join him and Enzo in a fight against the travelers to protect him, Stefan tells her that he will be fine and that he would do it for she too but Caroline tells him that if they do fry his brain then she will kill them, Stefan smiles and tells her that when she'll spiral out of control about killing them she can do him a favor, that is she remind him that they were friends, Caroline smiles to him. At that moment appears Sloan and Enzo to do the spell, Enzo says that will take care of the antidote for Elena and Damon, one of the travelers comes behind Enzo and hands him the serum, Enzo invite to Caroline to join him but she stays with Stefan while he goes through the process of "mind searching" for the doppelgänger.
Caroline-Sloan-Stefan 5x16

Caroline is worried about Stefan

Later, the travelers continue to chant while they keep attempting to link Stefan to his doppelgänger counterpart and Caroline is worried for him, Sloan sees a mental image of the doppelgänger, Caroline tries to make her stop because Stefan is suffering and they have already found the doppelgänger but Sloan ignores her, Caroline is fed up of seeing Stefan suffer and she comes behind Sloan and holds a knife against her throat, Sloan tells her that the if she hurts her, the travelers are going to kill her but Caroline says that she tell them to stop and that there's a way they can all get what they want.

Caroline and Stefan 5x16,

Caroline and Stefan

Later, she's with Stefan waiting for him to wake up, when he wake up Stefan teases her calling her "Rebekah" and she cares for him, then he call her "Lexi" and she realizes it's a joke, Stefan asks her if the spell worked and then arrives Enzo, he thanks her for her call and says it's time to go, Stefan ask her what is happening and Caroline says as Sloan was going to fry his brain to kill his doppelgänger and that she wasn't about to let that happen, so she have volunteered to help Enzo deal with it, that mean kill him. Stefan disagree on that but then she tells him but Caroline tells him that they only want one doppelgänger alive, so is Stefan or the other. Stefan then decides to accompany her but Enzo interrupts them telling that he can't because the travelers still need him, Caroline says him that she will be fine and that he would do the same for her, Stefan tells her that he don't trust in Enzo and Caroline says that don't worry because she don't trust in Enzo too and that she will be safe, she promise that to him, she goes downstairs and Enzo extends his hand to help her but she ignores him, Enzo says goodbye to Stefan with a wave and goes with Caroline leaving Stefan worried.
Caroline on the phone 5x17

Caroline is worried for Stefan

In Rescue Me, Caroline calls to Sloan and tells her the info is bad. She asks for Stefan and she tells him that Tom has been gone for months. She asks if he saw anything else and he tells her that he blacked out after the spell. Sloan says they need to go deeper and Caroline says he’s seeing old memories but then Sloan starts the spell again, despite Caroline's concerns, Sloan goes back into Stefan's head to get more information Caroline stays on the phone and tries to help him, Enzo listens with interest. Caroline is desperate to hear screaming Stefan and she begs to him to say something to her and finally he gives her Hazel’s address and describes her.

Stefan and Caroline 4x17

Stefan and Caroline

Later, Stefan is lying in a car and Caroline comes and lies down beside him, she is saddened by Tom's death and tells him that she is a failure because she couldn't do it, Stefan tells her that he knew that she couldn't do it because she is good, then Caroline tells him that Enzo killed him. Stefan tells her that now they have to sleep and close his eyes, Caroline is smiling and watching him resting her head on his shoulder, she close her eyes.

Later, Stefan and Caroline are sleeping cuddled, Stefan taking her hand, they wake up to hear strange voices and they out of the car. They arrive where the travelers are doing the spell to awaken Markos, their leader, the travelers drink the blood of Elena and Stefan and begin to burn alive, Stefan takes Caroline's hand and escape with their vampire speed.

In Resident Evil, Caroline gets a call from Stefan and he too tells her about having visions of Elena and thinks he is going crazy, Caroline tells him that he isn't crazy and that something is happening because Elena too is having similar visions.

Carolinee-Stefan and Ele 5x20..

Caroline, Stefan and Elena

In What Lies Beneath, Stefan and Elena try to hide from travelers and decide to go to Caroline's Father cabin, when they arrive to the cabin, they start to talk, Caroline receives to them telling them that they don't need invitation to enter now that Bill is dead, she suspects that Elena and Stefan are hiding something to her but Stefan hands Caroline a couple of bags to take inside, she's suspicious but laughs it off, Caroline takes the bags inside, she walks out onto the porch and observes them, eavesdropping. Caroline sees that Elena and Stefan are fiddling and she tells them that for a couple of doppel-targets, they seem to be taking this all in stride. Elena and Stefan carry supplies inside.

Caroline and Damon are talking, Caroline seems to be upset because she thinks that something is going on between Stefan and Elena again, then then Elena and Stefan enter to the cabin, they were getting firewood out of the shed together, they seem to be very suspicious and Stefan leaves, Elena immediately follows him, and then Damon speaks in a low voice to Caroline, telling her that's time to the games begin.

Caroline and Stefan 5x20

Caroline and Stefan

Later on the night, While Luke sits outside on the porch, Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline play charades inside. Elena mimes while Stefan tries to guess, Caroline is serious and thoughtful, she seems to be upset with Stefan and Elena. Damon decides that's time to play "never have I ever", Elena not agree but Caroline is enthusiastic about the idea, they begin to play and drink, after many drinks Caroline says that she never have she ever kissed a Salvatore brother today, making an indirect to Stefan and Elena, they all are in an awkward silence, she asks if they are going to drink or not, Elena ask to her if she is implying something but Stefan interrupts saying he wants to do another round, Damon say that never have he ever lied about where Enzo is, they all look around at each other in silent. Caroline ask what is going on and Stefan says that nothing. Damon and Stefan start arguing and Elena says that she is drunk and wants to go to sleep, she leaves.
Caroline, Stefan and Damon in 5x20

