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One of the most obvious characteristics of a witch is their ability to cast spells; a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these. For reasons unknown, the majority of spells used by practitioners of Spirit Magic and/or Traditional Magic are spoken in an ancient language very similar to Latin. However, witches who practice other forms of magic have been known to use spells in different languages; for example, the New Orleans Coven, which practices Ancestral Magic, performs their spells in French or French Creole, while the Travelers typically perform their spells in Czech.

Locator Spells

Locator spells allow witches to discern the location of an object or person anywhere in the world. Locator spells are ineffective if the person or object is being hidden with a cloaking spell.

  • Vision Locator Spell: The witch performing the spell will receive visions of the target's location as well as their current actions.
    • Incantation: We du le mon ennemi on ton. We du le mon ennemi on ton.
    • Ingredients: A circle of salt with 8 symbols, a candle
    • Used by: Davina Claire performed this spell at Klaus' request in order to find Finn and determine the source of his power.
  • Tracking Spell: Blood will move across map to point at the target's location while chanting.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras Sequita Saguines Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous
    • Ingredients: Map, Blood of target or blood of someone biologically related to the target.
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this on several occasions, to locate Elena, to locate Esther, and to locate Klaus, to name a few.
  • Esther's Locator Spell
    • Incantation: Où tu fuis? A pouvoir la trouver. Yonn souri nan zeb
    • Ingredients: None
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson used this spell to try to locate Davina Claire.
  • Jonas' Locator Spell: Will receive vision of target's location
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras
    • Ingredients: Picture of target, Strands of target's hair, Blood of person attempting to locate the target
    • Used by: Jonas Martin
  • Water-Locator Spell: 
    • Incantation: Ma te ak san sou ki à lumière le fuis.
    • Ingredients: Glass bowl of water, Three rose petals, Drop of caster's blood
    • Used by: Esther used this second spell in an attempt to find Davina Claire. In a glass bowl of water she placed three rose petals and a drop of her own blood. Kol focused and conjured her in his mind as his mother chanted. (Note: she used one of Davina's revived roses so it may be possible that the rose is in fact one of the objects enchanted by the researched witch)
  • Ancestral Magic Locator Spell: Moved by the wind, sand will form a path along the map, pointing at the target's location.
    • Incantation: None
    • Ingredients: Map, Object that belongs to the target (sometimes), Black sand
    • Used by: Sophie Deveraux and Sabine Laurent have used this spell on several occasions.
  • Luke's Locator Spell: Caster will see the location in his/her mind.
    • Incantation: ''Permisso Laca Tha Tar.
    • Ingredients:Object belonging to the target, Map
    • Used by: Luke Parker used this spell to find Enzo on Damon's orders. According to Luke, the spell was powerful enough to find anyone in the world, but since Enzo was dead, the spell was unsuccessful.
  • White Oak Stake Locator Spell:
    • Incantation: L'arme filium. Pa kenbe ex oculus. Indi
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson (while possessing Cassie) cast this spell for Francesca Correa to find the location of the White Oak Stake. She drew a triangular symbol in some salt and also utilized a number of stones in this spell. The spell would seemingly work psychically as there was no map involved, and since Cassie had her eyes closed.
  • Davina's Locator Charm:
    • Used by: Davina Claire mentioned to Kaleb that when she resurrected the Original Vampire, she made sure that she would always know his location.
  • To Find a Person's Remains: Wind will blow only at the location.
    • Incantation: Soeurs et freres, mwen rele sou nou. Mennen me sa me chache.
    • Ingredients: None
    • Used by: Sophie Deveraux used this spell to find the hidden remains of the witch Celeste Dubois.
  • Traveler Locator Spell: 
    • Incantation: Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti.
    • Ingredients: None
    • Used by: A spell used by Markos and the Travelers to discover the location of the doppelgangers.
  • Expression Locator Spell: The witch is able to find anyone anywhere simply by focusing. Two versions are known to exist. The first is done by dropping a possession of the target's into a fire which will then produce a path of flame and wind leading towards them. The second, more advanced version, is done without even having any of the target's possession.
    • Requirements: Expression, Possession of the target's (may not be necessary)
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett, it was used for first time to find Shane on the island and the second, to find Silas at the caves.
  • Qetsiyah's Locator Spell: A powerful locator spell which allows the caster to receive visions of the object's/person's location.
    • Incantation: Vitto Brosche Tarem Car Manifesto Fen.
    • Ingredients/Requirement: Qetsiyah's Talisman
    • Used by: Used by Qetsiyah, enhanced by the power of her Talisman, with Traditional Magic to find the location of her mystical Anchor. 
  • Object Locator Spell: A powerful spell used to find missing objects by receiving a vision of the target. It acts like a reverse locator spell as the witch use's the connection from the previous owner of the object to find it. When enacted, the object in question gets charged with magic and may have a number of effects when touched (Burning the current holder / Producing sparks etc.).
    • Incantation: Anta Cotis Syrum, Anta Cotis Syrum.
    • Requirements: Previous possessor of the object.
    • Used by: Gloria to help Klaus in finding the location of a Necklace using Rebekah as a connection.
  • Locator Spell:​ Caster will receive a vision of the object's/person's location.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Sequitas Sanguinem.
    • Ingredients/Requirement: Map, Object belonging to target.
    • Used by: Liv Parker learned this spell in the first grade, using it twice. Once to locate Jeremy Gilbert, and another to locate Elena Gilbert.

Boundary Spells

Boundary spells allow witches to trap someone or something in a certain place or space during a certain amount of time, or prevent them from entering a location. Several Boundary Spells are linked to astrological events such as moon phases or solar phases.

