St. Anne's Church is a Catholic church that is known as the "heart" of the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans where Father Kieran worked as a priest.

The church was best known for being the site of a massacre by the aspiring priest, Sean O'Connell. He was driven to insanity by a witch's hex and brutally killed nine of his fellow seminary students before killing himself. The attic of the church was also used by Marcel Gerard as a residence and hide-out for Davina Claire following the uncompleted attempt of the Harvest ritual by the French Quarter Coven. The Church is also the birthplace of Hope Mikaelson and where Hayley Marshall was killed and initiated her transition into a hybrid.


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For almost a year, Davina Claire lived in attic of St. Anne's Church, becoming her room to avoid the Harvest. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Davina temporarily stayed in the attic after being resurrected.





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  • Two unprecedented massacres have occurred inside St. Anne's Church.
  • In 1914, Kol killed everyone in the church during Sunday services to ensure the death of a woman who was said to own the largest paragon diamond in New Orleans.
  • Finn Mikaelson was captured by Hayley and Cami in the church and handed over to Klaus and Elijah at the compound.
  • In For the Next Millennium, Marcel has established a fight club for his new vampires in St. Anne's Church, with Elijah as his sparring companion.
  • In The Bloody Crown, Vincent has reclaimed the church to use it as a sanctuary open up to any supernaturals who are tired of fighting.
  • Given that many witches have violently died here, it is most likely that it is marked with their power, thus making it a magical hot-spot; a source of immense power.
  • In Voodoo Child, the Hollow and her followers take over the church.


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