Caroline, Stefan and Damon

Stefan and Bonnie are talking on the phone about the death of Enzo and Caroline hears the conversation, she walks to Stefan and he hangs up on Bonnie. She is surprised that Enzo is dead and Stefan tells her that he was who killed him, Caroline realizes that she was wrong about her suspicions on Stefan and Elena, she asks why didn't he say anything to her and Stefan tells her because it's complicated. Damon arrives telling that Elena just told to him the truth and Caroline is surprised because he didn't know either. Stefan tells that they could talk about that some other time but Damon is upset about it, Stefan tells that the other side is falling apart and he think it's allowing Enzo to mess with them. Damon begins to speak loudly waiting for Enzo's reply, Enzo is looking them as ghost, Caroline says that it doesn't make any sense because If Enzo wanted to kill Elena, drowning her wouldn't have worked, Enzo tells that she is smart and he see why they like her so much, they can't hear to Enzo, and Caroline continues telling that maybe he's just trying to scare them, Damon realizes that Enzo was just trying to distract them and that he figured out a way to kill them all in one fell swoop. Damon, Stefan and Caroline walk out onto the front porch and realize that Luke is gone.
Stefan touching Caroline face 5x20

Stefan cleans Caroline's cheek

Later, Caroline is watching the shed burn and Stefan joins to her. They start talking and fiddling, Stefan invites her to the car because they got to get out of there. They're about to leave but Caroline asks him if they are friends, she is still upset because she thinks that Stefan doesn't trust in her, Stefan tells her that he did not tell her the truth not because he distrusts in her, Caroline to him saying that he trust in Elena more and that it's normal but still sucks to be left out of the loop. Stefan tells to her for make to her feel better that there are things that he tell to her that he don't tell to Elena,Caroline ask like what and Stefan tells like she have dirt on your cheek, he cleans her cheek and they smiles. Stefan tells to her that he didn't tell her the truth about Enzo because he know that they had a weird little chemistry thing, Caroline laughs telling him that he's hallucinating and Stefan says that he didn't want her to think any less of him, he tells that he will meet with her in the car when she is done, he leaves and Caroline stares at the fire.
Caroline and Stefan's body 5x21

Caroline with Stefan's body

In Promised Land, Caroline and Stefan are still waiting on Bonnie near their car, they are concerned that Bonnie hasn't arrived, at that moment Julian approaches them. He is looking for Maria, his wife. He ask to Stefan about her but Stefan looks down at his feet. Julian ask what's the problem and Stefan tells to him that he are not going to see Maria again. Julian ask what he is talking about and Stefan tells him that Maria is dead, Stefan tries to comfort Julian, but he recoils angry, Caroline tells him that It wasn't Stefan's fault, Stefan say that he wasn't the one that killed her. The witches did. Julian is angry and says them that someone's going to pay for her. he pushes Stefan,they begin to discuss and Caroline sneaks behind him and attempts to snap his neck, but he catches her in the act. Stefan lunges toward him to protect Caroline and tries to pin him to the car, but Julian has the upper hand. He reaches into Stefan's chest cavity and pulls out his heart. Caroline gasps as his skin starts to desiccate, before Stefan falls to the pavement; dead. Julian leaves and Caroline hysterically rushes over to him and holds his body in her arms, screaming for help.

Stef dead-Caroline 5x22

Caroline crying for Stefan's death

In Home, Stefan's body lies on a couch and Caroline cries over his body. Elena rushes in, followed by Damon. Elena notices Stefan's body and she is shocked to see it, Caroline start talking to them telling that she didn't know where to bring him, and that she just couldn't leave him outside. Damon looks at Stefan's body, disconcerted, Caroline in pleading tone ask to them if Bonnie has a plan, that she said that she could bring people back, them don't say anything and she ask to them to tell her that Bonnie can bring Stefan back, Damon tells her that they will bring him back. Damon starts getting Stefan's body while Elena and Caroline help, Stefan is looking to them in the other side.

Later, Elena back from the other side but she isn't happy because Bonnie forces her to return and Damon is still in the other side, Caroline start asking for Stefan because he still hasn't returned, Caroline's questioning ends when Bonnie starts coughing up blood, she is worried about her friend but Bonnie unintentionally touched Stefan and he returns from the other hand, Caroline is happy to see him but he also not wanted to come back to life still because Damon and Lexi continue on the other side.

Steroline 5x22..

Caroline comforts to Stefan

Later, Stefan is sitting on a picnic table all alone, until Caroline comes to talk to him, he is very sad and tells to her that he lost them both, the two people he has known longest in this world, she ask to him if he is talking about Lexi and Stefan tell her that she never came out and that neither did Markos and that he know that's not a coincidence. He start talking about Damon and says that he finally had everything he wanted, that he was happy and that he should be there, he is sad because Damon and Lexi are gone for good, Stefan puts his head in between his legs and starts to cry, Caroline wraps her arms around him without saying a word.

Caroline and Stefan are seen for the last time with Tyler, Elena, and Alaric watching to Bonnie who is preparing to disappear with the other side.


In I'll Remember, Caroline is talking with Alaric about her plan to get Bonnie and Damon back and then she asks for Stefan, her says that Stefan is ok and Caroline tells to him that when Stefan left, he didn't said goodbye to her, and that he not answer her calls.

Later, Caroline leaves Stefan a voice mail, saying everyone's drifting apart. She thinks Tyler is hiding from his werewolf gene at Whitmore. Matt and Jeremy never leave Mystic Falls anymore. She wraps up her voice mail to Stefan, saying that the group needs to be together now more than ever and saying she's not going to stop calling him. He sees the message and crushes his phone showing that he is still grieving.

Caroline-Stef 6x02-

Caroline and Stefan talking

In Yellow Ledbetter, Caroline and Enzo make a trip in search of clues to bring back Damon and Bonnie, Enzo really doesn't tell her where they are and it turns out that he actually found where is Stefan. They both find him in a small cottage where he is with his girlfriend, Ivy. Caroline finally sees to Stefan after four months and she seems to be mad with him. Caroline and Enzo interrogate to Stefan in a dinner, Caroline is infuriated to learn that Stefan has been in Savannah for almost two months, not trying to help Damon and Bonnie. Finally, Enzo has had enough and stabs a fork on Stefan. Caroline compels Ivy and takes her upstairs as Enzo calls Stefan a coward and soon they get indulge in a fight. Later, Caroline finds a unconscious Enzo laying down on the kitchen floor and Stefan tells her to take him away. He claims he doesn't care to which Caroline replies he was the one who always cared and that was what she liked about him. He tells her he had to move on after two months of searching.
Normal tvd602 1584

Caroline leaving

He already looked into the Gemini Coven, the one which Enzo found out about. She asks how he could move on without her and he says he had no choice. She realizes he never listened to all the messages she left him. Caroline angrily replies "Well, let me summarize them for you: You're a dick. If you want him out of your house, you do it yourself." She then storms out of the house.