  • Fire Boundary Spell: The spell allows the witch to trap individuals within a circle of fire. They would be unable to escape, and any attempt to do so would cause a surge in the fire's intensity.
    • Requirements: Subjects, Fire
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: Greta Martin used this spell during the Sacrifice Ritual to keep the intended sacrifices (Jenna Sommers, Elena Gilbert and Jules) trapped during the blood sacrifice.
  • Boundary Reversing Spell: The spell allows a witch to undo a barrier spell, however if the barrier spell is bound to a powerful object, reversing it would be impossible without the binding agent.
    • Requirements: Two or more witches
    • Incantation: Singuinata Venet a Superem
    • Used by: Davina and Kol attempted this spell in order to reverse Finn's boundary spell, however, they were unsuccessful.
  • Boundary Spell (Sacrificial): A powerful spell that can trap dozens of people inside of a building. If touched, the boundary will severely burn the person trying to pass through. The spell has to be bound to an incredibly powerful sacrifice, something long-lived and indestructible, such as an original vampire.
    • Requirements: Powerful sacrifice as a binding agent
    • Incantation: None
    • Used by: Finn used the spell in order to trap the werewolves and the vampires inside of the Abattoir by binding the spell to Mikael, an original vampire.
  • Boundary Manipulating Spell: The spell allows a witch to manipulate the effects of a boundary spell placed by another witch. It can allow the witch to turn around the boundary's effects, for example, a spell that is supposed to keep people out will keep people trapped inside of a certain location.
    • Requirements: Binding agent of the boundary spell
    • Incantation: Aven safa sa belise, de la mer...
    • Used by: One of Klaus' witch allies used this spell to turn Mary-Alice's spell against her & Astrid by trapping them in the dowager's mansion.
  • Mary-Alice's Boundary Spell: The spell will be bound to an object that is supposed to be pinned down on a gate surrounding the location.
    • Requirements: Object as a binding agent
    • Used by: Mary-Alice used this spell to prevent anyone from entering the dowager's house by sticking a doll's head onto the gate.
  • Sacred Ground Sealing Spell:  The spell functions by closing off a certain to location to all vampires. The only way they could enter was through an invitation by the witch who cast the spell. The spell remained in effect even after Jane-Anne's death, however, after Sophie's death, the spell was lifted, implying that it was bound to Sophie's life.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: Sophie and Jane-Anne Deveraux. The Deveraux sisters used this spell shortly following their first attempt at the Harvest in order to seal of the cemetery from the Vampires.
  • Lunar Boundary Spell: The spell will be bound to the moon and will last until the next moonrise.
    • Requirements: Moon as a binding agent
    • Used by: Celeste used this spell in order to trap the Originals inside of the City of the Dead. Genevieve later used a similar spell to trap Kieran inside of the attic of St. Anne's.
  • Expression Lunar Boundary Spell: A witch is able to close off an open space by erecting an invisible barrier simply through focusing. The target will be trapped inside of a certain location. The spell is bound to the new moon, therefore, it will wear off in 3-4 days.
    • Requirements: Expression, New Moon
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell in order to trap Klaus Mikaelson inside the Gilbert living room after Elena & Jeremy killed his brother Kol.
  • Sun-Bound Isolation Spell: The spell is bound to the sun, therefore, the targets will be trapped inside of a certain location until sun-down that day.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Sun as a binding agent
    • Used by: Silas used this spell in order to trap Stefan & Qetsiyah inside of her cabin so that he could find the Anchor first.
  • Qetsiyah's Imprisoning Spell: The enchanted vines will keep the target in place. The vines can't be broken by anyone until the witch who cast the spell reverses it.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Ingredients: Vines
    • Used by: Qetsiyah used this spell in order to subdue Stefan so that she could link him & his doppelganger Silas.
  • Esther's Boundary Spell: The powder sprinkled in front of the target will prohibit them from coming near the witch who cast the spell.
    • Incantation: None
    • Ingredients: unknown Powder
    • Used by: The Original Witch, Esther Mikaelson has used this spell to protect herself from her children.
  • Boundary Counter Spell: This spell is used to reverse a boundary spell.
    • Incantation: Merabas Hic Libatal, Confremun Signas. Omus Quisa Tentum Exalis, Merabas Hic LibatalConfremun Signas. Omus Quisa Tentum Exalis.
    • Ingredients: 6 candles
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell under Klaus' command in order to reverse the boundary spell performed by Esther around Mystic Falls High.
  • Tomb Spell: A spell that prevents a vampire from exiting outside of a tomb located beneath Fell’s Church.
    • Used by: Emily Bennett. Shelia & Bonnie Bennett
  • Tomb Counter Spell: A spell that is able to reverse the effects of the Tomb Spell.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Salves Nas Ex Malon, Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, Et Vasa Quo Ero Signos.
    • Used by: Sheila & Bonnie Bennett

Cloaking Spells & Illusions

These kinds of spells allow witches to to do one or both of two different things. The first is to physically cloak a being, location, or object, making it undetectable to the senses. The second is to render a being, location, or object, undetectable by a locator spell, making it so that magic cannot track them.

  • Joshua Parker's Cloaking Spell: The spell allows a witch to cloak themselves & certain locations completely, though it's magic can easily be broken by another witch's magic.
    • Incantation: Invisique.
    • Used by: Joshua Parker used this spell to cloak his house and later to render himself invisible.
  • Disillusionment Spell: The spell allows a witch to counter cloaking spells. Revealing magically hidden objects.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Oculacs
    • Used by: Malachai Parker
  • Gemini Cloaking Spell: A spell used to shield oneself from a locator spell and disrupts visions trying to pinpoint their location. It can also be used on a group of people so long as they stay in a reasonably close approximation to the witch casting it.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: A ring of candles, Salt & Iron powder
    • Direction: An intricate pattern is drawn within the ring using the salt & iron powder. After which, the witch steps into the center of the circle and enters a trance state.
    • Used by: Hazel to hide Tom Avery from the Travelers. Luke Parker to hide Elena and Stefan from the Travelers.
  • Liv's Privacy Spell: The spell works by sprinkling a handful of salt into a lighted candle. As long as the candle is lit, no one, including vampires & hybrids will be able to hear anything. Instead, all they will hear is sizzling sound.
    • Incantation: None
    • Ingredients: A lit candle, Salt
    • Used by: Liv Parker used this spell in order to keep Tyler from listening in on her & Jeremy's conversation.
  • Esther's Privacy Spell: As long as the sage burns, no one will be able to overhear anything from the room in which it burns
    • Ingredients: Burning sage
    • Used by: Esther used this spell in order to keep her children from overhearing her & Elena's conversation. Bonnie later tried the same spell but was unable to perform it.
  • Cloaking Spell: The spell will cloak several people so that the location seems empty to anyone outside as long as the witches continue chanting.
    • Davina's Incantation:...keschede sede ni canun keschede senu ni...,
    • Kaleb's Incantation:...excede canun infenun da ba nunc ca nun,senon canu ni...
    • Requirements: Two or more witches are required, lit candles.
    • Used by: Davina and Kol/Kaleb used this spell in order to cloak themselves & Mikael from Klaus.

