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For the latest season see The Originals' Season Five News and Spoilers.

The Originals

  • Alaric is coming back.
  • Stefan will not appear in TO and neither will Bonnie according to Paul Wesley and Kat Graham. Also Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have also shut down possibilities of returning to The Originals.
  • Extras[1][2][3][4][5]

  • Many characters might return.[6]
  • The Originals season 5 will feature "all kinds of threats," but the Mikaelsons will definitely be dealing with the consequences of their family, and the four pieces of the Hollow, being brought back together.[7]
  • CAUCASIAN MEN: should have a very "lean and sexy" vibe AGES: 20's 30's (should have good lean figures, look great without shirts and in "shorts") Willing to be shirtless and comfortable being handsy with another man. Real male couples highly encouraged to apply! Please provide shirtless photos. and full body recent photos, must be willing to shave chest/legs if needed Must be willing to have NO facial hair NO TATTOOS NO UN-NATURAL HAIR COLOR OR HIGHLITES AGAIN NO VISIBLE TATTOOS – YOU WILL BE SHIRTLESS & IN SHORT SHORTS (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS)[8]
  • The Originals Seeking Second Line Krewe, High Steppers, and People with Rhythm Work Dates: 10/2 and 10/3. Also accepting people with non-formal training who are familiar with New Orleans second line parades and confident they would be able to pull it off.[9]
  • Spoilers about the finale (episode 5x13).[10]
  • Many spoilers about this season.[11]
  • Apparently Lizzie and Josie, the twins of Caroline and Alaric, will be present in an episode of The Originals. How will they be involved in the episode in question? – Ines
    • Here's what I know: They will appear in the penultimate hour, and we'll see them while Caroline is giving prospective students a tour of the school. But further details are being kept under wraps, so you'll just have to watch and see![12]