Caroline cries after her fight with Stefan in her car, Enzo comes back to the car and insists on driving when he sees Caroline in tears and returns to fight with Stefan.


Caroline saves Enzo from Stefan

In Welcome to Paradise, following the death of Stefan's girlfriend Ivy, he returns wanting revenge on Enzo for killing her. Stefan tries calling Caroline to apologise for his behaviour but she ignores his calls. At the party , Caroline sends Enzo to get ice and when Enzo is coming back, he is attacked by Stefan, then they are attacked by a vampire hunter and Enzo saves his life, but Stefan still wants to kill him so Enzo for what he did to him, when Stefan is about to shoot, Caroline appears and comes between them, she asks to Stefan what he is doing and Stefan upset tells her that she should ask Enzo, then Stefan leaves. Later, after Caroline discovers what Enzo has done, she tries to stop Stefan when he is leaving and apologises with him, Stefan agrees that he was fooling himself and that he was using Ivy as an escape.

Caroline and Stefan

Caroline tells him that killing Enzo won't bring her back and Stefan says that the real reason to want to kill Enzo is because he reminders to his brother, Damon. She ask to him, if that was his only reason for he left all those messages on her phone, promising apologies, if that's why he came to the party, just to kill Enzo and start over, Stefan's answer is yes. He is adamant he has only come back to kill Enzo but she tells him she does not believe him, stating that some part of him wanted to check up on his friends, his old life and her, she ask to him to stay but even after her heartfelt plea he walks away from her, leaving Caroline heartbroken.
Caroline and Stefan 6x05

Stefan asks for Caroline's help.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Stefan shows up at Caroline's dorm room with a trunk. She is shocked to see Ivy coming out of the trunk. She asks for an explanation and Stefan tells her Enzo did this. He wants her to show Ivy how to be a vampire while he gets Luke to make her a daylight ring. He is worried about Ivy making herself a target for Tripp if she doesn't learn how to control herself. With a little more persuasion, Caroline agrees to help him. Sometime later, in Caroline's dorm room, Ivy deduces that Caroline has a thing for Stefan. She is itching to go out, but Caroline insists they wait for Stefan. Finally, Ivy distracts Caroline then comes up behind her and snaps her neck.


Caroline asks Stefan to leave.

When Caroline gains her conscious, she starts looking for Ivy and calls Stefan to inform him about her. However, he keeps ignoring her calls. After sometime, Stefan finally shows up and when she demands to know where he was, he admits he was halfway out of town. He left Ivy's daylight ring at Caroline's dorm. Caroline can't believe he was going to dump Ivy on her and leave. Stefan tries to explain that all he wants to do is start over but her and Enzo made it difficult for him when they visited him. Caroline confesses that a month ago she wanted Damon to return, because that would mean she will get him back too but now all she wants him to do is leave. Stefan looks hurt and walks away from her.

Steroline gif 6x06

Caroline and Stefan hide from Tripp's men.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Damon has finally returned which means Stefan is back to normal. But the gang has to face a new problem. Tripp has Enzo and wants to know about his vampire friends. He joins Caroline, Alaric and Matt at Whitmore and confesses to them that he handed over Enzo to Tripp. Everyone looks at him, shocked. Later, Caroline and Stefan go to Tripp's cabin to find out Enzo. He tries to defend turning over Enzo to Tripp, but Caroline isn't feeling forgiving. She tells him about Ivy and then says that the reason why he is rescuing Enzo is because he feels guilty as Enzo is Damon's friend. Stefan confesses that he is rescuing him to make up for the fact that Enzo didn't gave on Damon while he did. They hide when two young men walk out of Tripp's vampire torture shed. After the men leave, they go inside the shed to rescue Enzo, but he is not there.


Caroline rejects Stefan's friendship.

Caroline calls Matt to ask him if there is any other place where Tripp has taken Enzo. Matt finds Ivy's phone in Tripp's office and tells her about this saying Tripp knows what she is and where to find her. When Tripp manages to capture Damon instead, Caroline and Elena drive to one of the roads leading to Mystic Falls border while Stefan and Alaric plan their move at the border. Stefan calls Caroline to inform her that they manage to save both Damon and Enzo but unfortunately Alaric crossed the border and is now human. Later, Stefan finds her on the street outside. He wants to know what to say so they can go back to being friends again. But after everything, she doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Stefan at Caroline's Door

Stefan at Caroline's door.

In Do You Remember the First Time, Stefan and Enzo captured Tripp and trying to get some intel from him through a bit of torture, a while later Stefan finds out that Tripp got Caroline's name and he knows she's a vampire. As he learns this Stefan rushes to Caroline's dorm room to warn her but Caroline points out that she doesn't need Stefan's protection nor she wants it. When Tripp's men use Caroline's mom against them to get Tripp back Caroline and Stefan get on the road to head to where they're holding Tripp a hostage. On the road Caroline calls Enzo to ensure he doesn't hurt or kill Tripp. When they get there Caroline hurries to untie Tripp but she's getting nervous since they tied him with chains quite tightly so she confronts Stefan about the chains but Stefan says that he's not the one who chained him it was Enzo who did it which then she calls Enzo Stefan's sidekick. After that Enzo seems angry and spills the beans out about Caroline's feelings for Stefan. Stefan and Caroline share an awkward look as they look like they don't know what to say. Caroline breaks the silence and says that she doesn't want to talk about it ever. Later that evening they exchange Tripp with Sheriff Liz but only to find out that Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire so when he crosses the border magic wears off and Tripp dies. Caroline and Stefan bring Liz to the hospital to get a check up. Caroline doesn't want Stefan to stay at hospital and says him to leave but Stefan refuses and stays with them then asks Liz for her help with fixing his friendship with Caroline but Liz doesn't think it's her place to help Stefan and she's on Caroline's side.