Curses & Hexes

Powerful spells that cause either harm or damage to fall upon a victim. To work, most of them require a physical contact with the target of the spell or with an object owned by it or a part of his/her body such as nails, hairs or blood. Several are ritualistic in nature.

  • Death-Inducing Spell: This spell is performed by drawing power from the candles and using it to boil the belonging of the spell's target into liquid. The spell takes effect immediately, causing the victim to throw up blood, have painful aneurisms. One of the signs that the victim is under this curse are their blood-shot eyes.
    • Incantation: Phesmatos incendere ad pulvox. 
    • Ingredients: A target's personal belonging, Several candles
    • Used by: Joshua Parker performed this spell on his own daughter Josette, deciding to sacrifice her for the well-being of his coven. The spell's effects however were undone by Elena's blood
  • The Travelers' CurseAn extremely powerful curse, performed 2000 years ago on a coven of powerful witches - now known as Travelers - in order to restrict their power massively and keep them from ever settling down as a tribe by turning nature against them. The curse worked by ensuring that should the Travelers ever settle down somewhere, natural disasters would ensue.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: A coven of powerful & ancient witches 2 millenniums ago.
  • Werewolf Moon Curse: An extremely powerful spell that could force werewolves to stay in their wolf form except on full moons.
    • Used by: Celeste DuBois ( while in the possession of Brynne Deveraux) performed this spell at Marcel's request on the werewolf pack of New Orleans, which kept them cursed for more than 2 decades.
  • Insanity Hex: A curse invoked by tracing a symbol on the victim's hand while using the power of a cursed rosary, used to induce madness. The spell will drive the victim insane to a point where they become violent and kill. If a Hex like this is allowed to set in for too long, it can no longer be reversed. It is explained that hexes like this begin with magic, but after a while they alter the very chemistry of the brain, making them irreversible.
    • Incantation: 
      • Bastiana's Incantation: Torsion fou mort de l'espirit.
      • Agnes' Incantation: Deja fou.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Physical contact, The cursed rosary
    • Used by: This spell was performed by two elders, Bastianna and Agnes on two priests, Kieran and his nephew Sean respectively, in order to drive them to madness and eventually suicide.
  • Poppet Death Curse: The spell is performed by stabbing a poppet with a needle while chanting. The victim will experience cold chills, weakness, vomiting blood and then unconsciousness. The victim will eventually die in a span of two days.
    • Incantation: Purger l'interieur, éteindre la lumiere dans cette font.
    • Ingredients: A poppet, Needle
    • Used by: Monique used this spell on Hayley in an attempt to kill her baby on the request of the Ancestors.
  • The Hybrid CurseThe spell will suppress a hybrid's werewolf side. It works by channeling the power of the full moon into a moonstone while using the blood of a doppelganger as a binding agent.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Full moon, Moonstone, A doppelganger's blood as a binding agent, Salt
    • Used by: Esther, the Original Witch performed this spell upon her son at her husband Mikael's command, in order to suppress Klaus' werewolf side and keep him from becoming a true hybrid, as nature found such a being too powerful to exist.

Possession Spells

These spells allow witches to possess living bodies or to exorcise them. It's unknown how the host feels during the possession, though evidence provided indicates that they go into a sleep state, unaware of what is happening.. If the body dies, the host will die too while the spirit of the possessor can jump into another body as proven by the witch Celeste DuBois. However, some skilled witches can leave their host's bodies unharmed.

