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Well, is keeping my victims' letters really so different from writing their names on a wall? Like you did, Ripper?
Klaus to Stefan Salvatore about his victim list in O Come, All Ye Faithful

Stefan's 1920's victim list is a hidden list in Stefan's old apartment in Chicago. It's a list of every man, woman or child that he killed during his 'ripper days'. Stefan used the list to record and relive each and every kill. The list is first seen in the episode, The End of the Affair, during Season Three.


  • Giuseppe Salvatore
  • John Beach
  • Randy Smith
  • Darah Leach
  • Terrilyn Henson
  • Catherine Marle
  • Matthew Wagner
  • Micheal Reddinton
  • Christian David
  • Dianne Wagner
  • Ashley Holliday
  • Stacy Dalnblin
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Megan Murray
  • Mark Kramer
  • Andy Strauss
  • Jeremiah Drueke
  • Matthew D'abrosio
  • Mike Roberton
  • Phillip Arltadany
  • Dant Warner
  • Jenny B
  • Marty Chetrix
  • Maggie Frae
  • Keri Lennox
  • Joel Perkal
  • David Perkal
  • Jo Lee
  • Christopher Lee
  • Michael Thompson
  • Jeff Hol
  • Carl Tucker
  • Dennis Delanghanip
  • Alfred Z
  • Michael Kimble
  • Taylor Cruz
  • Gary Kote
  • Daniel Curet
  • Ben Mciver
  • Sean Cruz
  • Jenny Hann
  • Max Athur
  • Taylor Derence
  • Keith Potter
  • William Law
  • Annie Green
  • Kieth Cruz
  • Max A Ling
  • Bill Brounell
  • Daniel Curet
  • Sean Cruz
  • Shelby McDaniel
  • Allyah Baynes
  • Derek Page
  • Troy Borisy
  • David Shaklbanasab
  • Liam Grant
  • Steven Compton
  • Marcus Silva
  • Lisa Drued
  • Sunny Lee
  • Andrea Behring
  • Joseph Dowling
  • Kelly Price
  • Parker Swanson
  • Scott Needehs
  • Micheal Twining
  • Dutch Brown
  • Robin Spears
  • Juli Lung
  • Abbey Lung
  • Billy Duncan
  • Jenna Duncan
  • Donald Sharretts
  • Lisa H.
  • John Copeman
  • Stephanie
  • Scott P.
  • Steffany
  • Judson
  • Taylor
  • Anthony
  • Michaela
  • Gilbert
  • Trevor
  • Brandon
  • Alex O


It was revealed in the Season Three Blu-ray Exclusive, that the cast put names of the people they knew on the list (ex: Nina Dobrev's mom, crew member's name).


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