Caroline walks away

When Stefan and Caroline get a chance to talk in private Stefan questions the reason why Caroline has a thing for him and Caroline tries to explain him that maybe because she thought he was worth having a thing for and he was there helped her through vampirism transition, because she couldn't imagine how Elena gave up on him and moved on with his brother. Stefan is sorry because he couldn't see it but Caroline also convinced herself that Stefan doesn't have any feelings for her thus she says "Sorry for not feeling it back?" which Stefan replies with "No I didn't say that". Stefan explains that because of Damon's death his head was all over the place and he couldn't think of those kind of feelings. Caroline states she doesn't hate him for not feeling it back, for mourning his brother, for being a total jerk towards her while doing so and she accepts his apology but she still hates him because if she doesn't hate him for ruining their friendship she has to hate herself for ruining it and she thinks that she deserves better than that. Then she walks away while Stefan seems devastated.

Stefan is salty over not getting invited

Stefan is not invited

In Fade Into You, Caroline organizes a friendsgiving dinner and invites everyone except Stefan who was traveling to Portland to gather information on Gemini Coven. Stefan is curious on who's invited and learns that everone was invited except himself. He seems pretty salty over this. In the meanwhile Caroline seems pretty nervous at the dinner as she's obsessed to make the dinner "perfect" and tries to keep everyone on track so everthing would go as she planned. Damon and Alaric are making fun of the matter and when Damon teases Stefan with "why don't you two just date and put us all out of our misery" Stefan replies with "I don't think about it that way, she's my friend" but Damon and Alaric are having quite fun with Stefan's obliviousness regarding Caroline's feelings which pushes Stefan to the limits to even kick a teddy bear(Mrs. Cuddles) for noticing Caroline's feelings before himself.

Doggie Bag

Caroline is giving Stefan a doggie bag

On the phone Elena wants Stefan and Caroline to kiss and make up because it's getting weird and she asks Stefan that how he could trust her with such a huge secret like being a vampire. Stefan wanted Elena to know everything and trusted her with this secret because he was in love with her. When Stefan returns from the trip he goes to Caroline only to see she was coming to him too to give a doggie bag she made of the leftovers. Stefan shares with her the reason why he pushed her away with sincerity. He explains that after Damon died he cried so much that he didn't want to cry anymore and Caroline was the only person who would sit and cry with him so he had to push her away the most. Caroline thanks him for being honest with her. When Stefan attempts to talk further Caroline walks away leaving Stefan speechless as he watches her leaving.

In I Alone, Stefan and Damon are talking about their relationships with Caroline and Alaric. Stefan warns Damon about the fact that Alaric is gonna kill him when he finds out that Damon compelled him which Damon returns the favor with turning the subject on Stefan's relationship with Caroline and says that he didn't complain when Stefan ruined his friendship with Caroline. Stefan doesn't think he ruined his friendship with Caroline which Damon disagrees and makes a sarcastic comment on the matter.

Snow globe

Stefan gives Caroline a snow globe as a gift

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, It's christmas time and everyone is celebrating the christmas but Caroline can't step into Mystic Falls due to anti magic spell so Sheriff Forbes brings christmas to her and Stefan comes over to help Liz put the decorations on. Caroline makes it clear that she didn't forgive him yet and hanging christmas lights is the easy part and anyone can be friends when you are hanging christmas lights. Stefan gets upset and leaves. A few seconds later Liz feels dizzy and just when she was about to fall down Stefan vampspeeds into the room and catches her before she falls. Stefan and Caroline bring Liz to the hospital. Stefan finds out that Liz has cancer and she didn't tell it to Caroline yet. Stefan and Elena talk about what to do and Stefan seems quite sad and desperate. They fought against the evil but they never faced something like this, that they don't have a plan for. He says that Caroline is a good person, she's happy, she's kind, she doesn't deserve this.

Stefan comforts Caroline

Stefan's comforting Caroline

When it's time for someone to give Caroline the bad news Stefan thinks that it's his place to tell her and he should be there for Caroline. Caroline is waiting in the hospital quite worried as she's holding the snow globe that Stefan gave her as her secret santa years ago. When Caroline faces the terrible news that there is not a single case they heard about vampire blood's curing cancer, that doctors can't operate, that chemo wouldn't work she wants to hear from Stefan that Liz's gonna get through this but Stefan is speechless. Caroline breaks down and Stefan comforts her by taking her into his arms.


Stefan and Caroline are watching a cancer patient

In Woke Up With a Monster, Stefan rewires Liz's speaker system in front of Liz's couch to make Liz more comfortable watching TV while Caroline googled to find an effective treatment for her mom's cancer and she found an expert at Duke. She brought her mom "Friends" DVDs to watch with Stefan while she's out of town and she teases Stefan. "Stefan you know how to laugh right?" She'll go to Duke where besides Stefan's niece Sarah is studying so Stefan offers to go with her which gets Liz's support as well. He brings Caroline to Sarah to show her and share his secret about Sarah but Caroline urgently leaves because she has to meet the expert she found. When doctor tells her about a similar cancer patient that they couldn't cure Caroline seems to lose her hope but then wants to know about this patient who has no one and is waiting for his death and then she runs a little experiment on the patient with her own vampire blood. While she's observing the patient she calls Stefan there to show the patient. Patient seems to be healed and quite lively as Stefan and Caroline are watching the patient from away. While Caroline seems full of hope with these results Stefan doesn't seem like convinced by this. They discuss about it and Caroline wants Stefan to believe it works but Stefan doesn't so Caroline asks him to at the very least believe that she[Caroline] believes it'll work.

Stefan holding Caroline's hand

Stefan's holding Caroline's hand

Stefan can see on her face that she believes it so he says "okay let's go home". On the road Stefan tells her about his niece Sarah and he trusts Caroline with his secret. On Caroline's porch she asks if Sarah is Zach's daughter then does that make Stefan uncle Stefan, which puts a little smile on Stefan's face. She says him it's incredibly noble that he's been keeping an eye on her all these years. Stefan thanks her for promising to keep his secret safe and she thanks him for rewiring her mom's speaker system and being there for her and not treating her like she's crazy because that's how she felt these past few days. Then Stefan comforts her by holding her hand and stroking it gently. He's giving her his support before she enters the house to give her mom vampire blood and he's watching her getting into the house through the door's window and he seems concerned.