  • Esther's Spirit Transference Spell: The spell will be locked in the moment the hourglass is turned over. When the sand finally falls down, the target's soul will be "ripped" out of their body and placed into the body prepared through a vessel preparing spell below.
    • Directions: An egg-like shape is placed in the center of an altar and the hourglass is placed next to it. Turning over the hourglass will bind the spell & make it irreversible, though it can be counter-acted by the spell below.
    • Used By: Esther used this spell in order to place Rebekah's soul into Camile's body. However, Davina counter-acted her spell, therefore Rebekah's soul was instead sent to the body of an imprisoned witch, whose body was prepared by Kol.
  • Possession Counter-Acting Spell: A spell that has to be performed at the exact moment as the possession spell that it's counter-acting. The spell works by linking two hourglasses, one of the possession spell and the other of it's counter spell, therefore turned in reverse. Both the body of the vessel and the possessor will tremble violently, which will repel the spirit of the possessor from the vessel's body, sending it to another prepared vessel.
    • Incantation: Scen ta Lum ves Victa per Vatis Imparret.
    • Used By: Davina performed this spell to counter-act Esther's magic in order to protect Camile as well as to keep Esther from body jumping.
  • Protection Against Possession: A spell that is able to protect someone from being possessed by another spirit. It is performed by dipping the doll representing the target into an unknown mixture in a cauldron, placed in a circle of salt, with yellow flowers and herbs scattered around, possibly as a power source.
    • Incantation: 
      • Kol's Incantation: Pwoteje sa. Scandalum subsisto... subsisto venenatis. Impedit l'ecoulement.
      • Davina's Incantation: Se pa toi... Subsisto... Inquia l'ecoulement.
    • Used By: Davina and Kol performed this spell in order to protect Camile against Esther's magic.
  • Possession Counter Spell: A spell that is able to reverse the effects of the Possession Spell. 
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Uenes Phasmatos Et Somnos. Ex Totum Ex Um Maleo Matos.
  • Possession Spell: A spell that is able to possess a person with the soul of someone else.
    • Incantation: Somno Ritum Per Dax Ritum.
  • Vessel Preparing Spell: An ancient spell that is used to prepare another body to act as a host for a certain spirit. The byproduct of the spell is a vertical line of large pin-like pricks on the back.
    • Incantation: Carama Say, Au...
    • Ingredients/Requirements: A handful of herbs, The host
    • Used by: Esther commonly uses this spell in order to choose the next body for herself. She also used the same spell to prepare new bodies for all of her children.
  • Passenger Spell: Used by the Travelers, in order to become a Passenger in someone else's body.
    • Incantation: Jaryakat a zem. Daryeet acza.
    • Ingredients: Physical contact with the target
    • Used by: First seen used by Gregor to jump into Matt's body. Several Travelers in order to possess citizens of Mystic Falls. Katherine, using Traveler magic, onto Elena, in order to become a Passenger in Elena's body.
  • Permanent Passenger Control Spell: A spell that grants a Passenger complete control over their host's body. It is performed by burning the Passenger's original body while chanting.
    • Incantation: Dumi Porvo Vesthat Domo Etha Ani Oio Thomo.
    • Ingredients: The original body of the passenger
    • Used by: Mia in order to give Katherine complete control over Elena's body. Maria also used the same spell with various other Travelers in order to grant her husband Julian complete control over his host's body.
  • Celeste's Possession Spell: A spell that allows the spirit of a deceased witch to jump from body to body.
    • Requirements: Death of the witch's current host
    • Used by: Celeste has used this spell for over 200 years in order to possess several female New Orleans witches. Every time she would grow bored and seek a new body, she would drown her current host in the Mississippi.
  • Bonnie's Spirit Transference Spell: A powerful spell that allows the witch to place the spirit of a person into the body of another. It is considered dark magic.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Radamis Phasmatos Ex Sonos. Resustamen Ex Veram Vatas. Radamis Phasmatos Ex Sonos.
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell on Klaus Mikaelson by placing him into Tyler's body, in order to keep his bloodline alive. She later on used the same spell to return Klaus to his own body. Esther used a similar spell to place Rebekah's soul into the body of another.
  • Esther's Possession Spell: A possession spell that allows the witch to possess another body, either from the living or from the dead. The spell is stronger than most possession spells, seeing as it allows the possessor witch to leave their host and enter another body, without the need to kill their previous host first.
    • Used by: Esther used this spell several times. She used it for the first time in order to possess her daughter Rebekah. She later on returned to her body. Upon the resurrection of the fourth Harvest girl, Cassie, it was revealed that Esther instead possessed her body. She eventually left Cassie's body and possessed another witch, Lenore.
  • Soul Branding Ritual: A ritual used to reveal if a person is being possessed by said branded spirit. In order to brand a certain person's soul, the spell requires an item blessed by the witch in question, such as a talisman and the sacrifice of a python. After the spell is completed, a distinct mark will appear on the back of the hand of whoever is inhabited by the marked spirit. The spell is rooted in dark sacrificial magic.
    • Incantation: Le vu ut em bu l'espirit la vu sa.
    • Ingredients: Item blessed by the witch in question, Sacrifice of a python
    • Used by: Lenore performed this spell on the spirit of Esther Mikaelson, in order to reveal who she will possess next.
  • Possession Counter Spell: A spell that is able to reverse the effects of the Possession Spell.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Uenes Phasmatos Et Somnos. Ex Totum Ex Um Maleo Matos.
    • Used by:

Spells of The Other Side

These spells are connected to The Other Side and allow a witch to raise, break or close the veil that separates the living from the dead.

  • Anchor Transference Ritual: The ceremony will successfully replace the current anchor of the supernatural purgatory with another person. If the next anchor is a spirit of a deceased, they will be given a foothold in the living plane, though they will remain dead, thus giving the deceased spirit the ability to interact with both planes of existence. The spell requires a source of massive power.
    • Incantation: Im A Pran Khos Suptia Jhem Ai Pada Khe Rassatam. Im A Pran Khos Suptia Jhem Ai Pada Khe Rassatam. Im A Pran Khos Suptia Jhem Ai Pada Khe Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Massive source of power - celestial events, doppelgangers, personal belonging of the next anchor
    • Used by: Qetsiyah performed this ritual to replace Amara, a former immortal and the original Anchor to the Other Side, with Bonnie, a ghost.
  • Lowering the Veil: The spell lowers the veil between the living world and the supernatural purgatory, allowing all of the dead to interact with the living. The spell can only be performed by the descendants of the witch Qetsiyah (the creator of the Other Side) - the Bennett witches.
    • Directions: A Bennett witch must reach a great focus of magic and draw strength from a large power source, such as a completed expression triangle. Then, she must draw on the power of a full moon or an equivalent of one such as Silas' tombstone - as it is filled with Qetsiyah's calcified blood. Such combination of power will allow the witch to lower the veil. The witch can also decide if they are going to lower the veil in the entire world or only in a specific location.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: A Bennett witch, Large amount of power, Silas' tombstone - Qetsiyah's calcified blood/Full Moon
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell in order to lower the veil within the expression triangle, in order to contact her ancient ancestor Qetsiyah.
  • Banishing Spell: A spell that is able to remove the presence of an unwanted person or spirit.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Redux Redismo Sus Terra.
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett
  • Manifestation Spell: A spell that is able to reveal the presence of a ghost to the living also known as veil matter.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Obscuram, Ex Luces Estnes Qua Umbres. Natus Ignavum Evitem. Phasmatos Obscuram, Ex Luces Estnes Qua Umbres.
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett

Resurrection Spells

These spells allow the witch to resurrect dead beings, as well as practice forms of spells related to death, either to avoid it or undo it. Since these spells violate the Natural Order of life and death, they often require a sacrifice as to give a life in exchange for that resuscitated. These kinds of spells can be performed by only the most powerful amongst witches, even then with consequences most of the time.

  • Bonnie's Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to raise a person from the dead. However, the person who is brought back from death will be cursed with the ability to see ghosts on the Other Side as a consequence.
    • Incantation: Victas Phesmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phesmatis Ut Victas. Victas Phesmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phesmatis Ut Victas.
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett used this spell to resurrect Jeremy Gilbert after he had been shot by Liz Forbes. Initially the Spirits denied Bonnie the power for spell, her ancestor, Emily Bennett, eventually gave her the power and Jeremy was revived.
  • Power Combination Resurrection Spell: An incantation that combines the powerful magical forces of the Spirits, Darkness, and Expression in order to resurrect a person.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Ravenus On Animum. Phasmatos Ravenus On Animum. Phasmatos Raverus On Animum.
    • Requirements: Expression, Spirit Magic, Dark Magic
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett used this spell in an attempt to resurrect Jeremy Gilbert but as a result of being overwhelmed by all of the opposing energies she channeled, Bonnie died in the process, however the spell proved to be a success.
  • To Pass Through the Anchor: A spell that allows passage from the Other Side (via the Anchor to the Other Side) to the physical plane.
    • Incantation: Ohto Eestanay As Vazat Esvet Ohnaz Eespalit
    • Directions: Because of the massive power needed to perform the spell, the Travelers channeled the magical power of blood of the last two surviving doppelgangers.
    • Used by: The Travelers used this spell to resurrect their leader, Markos. They performed a mass sacrifice with dozens of members offering their life so that Bonnie (as the Anchor to the Other Side) would be overwhelmed and Markos could push his way through to the world of living. Liv Parker also used this spell although she did not use doppelganger blood for strength and was greatly weakened while performing the spell.
  • Davina's Resurrection Spell: An extremely powerful spell written by Esther a 1000 years ago, used to bring a person back from the dead. The spell gains it's power by a witch channeling the energy of a Nexus Vorti, an event so infrequent that it is almost miraculous.
    • Incantation: La cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. From ash to bone, from bone to flesh, from flesh to life.
    • Directions: The spell calls for the witch to draw a circle on the floor, then form another circle within it with the deceased person's ashes. A Nexus Vorti is supposed to be channeled for power.
    • Used by: The spell was created by Esther, and Davina used this spell to resurrect the Original Vampire, Mikael. Davina also added her own component to the spell (using a dark object) that would give her complete control over Mikael and bind him to her will, forcing him to obey her every command. She also drew power from three other dark objects for support.
  • The Reaping: The final part of the Harvest ritual in which the four sacrificed witches are resurrected by the Elders.
    • Incantation: After the Harvest comes the Reaping. Their sacrifices made and accepted. We call upon our Elders to resurrect their chosen ones.
    • Used by: After sacrificing Davina Claire and finishing the Harvest, Sophie Devereaux used this spell to bring back the four girls sacrificed. However, the spell worked, though not as expected due to Celeste Dubois stealing the power of the Harvest and using it to resurrect three other witches instead. As each witch died again, a Harvest Girl was resurrected in their place.

Protection Spells

These spells provide protection to the user as a sort of insurance. Protection can vary based on the user's requirements however, most protection spells seen thus far have been used against immediate death. It is highly possible protection spells protect the soul and prevents one from truly dying as they are done beforehand in anticipation of danger/immediate death and dying before casting said spell would require a resurrection spell. They can come in the form of enchantments such as a daylight ring's protection against sunlight. Protection spells do come with restrictions such as one use per spell or protection from a specific form of death (burning from sunlight, supernatural death etc.) most likely due to nature's rule that all living beings must die. Thus, it is highly likely that protection spells do not cover natural death(old age).

  • Injury Protection Spell: The spell protects the target (usually a human) from injuries.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: Maddox on Klaus (while possessing Alaric) to resist/endure taking damage from Bonnie who had harnessed the power of 100 witches then.
  • Bonnie's Protection Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch, harnessing the power of 100 witches, to prevent her from permanently dying. Casting said spell allows her to resurrect should she meet certain doom. However, it appears to be a one time deal and have to be cast again should she wish to continue avoiding death.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Power from 100 witches
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett, who had harnessed the power of 100 witches, used this spell before her fight with Klaus when he was possessing Alaric. She ultimately died from overexerting her power only to revive a short while afterwards in a circle of candles.
  • Celeste's Protection Spell: A spell that allows a witch to prevent her from permanently dying. Casting said spell allows her to resurrect should she meet certain doom. However, it appears to be a one time deal and have to be cast again should she wish to continue avoiding death.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: Celeste Dubois (while possessing the witch Sabine Laurent) cast this spell before confronting Davina and Camille at the church. Davina then proceeded to kill her and her group of witches by magically snapping their necks. She revived shortly afterwards without any visible side effects. She was forced to cast it once again by Marcel on Davina to protect her from poisoning. Her speech with Marcel that "they all should have done the same", in addition to the speed at which she cast it on Davina, implies that while requiring to be cast again every death, is a fairly common and easy to prepare spell
  • Expression Protection Spell: The witch can protect anyone from permanent death simply by focusing. It was cast non-verbally by setting beakers of rock salt on fire. With a possession of the target's, the witch connects to them and allows them to resurrect should they meet certain doom . However, it appears to be a one time deal and have to be cast again should she wish to continue avoiding death.
    • Requirements: Rock Salt, Possession of target, Expression
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett, having recently mastered expression, cast this spell onto Shane when he was confronted by Kol using the Necklace that he just gave her and several beakers of salt for fire. The spell was successful in protecting him from drowning and being impaled in the stomach. However, due to Bonnie's inexperience with handling expression, it accidentally linked him with April such that whatever happened to him was also inflicted to her.

Offensive Spells

Like Curses and Hexes, these spells are created to harm somebody only in a more aggressive way.