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In Prayer For the Dying, Caroline is sleeping in her mother's room, she wakes hearing some noise. She goes downstairs to see what the noise is; suddenly Colin appears in the door, Caroline scared opens the door, he says her name and ask to her what she did to him. On the morning, Stefan arrives to Caroline's house and aks to her what's happening, Caroline show to Colin lying in the couch, they then discover that Colin is now a vampire and that's mean that Colin died after Caroline gave him her blood.

Caroline arrives with Liz to the hospital, they all are looking for a solution. Later, Elena is blaming to Stefan because he didn't stop to Caroline when she gives her blood to Liz, Stefan says that he didn't want be the one to take the hope away from her, Caroline is standing behind Stefan; Stefan and Elena look at her, she says that Jo has a idea.

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Stefan and Caroline talking

Later, Caroline is at a vending machine, she is mad because the machine doesn't work and she wants a coffee, Stefan asks if she don't need some real food referring to blood, Caroline sighs and leans against the vending machine, she says that she screwed up, she is blaming herself for feed her mom with her blood, he says to her that she was trying to help, Caroline mad says that she was trying to fix something that she had no business trying to fix and that she is like textbook definition of control freak from Hell.Stefan trying to calm her says that she is an optimist and that she wanna believe that anything is possible and that is exactly what her mom needs to hear right now.
Then they heard exclamations of pain from Colin's room, they go to his room and Colin is stabbing himself in the chest with a metal bar; Caroline and Stefan enter, closing the door behind them. Colin says that he can't die, pulls the bar from his chest and drops it on the floor, he ask why he can't die, Stefan tried to calm him down but Colin is desperate, Caroline says to him that they will help to him and Colin runs with vampire speed over Caroline and grabs her arms, he ask to her to help him to die. Then Colin collapses and Damon is standing behind him, holding Colin's heart. Caroline in shock ask why he did that, Damon says that Colin made a wish and he granted it, Damon tells Caroline that the blood transfusion didn't work, so she didn't just kill him, Stefan tries to defend Caroline, but Caroline says that it's fine because he's just saying what everyone else is thinking, that she killed her own mom. Caroline leaves, slamming the door behind her.

Caroline and Stefan talking

Later, Caroline is looking flowers for her mom's funeral, Stefan arrives, Caroline acting weird, telling things without sense, Caroline looks over to Stefan, who is just watching her, Caroline says if he is thinking of saying something to make her feel better, don't, because she don't deserve to feel better, Stefan says that he wasn't. He says that he was actually thinking that she have far more important things to do than plan a memorial service for her mother, who's still alive. Then Caroline says that all of this still needs to be done because Liz is not gonna want to live out the rest of her life as a vampire in excruciating pain. So she should do something that she is good at, instead of making everything worse.
Steroline gif 6x12
Stefan tries to calm her and says that she took a risk. It didn't pay off, but she did it out of love. Caroline says that she don't know what to say to her, and he says that she don't have to say anything to her, just sit with her. Caroline on the verge of tears)says that she can't even face her. Stefan then tells her a story about how his mother died and abandoned her because he didn't want to see her die, and he doesn't want Caroline to do the same. Caroline ask, what if she can't forgive her and Stefan tells to her that Liz doesn't think there's anything to forgive, she just wants her to be with her. Caroline sighs and takes Stefan's hand; they leave the flower shop together.

Later after Liz almost died, Liz is talking with Caroline. Stefan comes in with a cup of coffee and gives it to Caroline, Caroline ask where'd he get that, and Stefan says that he guess someone fixed the coffee machine. Liz asks to Caroline to find one for her too, Caroline says that she will be right back, gets up and leaves the room. Liz wanted to be alone with Stefan, she says to him that she need him promise to her something, that when she is gone, Caroline is going need him, even if she doesn't know it. She's gonna need someone to help her move on with her life, someone to just make her smile. Crying, she asks to him to promise to him that he will do that, then Stefan promises to her that. Caroline is outside the door, listening their conversation.

Caroline and Stefan 6x13
In The Day I Tried To Live, Caroline is on the Salvatore's house, preparing Bonnie's party birthday, she is talking on the phone with her mom, she is looking the tablet with all the things for the party, after she ends up the call with her mother, she gasps when she sees to Miss Cuddles on the tablet, Stefan walks over her, she thinks that Miss Cuddle's eyes, follow them on the room but Stefan says that is just her. She says that she haven't seen Miss Cuddles in 12 years, and Stefan tells her than that's the bear Bonnie sent back from 1994 and he guess that she lost the original. Caroline then say that Bonnie didn't lose her because she took her, for a huge fight that they both had when they were child, she says that she took Miss Cuddles and she buried her in the woods and then she couldn't find her. Caroline decides to go and find her on the woods because she thinks that is the only thing that she can do, Stefan tries to stop her but then he follows her.
Stef-Caroline 6x13
Later on the woods, Caroline is trying to find to Miss Cuddles, she shoves the shovel into the ground, while Stefan appears behind her. She says that if he were gonna creepily stalk her, he could have at least brought a shovel. Stefan says that he isn't big on digging and holds up his hands showing his calluses, she says that he bury corpses all the time and he making fun of her says that he don't dig them up. Caroline then get mad and he says to her that he should probably stay and keep an eye on her in case she have a psychotic breakdown then she smiles to herself.
Steroline 6x13

Stefan and Caroline

Still on the woods, Stefan start to teasing her, drinking in his liquor bottle, making get Caroline mad with his jokes, he says that they are in the middle of the woods, searching for a Teddy bear buried in a shallow grave by a 9-year-old version of her and that he can't even say that with a straight face, so he finds that's funny. Caroline says that he is drunk and tries to take his liquor bottle, Stefan pulls it out of her reach telling that she have more ground to cover. Caroline annoyed call him jerk, he still is teasing her telling that she is angry but Caroline says that isn't that she is just annoyed because she is going through a highly emotional situation right now, and he is just sitting there, mocking her.
Steroline gif 6x13
Stefan making fun of her says that she is definitely angry, she very annoyed says that she isn't angry, Stefan says that she should be because her mom is dying, her best friend is stuck in some netherworld, and she is sitting there trying to make it all better by finding a stuffed animal. Then Caroline pushes to him telling him to shut up, he encourages her to try again, Caroline even more mad pushes him again telling " screw you", he says that's good in get it out. Then she beats his leg with the shovel, causing him to drop down on the ground. She takes his liquor bottle and he then managed to get her down on the ground as well. Both groaning, She says that she can't believe that he just did that. he ask if it felt good and she smiling says that maybe a little, they both start to laugh.
Steroline hug 6x13.