  • Spell To Intensify A Vampire's Thirst: The spell is rooted in sacrificial magic and allows a witch to increase a vampire's thirst massively, leaving them unable to control their thirst.
    • Requirements: Salt circle, a dead fish as a blood sacrifice
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: Finn performed this spell in order to force the vampires to kill the werewolves by placing a fish's insides inside of a bowl.
  • Pain Inflicting Spell: The spell will cause strong pain & nose bleeds to the victim, enough to subdue & eventually kill them.
    • Kai's Incantation: Phesmatos superous em animi...
    • Olivia's Incantation: Phesmatos Pyrox Morsinus Illum...
    • Used by: Kai performed this spell on Liv, after draining some of her magic.
  • Blood Poisoning Spell: The spell is performed by tapping into dark magic. It allows the witch to poison their own blood, which then successfully incapacitates a vampire as soon as they drink the said witch's blood
    • Incantation: A verte insiguinae, a tor a ver.
    • Directions: The spell is performed by crushing a handful of dried herbs and placing them in a bowl filled with white fluid. The witch then starts to chant, causing the bowl to spin rapidly. When the spell ends, the bowl's contents will be thoroughly mixed into a black, sludgy potion.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Different liquids, assorted Herbs, White, milky-looking fluid in a bowl.
    • Used by: Davina Claire performed this spell when she was preparing for a confrontation with Klaus.
  • Inferno Spell: The spell will invoke violent flames over a certain location & trap the residents inside. The witches light candles and chant over them until torches ignite and the flames are replicated over a home.
    • Incantation: Fumée chaleur vicieux enfermé les vitres la bas.
    • Ingredients: Candles
    • Used by: Celeste, Bastianna and Genevieve performed this spell in order to burn down the Mikaelson plantation.
  • Disempowerment Spell: The spell allows one witch to strip another witch of their power.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Exum Sue, Redem Su Pas Quo.
    • Requirements: Physical contact with the witch
    • Used by: Jonas Martin used this spell as punishment in order to strip Bonnie of her powers.
  • Qetsiyah's Heart-Desiccation Spell: An extremely powerful spell that's stops a heart from working through magic alone. Blood will stop flowing and the body of the target will desiccate.
    • Incantation: A Vita Exahi. Isespotro Adimasero.
    • Requirements: Physical contact with the target's heart.
    • Used by: Qetsiyah performed this spell in order to desiccate Silas. The spell paralyzed him in place, which allowed Qetsiyah to push her hand into his chest & squeeze his heart in order to enact the spell.
  • Petrification Spell: An extremely powerful non-verbal spell enacted through sheer will and focus alone. It petrifies the target rapidly by clotting their blood & turning every bone, muscle and joint into stone. However, the spell as such is bound to the life of the caster.
    • Requirements: Expression, Indomitable Will
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell in order to quickly petrify the Immortal, Silas, & neutralize his mental abilities.
  • Sedation Spell: The spell will successful subdue the targets & knock them unconscious unless the target is too powerful.
    • Incantation: Gadyen nan balans, gadyen nan la foi. Se pou nou fe sa yo dwe fe.
    • Used by: Celeste and three other witches performed this spell on Davina & Camille, though only Camille was subdued as Davina was too powerful, therefore she managed to overpower the witches.
  • Poison Kiss: A simple enchantment enacted by a kiss. It was capable of temporarily incapacitating an Original Vampire.
    • Requirements: Kiss the target
    • Used by: Celeste used this spell in order to temporarily subdue Elijah.
  • Heart Crushing Spell: The victim's heart will be crushed or eventually ripped out from their chest. The process however can be stopped by disturbing the witch who is performing the spell.
    • Incantation: Le specto tre colo ves bestia
    • Used by: Finn Mikaelson used this spell while in possession of a witch named Vincent. He attacked Hayley and if it wasn't for Jackson, Finn would have managed to kill her.
  • Ancestral Pain Infliction Spell: A spell that is similar to the power of pain infliction, though it works on a larger scale, giving the casters the ability to subdue more vampires at a time & even those older ones, commonly more resistant to aneurisms.
    • Incantation: 
      • Genevieve's Incantation: Radiamis.
      • Genevieve's Second Incantation: Vamisa la visia.
      • Bastiana's Incantation: Votre âme, l'ame boa.
    • Used by: Bastianna & Genevieve performed various pain-inflicting spells on several vampires.
  • Ancestral Mass Pain Infliction Spell: The spell commonly allows a witch to inflict pain on dozens of people at the same time, though it requires a massive amount of power, such as the unified ancestral power, charged in one witch.
  • Incantation: Donn moi se la vroh kondu feh aila ra donn toi moi. Donn moi. Salacku tusdeh do. Vala.
  • Used by: Katie performed this spell by absorbing a large amount of ancestral power with Sophie's help. It allowed her to subdue at least a dozen vampires in an attempt to save Thierry.
  • Instability Spell: A spell that charges the personal item of someone with energy so that when it is turned to ash, it will be able to incapacitate a certain person.
    • Incantation: Terra Mora Vantis, Quo Incandis.
    • Ingredients: Personal item of the target
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell in order to help the Salvatore brothers successfully subdue Katherine.
  • Traveler Pain Infliction Spell: A powerful spell used by Travelers to inflict pain and eventually knock out the target.
    • Incantation: Evas Elabuk Estupey.
    • Requirements: A group of Traveler witches
    • Used by: Sloan & the other Travelers used this spell several times, once to subdue Damon & Enzo and later on to do the same to Elena & Stefan.
  • Qetsiyah's Pain Infliction Spell: The spell allows the witch to inflict pain on the victim. Similar to the non-verbal pain infliction power used by most witches but done possibly when one requires it quick but do not have the mental concentration to passively cast it.
    • Incantation: Ah Sha Lana
    • Used by: Qetsiyah used this spell under her breath as Damon was strangling her.
  • Fire Spell: A spell that is able to create fire or ignite flammable objects such as alcohol. It is similar to the passive, non-verbal pyrokinetic power used by most witches.
    • Incantation: Incendia / Phasmatos Incendia (Alternative)
    • Used by: It was first used by Emily Bennett to destroy the Bennett Talisman by igniting a pentagram she drew on the ground. More recently used by Bonnie Bennett when she was trapped in the prison dimension. Used against Kai by igniting a pool of alcohol surrounding him.
  • Telekinesis Spell: A spell to induce telekinesis. It is similar to the passive, non-verbal telekinetic power used by most witches albeit, a stronger, more forceful variation.
    • Incantation: Motus / Phasmatos Motus Robix (Alternative)
    • Used by: Olivia Parker when Tyler came after her, claiming it was rude to leave Jeremy like she did, as well as calling her a "newbie" witch. She then turned around and with a flick of her wrist, pushed Tyler backwards, through the air and onto the ground. The spell also caused all of the tables and chairs to move away from the spot on which Tyler was about land. This was also attempted by Lucas Parker when confronting Jeremy and Tyler before being interrupted. More recently used by Bonnie Bennett when she was stuck at the prison dimension. Used to throw a pickaxe into Kai's heart, lifting and carrying Damon to the teleportation spot.
  • Explosion Spell: The spell violently explodes all of the objects surrounding the target while telekinetically moving them towards the target at the same time.
    • Incantation: Vados!
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell during one of her confrontations with Kai, though the spell only slowed him down for a little while.
  • Chain-Breaking Spell: The spell will break the chains holding the witch.
    • Incantation: Fractos
    • Used by: Josette Parker used this spell in order to unchain herself.
  • Suffocating Spell: The victim's air flow will stop, causing them to suffocate.
    • Incantation: Lihednat Dolchitni.
    • Used by: Maria and two other Travelers on Jeremy
  • Turning blood in acid Spell: The spell will turn the blood of a person into acid.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos navaro pulsus sanguinox
    • Used by: Kai used this spell on Elena, during his practice of magic. However, the first time he knocked her out while the second time, he melted her daylight ring.

Linking Spells

Linking spells are spells that create a magical bond or connection between two or more people. Unlinking spells destroy the magical bond or connection between two or more people. Blood is often used to perform linking spells as it aids in establishing/strengthening the connection between the people that are being bonded together.

  • Expression Linking Spell: The witch can link two people, including themselves in a matter of seconds simply by focusing. The person linked to the witch will not be able to move away or leave the location unless the witch allows them to. However, like any linking spell, whatever happens to one is also inflicted on the other.
    • Requirements: Expression
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell to link herself to Katherine, in order to keep her away from Silas.
  • Qetsiyah's Brain-Linking Spell: A powerful linking spell that connects the mind of a doppelganger to that of their immortal, using the doppelganger's energy in order to fry the immortal's brain and render their mental abilities useless.
    • Incantation: Adatu Khan Leala Ghan Breatvis Shemil.
    • Ingredients: Circle of herbs, The targeted immortal's doppelganger
    • Used by: Qetsiyah performed this spell by channeling the power of the herbs she surrounded herself with in order to connect Stefan to Silas and neutralize his mental abilities.
  • Traveler Brain-Linking Spell: A spell that is able to connect mind of two people (presumably, two doppelgangers) allowing the receiver of the spell to have visions of the target's life.
    • Incantation: Odka na vonas czech nat, misteni!
    • Ingredients: Doppelganger blood, Barrels of fire, Coven of travelers, The target's doppelganger
    • Used by: The Travelers used this spell on Stefan to find the location of most recent Salvatore Doppelganger, Tom Avery. This version appears to be a more crude and weaker variation of Qetsiyah's as it required doppelganger blood and an entire coven of witches
  • The Merge: The Merge is a powerful ritual and a practiced tradition of the Gemini Coven. It works by merging the strength of twin witches. The twin who is naturally stronger absorbs the other twin's magic and the weaker twin dies.
    • Incantation: Sanguinem desimilus... Sanguinem generis fiantus.
    • Ingredients: Celestial event as a source of power / Blood drawn from both witches
    • Used by: Leaders of the Gemini Coven. Lucas and Malakai Parker
  • Lucy's Linking Spell:
  • To Bind One's Life Force to Another: A spell that binds the life energy of one person to that of another person. This allows a person to be revived from death without upsetting Nature's cycle of life and death.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Melan Veras Raddiam Onu Pavadus Ponemus
    • Used by: Emily Bennett used this spell to bind a woman's life force to her child's. The child died, but the mother's life force flowed through which restored her life, but caused the mother to die. Emily's descendant, Bonnie, also performed this spell to bind John Gilbert's life force to Elena Gilbert's so that Elena would come back to life after being sacrificed.
  • Original Linking Ritual: A spell used to link the Original Vampires together so that if one of them were to be killed, the others would die as well in the process.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Inta Grum Vin Callus Amalon Callagius Accodum. Cosom Naben Dox Callagius Amalon Gaeda Callagius. Ceremum Descendium Vinum. Phasmatos Inta Grum Callus. Cosom Naben Dox.)
    • Directions: The spell called for a drop of doppelganger's blood and allowing the Originals consumed it at the same time, they would then be bound together as one.
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson performed this ritual to link all of her children together in an effort to kill them, including Klaus. She laced champagne with Elena Gilbert's blood to create the link between Finn Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Niklaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, and Rebekah Mikaelson.

Unlinking Spells

Spells able to break Linking Spells. Some of them are direct counterspells.

  • Bloodline Unlinking Spell: An extremely powerful spell, or more specifically, a combination of all of Esther's sire bond and linking spells performed in reverse.
    • Incantation: Nemo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem de ista duo. Sanquinatum venetus barkael meh.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Kandahar root as a binding agent, Specific grammatic changes
    • Used by: Davina has created this spell by combining all of Esther's linking & sire bond spells in reverse, though she still hasn't used it.
  • Original Unlinking Spell: The spell will destroy the link between the Original vampires, therefore, the death of one original vampire will not affect the others.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Ex Solves, Exis Pa Unas Animotos. Di Conjunctos, Sol Facto! Phasmatos Devos Male!
    • Ingredients: Candles, Blood of the Originals
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has performed this spell under Klaus' command in order to reverse the link between him & his siblings that his mother had created.
  • Spell of Unknotting: Created by Esther to enact an unlinking spell. The spell involves a sanguinum knot, used as a physical representation of the linking spell in question. Once successfully completed, the knot levitates and unties itself signifying that the linking spell has been broken.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos omnio ligor coldate sangorium...Phasmatos omnio ligata soluto...Phasmatos omnio ligata soluto vingulia cordit.
    • Used By: Esther(Presumably). Davina to unlink Sophie and Hayley.


Invocations are spells & rituals that allow a witch or more to invoke a certain object or being & communicate with them. Such spells are commonly used in order to commune with the dead. However, these kinds of spells can also be used to summon a living person too.