Stefan comforting Caroline

Later, they still are lying on the floor, Caroline stands up, and says that is time to go home, when they are about to leave, Stefan sees a ear of Miss Cuddles, Caroline doesn't believe to him but then she sees it too, she walks over and digs up miss cuddles Cuddles. looks at Stefan and laughs. Stefan says that he is sure that they can clean her up, make her as good as new. Caroline tries to clean her but the bear's head rips off, they both start laughing, but then Caroline's smile turns into sorrow, she turns her back to Stefan, Stefan tries to calm her and he touches her face, they looks each other and she says "I'm sorry", he pulls her into a hug and she starts crying.

Later in Stefan's house, Caroline is trying to repair to Miss Cuddles, Stefan gives her a drink and she drinks it, then he gives her another and they both smiles.


Stefan and Caroline

In Stay, Caroline arrives with Stefan to the Forbes Cabin, she is preparing the cabin because she wants to her mom to live out the rest of her time there in a relaxed and peaceful environment surrounded by the things that she loves, like photo albums and board games, she is talking with him about the movies, when Stefan's cellphone starts to sound. He ask to her to take it of his pocket, when Caroline sees that is her mother, she asks why her mom is calling him, then she answer the phone, Caroline thinks that Liz is asking Stefan for information and asks why is she calling him, Liz says that she wants to know what is she doing but Caroline says that it's a surprise. Caroline asks to Stefan to take the things to the Master bedroom in low voice. Liz asks if Stefan is there voluntarily or against his will and Caroline says that he's there because she asked him to look after her and that she heard when she was talking to him, Liz says that's not the only reason he's there, then Caroline hangs up the phone.

Caroline talking with Stefan

Stefan is repaying the light on the porch, and Caroline arrives with her bike, she looks at him who is mounted on a stairs and she seems to be amazed by Stefan's beauty but after taking her composure, she continues talking and says that it's the bike with she learned to ride on, she tells him how she learned to ride the bike. She asks what is he doing and he says that the box was loose, so he figured he would fix it. Caroline says that he know that he don't have to do all what he is doing and that could've had some serious problems, Stefan jokingly says as exposed wires, electrical fires but she says that she mean being there with her and if he have someplace else he'd rather be then he interrupts her and says he don't, they smile each other.


Stefan and Caroline

Caroline is trying to organize the books that she got for her mother, Stefan arrives to the bedroom carrying a box with bottles of liquor, he asks her where he can put them and Caroline says that there's a cellar under the stairs. He asks her if she is ok because she seems to be worried, she says that she is worried because she doesn't know what book will be better for her mom and she wants that her mom can enjoy reading her last book, Stefan says that he can deal with the books, Caroline says that not because she should do it but Stefan says that he is happy with the responsibility, Caroline then takes a bottle and says that she will open it, then she leaves.

Stefan is on the porch drinking, Caroline arrives and tells him that her mother will arrive a little late because she chose today to tackle an entire career worth of cold cases. Stefan then says that he realized it doesn't matter, Caroline confused, asks what doesn't matter, Stefan says that it doesn't matter what book her mom will read in her final moments, that it doesn't matter if it's good or if it's terrible that it doesn't matter because life isn't about her final moments and that it's about the moments that led up to them. Stefan takes Caroline hand, Caroline looks at him and they remains holdings hands, she says that she just want it to be perfect, Stefan then says that if anyone can control death, it's her. Caroline says that she knows that her mother asked to him to look after her, Stefan tries to explain, but she interrupts him telling that she's ok with it, that she is glad, actually, because she don't know if she would be able to get through this on her own.
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Caroline and Stefan kissing

Stefan then says that he isn't there because her mom asked him to look after her, Caroline asks then why is he there, and Stefan says because she is her friend, Caroline looks disappointed with that response, but he continues, he says that he know what it feels like to lose a mother, and because when she told him that she hated him, that was pretty much the worst thing she had heard in a long time, she then smiles and says that they both know she never really hated him. One of us should probably say something. Stefan looks at Caroline tenderly and puts his hand on his neck, then he kisses her for first time, Caroline kiss him back and they kiss tenderly, then they smile and Caroline says with a nervous smile that one of them should probably say something, he says "Go for it" but Caroline laughing says that not that.

Caroline and Stefan arrive to the Hospital

After learning that her mom is dying, Caroline arrives to the hospital with Stefan, Damon is there and tries to calm her, he says that Liz she slipped into a come and the doctors said that they can make her comfortable. Caroline desperate says she's not comfortable because she's dying. She is mad and sad because she didn't get to say good-bye to her mom.

Still on the hospital, Caroline is with her mother who is in come and has DNR, with her are Damon, Elena, Stefan and Matt. Caroline says crying that she should have been with her, Stefan tries to console her telling her that she didn't know, Caroline says that she knew she was sick and she knew it was bad. She says that she was supposed to give her peace and convince her that she would be OK and thank her for being an amazing mom and that she doesn't remember the last thing that she said to her, that she was supposed to be with her in her final moment, Stefan then says that she still can.


Liz dies

Stefan says to Caroline that they are gonna live in Liz memories with Caroline, he says to Caroline to try to clear her mind and think about her favorite memory of her mom. Caroline says that she don't know because there are many, and Stefan says to her to relax, Caroline takes Liz's hand, and enter in her mind, the favorite memory with her mom was when she was trying to ride the bike, Liz helped to her to do it alone, then after finish Liz finally dies, Caroline starts to cry and tell them that her mom is gone.

In Let Her Go, Caroline wakes up on a couch and sees Matt, Elena, Tyler, and Stefan sleeping around her, Caroline stays for a moment looking at Stefan and then Caroline walks over to the kitchen.

Caroline-Stef 6x15

Caroline talking with Stefan

Many people are walking for the funeral while Caroline is inside looking at Liz's dead body and Stefan walks in, he asks if she is doing alright and she says that yes. He walks over her and asks again if she is sure, Caroline is nervous and says that she don't know, that just now, she was supposed to put him into a category so she would know what to say to him, but then she realized she didn't know what category he would want to be put in. then she says she could list the categories if he like.
Steroline hug 6x15

Stefan hugs Caroline

Stefan uncomfortable says that he want to talk to her about them and he will do but, maybe when they're alone and they've had a chance to get through the day, Caroline looking sad for his response, says that of course and that it's not the time, she apologies with him, then Stefan hugs Caroline and says that don't be sorry, Caroline looks really sad and smile when he lets her go, he says that they will talk when all this is over, then he leaves the room.

In The Downward Spiral

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In A Bird in a Gilded Cage,

In I Never Could Love Like That,

In Because,

In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You Stefan calls Caroline during Alaric's bacherlor party but she doesn't answer but he leaves a message asking her to call him back and that she should be there and to come home.

Stefan and Caroline snapshot 6x21

Stefan & Caroline talk about their relationship.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime Stefan arrives at the wedding following his roadtrip with Damon and Caroline begins to avoid him clearly still feeling awarkward and guilty after what happened between them but Stefan finds a brief moment with her and asks if she is avoiding him. She lies and tells him she isn't but Stefan clearly not convinced asks if they can talk alone. Stefan asks her if he is being selfish not wanting his brother to take the cure and Caroline assures him he is not unlike her who had him turn off his humanity. She asks if he hates her and he tells her he hates how she handle thing's but not her. Caroline tells him she made a list of all the bad things that has happened to her since she fell for him stating it all started the summer he moved away and she began obsessing where he was and why he wasn't returning her call's, that she told him she hated him when she felt ignored and missed her mom's final moment's because she was kissing him and all she needed from him was for him to tell her that he felt something for her and he didn't. She continues to tell him she hates how this has made her feel and Stefan tries to reassure her that he has forgiven her and that he feels the same when he is around her because they are both control freaks and falling for someone means giving up control but Caroline tells him with all the grief and guilt control is all she has and she is not ready to give that up and leaves.

Stefan and Caroline snapshot two 6x21

Stefan & Caroline at the wedding.

Later Damon and Elena have disappeared and are not returning Caroline's call she tells Stefan to cue the music that they are starting without them. During the wedding Stefan and Caroline are sitting together and watch with horrified looks as Kai arrives stabbing Jo with a knife and attacks all the guests.

Stefan and Caroline snapshot two 6x22

Stefan & Caroline unconscious.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While Following Kai's attack at Jo's and Alaric's wedding, Stefan and Caroline find Damon with Elena who is unconscious and is not healing after Damon has given her his blood Stefan urges Damon to take her to the hospital who flee's with Elena in his arm's. Moment's later, Kai appears behind them and magically snap's their necks telling them that this a family affair. Afterward Stefan and Caroline wake in eachother's arms in Enzo's car who informs them that he rescued them and that Damon is with Elena at the hospital but they have bigger problem's and takes them to Lily who is at the werehouse searching for her family of Heratics.

Stefan and Caroline snapshot three 6x22

Stefan & Caroline talk about Elena.

At the hospital Damon is in search of Kai while Stefan and Caroline stay at Elena's bedside. Caroline asks if he is going to be OK as Elena was his soulmate but Stefan tells her that even though he loved Elena more than he possible thought he could love someone she wasn't necessarily his soulmate, that she was the only one that remind him that Damon was worth caring for and in the end he needed his brother more than he needed Elena. Stefan asks if that's why she has pushed him away because she thinks that he hasn't moved on from Elena but Caroline tell's him she can't do this and walks out of the room. Later Stefan and Caroline are seen together as everyone gathers at the Salvatore boarding house to say goodbye to Elena.

Stefan and Caroline snapshot 6x22

Stefan tells Caroline he loves her.

Stefan visits Caroline and tells her that he has made a list of all the ways loving her has changed him, that she was his friend when he needed her, that she made him laugh and dance and was the one that assured him that he would find love again. That he understands she needs time to heal and live her life without him but he will wait for her till she is ready for him kissing her cheek and leaves. Clearly shocked at his declaration Caroline continues to sit there with a small smile on her face.

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Caroline is sitting in the town square when Stefan approaches they make small talk and his admits that his previous confession had made things between them awkward and that he wanted to be friends with her so they should just stay friends if or until she wanted more. Caroline helps Stefan in his plan to kill the heretics tries to discourage her from doing but she reminded him they knew what he looked like so he couldn't do it. After successfully delivering the bomb that fails to kill the Heretics, Stefan and Caroline are in the time square for Matt's graduation from the police academy when the heretics attack killing half of Matt's class. Afterwards Stefan and Caroline go to his house and discuss what had just happened, while they dio Caroline helps Stefan remove a small splinter from his neck. Caroline helps Stefan broker a peace settlement with his mother, they handed over his house and compelled all the residents to leave and restricted the heretics from feeding on anyone besides anyone who wandered into town. Stefan helps Caroline box up her house and they talk about the newest situation they'd gotten themselves into, just as Stefan was about to leave Caroline tells him she wants to make a go at a relationship with him and they kiss.

In Never Let Me Go, a flash-forward is seen in which Caroline professes he distaste when she hears the mention of Stefan's name saying she never wanted to hear it again. Back in the present Stefan calls Caroline and she doesn't answer he leaves a message, he is approached by Lily and Beau who inform him that they had taken Caroline. Stefan enlist Damon's help in getting her back, Damon goes to the boarding house and tries to plead his case with Lily, after she refuses to return Caroline Damon discovers that the house had been signed over to a human who they discover to be Matt. Bonnie does a spell that temporarily kills him allowing Stefan and Damon to enter the house without an invitation, Damon goes in through the front door to distract Enzo Stefan goes in through the tunnels and begins looking for Caroline finding her in his former bedroom. When Caroline first sees him she believes she is hallucinating, Stefan goes to her side and brakes her chains when he attempts to carry her out his skin burns from a spell, Valerie, One of the heretics had put on her. Stefan finds her a jacket and helps her put it on, they both suddenly start feeling a strange pull and is pulled out the window while Caroline begins to be pulled toward the front door. Enzo is standing at the bottom of the stairs with Lucy and has her invite Caroline inside which stops the pulling. Nora comes into speak to Caroline and tells her that Valerie's spell wasn't in fact to help her but that Valerie had a past with Stefan and had been carrying around his journal from 1863 since 1903. Caroline taked=s the journal and begins to read about that had happen between Valerie and Stefan in 1863.

In Age of Innocence,

In I Carry Your Heart With Me,

In Live Through This, Caroline helps Valerie plan her new identity because she knew Stefan wanted to help her out.

In Best Served Cold, Valerie reveals that to Caroline that she had been pregnant in 1863 and that Julian had killed it and she knew the spell the Gemini Coven had been chanting because she had attempted to use it to save her child.

In Mommie Dearest, Caroline tells Stefan about her pregnancy with Alaric's children and Stefan leaves to go kill Julian.

In Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,

In Cold as Ice, Stefan is stabbed with the Phoenix Sword by Nora in front of Caroline.

In Hell Is Other People,

In Things We Lost in the Fire, Stefan explains that the only reason he was holding it together after his time in the phoenix stone was because Caroline was there for him.

In Postcards from the Edge, Stefan brings Caroline food and she suddenly collapses he brings her to the hospital and Valerie meets them there and tells that the babies were siphoning Caroline's magic she give Caroline an amulet to keep the siphoning at bay. Stefan receives a call from Matt saying that Damon was hanging out with Julian, Stefan is reluctant to leave but Caroline tells him to help his brother. Later after i took a while for his to return she sends Valerie to help him, while they were gone the babies began to siphon making her unable to mobe to call stefan for help.

In This Woman's Work, When Stefan arrives back at the hospital he has her rushed into to surgery to get the babies out before they killed her,compelling the doctors to ignore anything not explained by science, but the babies repel the doctors when they try to take them out. Valerie gets the other heretics and they begin preforming a spell to trick the babies into wanting to come out. While the doctors to the surgery Stefan gives Caroline a vision that they are sitting under the stars on date. Bonnie comes in and tells him that the huntress is there and Damon was being suicidal and he had to help him, Stefan reluctantly leaves to help his brother. Stefan begins to help his brother fight the huntress and gets marked by her. When he gets marked Stefan remembers all the good times he'd had with Caroline and how much he loved her but also Nora's word that once marked she would chase him to the end of the earth. He leaves to keep his family safe Damon calls him and he yells at him because it was his fault wasn't able to be with Caroline her time of need. Next Caroline calls and they take sadly about their predicament how they wish it didn't have to be that way.

In Moonlight on the Bayou,

In I Would for You,

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In Gods and Monsters, Caroline and Stefan finally set aside their tension due to their dating-history and work together to help Bonnie escape from her Supernatural Huntress side. They have been on the run together and they decide to halt their running when Caroline reunites with Alaric and her children. Caroline assists Alaric in teaching the twins about their Siphoner heritage, which they grasp easily. Stefan watches from afar as Caroline successfully mentors her children in opening the Armory doors. After successfully saving Bonnie, Caroline hugs Alaric and Alaric advises her to go after Stefan. Caroline originally protests being her family is on her mind. Alaric claims that they will still be a family and Alaric and Caroline break their engagement off on friendly terms. Caroline rushes up to Stefan before he leaves the Armory property and she kisses him. Thanks to Alaric's pushing, Stefan and Caroline are dating once again after being apart for three years.

In Hello, Brother, Stefan and Caroline are first seen together having passionate sex. This episode shows that they are still together, months after the events at the Armory. However, the scene is quickly cut off to show Enzo and Bonnie's flashbacks.

Later on, the morning after their night together, Stefan and Caroline are lying together in bed discussing their stressful lives. Caroline complains about not being able to hold a stable schedule to watch her children, especially with Alaric working with a team to investigate the Armory's vault. Stefan also explains the constant stress of failing to find Damon and Enzo, he also explains that it has taken a toll on Bonnie as Stefan and Bonnie constantly fail in trying to find them. They later, in the episode, part ways and deal with their own situations related to family problems: Caroline was dealing with Virginia St. John invading her home and trying to take her children to stop the Armory's monster, and Stefan with finally finding Damon and Enzo with Bonnie, it brings him hope about all their futures.

In Today Will Be Different, Stefan and Caroline only interact with each other at the end of the episode. Stefan was devastated after losing Damon and Sarah Nelson to Sybil's mind manipulation. Caroline also had a long day dealing with her children's lives and comforting Bonnie after Bonnie lost Enzo too. Stefan and Caroline embrace each other and reveal to each other that they are like family now, considering Stefan built a room for the children whenever Stefan and Caroline were together with them. Shortly after, showing Caroline a new set of drawers for the children's new bedroom, Caroline opens one of the drawers and is shocked to find a black jewelry box. Both with tears in their eyes, Caroline accepts Stefan's marriage proposal and they have a passionate embrace together.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Stefan and Caroline are first seen together in their house. Matt's number then appears on Caroline's phone. Later on, Caroline and Stefan are seen together attending Tyler's funeral. However, this is interrupted when Damon crashes it. Caroline and Stefan beg Damon not to kill Matt when Damon puts Matt in a chokehold. They eventually get through to Damon and he lets Matt go. Later on, Stefan convinces Caroline to stay home when Stefan goes to meet Damon. However, when Damon and Stefan get into a fight at the carnival, Caroline shows up and saves Stefan from death by shooting Damon with a vervain gun. Caroline and Stefan are later hanging out together with the rest of their friends at the carnival. Caroline tells Stefan that she is going to be his wife soon and that she will always have his back in situations like the one they went through together earlier, with Damon. After sharing a moment, Matt reveals to them that Seline (Lizzie and Josie's babysitter) is the second siren. Caroline leaves the carnival with Alaric, with Stefan not too far behind, to find just a drawing at their house with Lizzie and Josie with Seline and Cade.

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In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You,

In We Have History Together, Caroline and Stefan do not interact in this episode. However, Caroline mentions to Matt, while on the phone with him, that she hasn't seen Stefan in three weeks, due to his deal with Cade. However, Caroline states that she misses him and later, tells Sybil that she is confident she will be reunited with Stefan. Caroline is concerned however when Sybil spitefully claims that Stefan always seems to "fall off the wagon" and worries Caroline when she explains that Stefan might turn into a ripper in front of her kids, sometime in the future.