  • Absorbing a Spell's Magic: The spell allows a witch to absorb the magic of a certain spell focused in the earth. However, only spells of a higher level offer the witch actual, or great power, by causing a wind storm.
    • Incantation: Magia tollox de terras. Utera aso utox.
    • Requirements: Physical contact with the earth holding the magic
    • Used by: Kai performed this spell in order to extract all of the Traveler magic from their purifying spell & absorb it, which gave him access to a great amount of power.
  • Magic-Reclamation Spell: The spell will reunite a witch who has relinquished their magic with it by holding the object in which they placed their power, by calling upon the elements of air & fire.
    • Incantation: Lectos espiritox.
    • Ingredients: The object imbued with the witch's magic
    • Used by: Josette has used this spell under Kai's command in order to reunite with her magic.
  • Fertility Spell: An unknown ritual related to fertility.
    • Incantation: In Unum Edito, Dominus Sae Domina. Cuplas Sino Liberos.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: A witch's talisman
    • Used by: Dahlia performed this unknown spell over a fire in her cottage, by holding a necklace and chanting the spell like a prayer.
  • Calling Spell: The spell's true purpose is unknown though it can be assumed it was an invocation of the Ancestors, due to the whispering voices surrounding the witch casting the spell.
    • Incantation: Attendez notre appel.
    • Used by: Monique used this spell while lying in the cemetery.
  • Summoning Spell: The spell will summon a a certain person bound/controlled by the bracelet of obedience.
    • Incantation: Join mwen vennez ça maintenant.
    • Ingredients: The bracelet of obedience.
    • Used by: Davina used this spell in order to summon Mikael to her rescue upon being attacked by a pack of werewolves.
  • Channeling the Ancestors: Different rituals & invocations used to invoke the Ancestral spirits, commune with them & channel their collective power & will.
    • Davina, Monique & Abigail's Spell: This spell is commonly used by the Harvest Girls in order to commune with the Ancestors. Each Harvest Witch will take a different position: one will do a handstand, one will be sprawled/contorted against the wall and the other would be laying on the ground.
      • Incantation: Vie dans des ancêtres, renforcer noblesse. Comme des ancêtres, de coeur noblesse. Décider on de ancêtres, garder noblesse.
    • Genevieve's Spell: This spell allows a witch to commune with the Ancestors & give them a foothold in the physical world, allowing them to successfully interact with it in various ways. It also gives them control over the witch in question.
      • Directions: The spell is performed by crunching a handful of herbs, laying out a witch's personal object and sprinkling salt on the altar. However, more witches can use this spell without any of the formerly mentioned necessities.
      • Incantation:  C'est cette nouveau vie, nouveau âme mélange avec nous.
    • Sophie & Katie's (Ancestral Harnessing) Spell: This spell is used to charge a witch with a large amount of ancestral power & focus it into one or more ancestral witches by invoking the Ancestors.The spell was originally cast in the cemetery where the ancestors are buried, by sprinkling salt on an altar and focusing on her intention.
      • Directions: The witches place several trinkets on a small altar & sprinkle the salt upon it. They then proceed to focus on the ancestral power & absorb it as their Ancestors can be heard.
  • Spirit Harnessing Spell: This spell is used to charge a witch with a large amount of power & focus it into one or more witches by invoking the Spirits.The spell is cast at a site where many witches have met violent deaths. Provided their willingness to grant such power, said witch has to focus on her intention and agree to their terms.
    • Requirements: Site where a number of witches have met with violent deaths.
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett used this spell in order to harness the power of 100 dead witches at the Witch Burial Ground
  • Bird Calling Spell: The spell is performed by waving your hand over a cauldron, causing different sounds to appear. Soon, a small earthquake would ensue and hundreds of birds would come flying, under the control of the witch who invoked them.
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson
  • Defense Spell: A powerful spell primarily that allows the ancestral witches to call on the entire collective power of the Ancestors. However, if death occurs in one of the witches performing the spell, the collective power of the Ancestors will fade.
    • Incantation: La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur.
    • Requirements: Being in the City of the Dead
    • Used by: Monique Deveraux and Abigail used this spell in their confrontation with the Originals & Hayley, which allowed them to easily subdue all of the Originals.
  • Expression-Cleansing Spell: A spell used by a coven of at least 12 witches that invokes the spirits of nature in order to cleanse a witch of Expression. Said witch needs to be a willing party as part of the ritual involves her calling out to the spirits (with the incantation) as well. However, doing so causes a lot of pain as the practice of Expression rejects the spirits.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Viras, Purgal Animum Sous Obscarus. Phasmatos Repallus Tantian, Maltuscanum Anium Par Vas.
    • Requirements: Coven (min. 12) of witches linked as one
    • Used by: The spell was performed by Aja and her coven in an attempt to cleanse Bonnie Bennett of Expression Magic.
  • Seance Spell: A spell used to contact the spirits from the other side. Powerful witches are able to seek out specific spirits and may in turn, be possessed by them. In that respect, a witch acts much like a medium and allows said spirit to interact with the physical plane.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Manex San Diamox, Firowa Diomore. Phasmatos Manex San Adiamox, Firowa Diomore.
    • Requirements: Candles
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett first used it to contact her ancestor, Emily, to inquire about her amulet. She used it once more to contact Emily on request by Stefan to inquire about the cure for a werewolf bite.

Vampirism Spells

  • The Immortality Spell: One of the most powerful spells in history as well as one of the greatest achievements in the history of witchcraft. The spell was created over 2000 years ago, by a gifted young witch named Qetsiyah. Out of love for her fiance, Qetsiyah developed a complex spell that would transcend death in the form of an elixir, meant to be drunk at her and Silas' wedding. As such, the spell was a violation of nature's laws, thus nature ensured a balance to the existence of immortals. It created mortal doppelgangers of the immortals as a balance - a version that can die.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: Qetsiyah was the only witch to use this spell once over the course of history, though how she achieved such a complex spell remains unknown.
  • Vampire Creating Spell: A modified version of Qetsiyah's ancient ritual for immortality. The spell worked ritualistically, trough different methods. Unlike the immortality spell, this ritual instead heightened the physical traits of the body, such as strength and speed. It also made the targets of the spell completely immortal, though they could still be killed by the object called up for immortality - the white oak stake. The other power sources used in the spell also acted as the weaknesses of the newly made vampires, and though these could not kill the vampires created by the spell, it could fatally harm their vampire descendants - non-original vampires. Another trait that Qetsiyah's spell didn't have was the requirement of the targets to die and awaken in transition. By feeding them blood, the ritual would be complete.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Sun - a power source symbolizing life, White Oak Stake - a power source of immortality, Blood
    • Used by: Esther used this spell on her children in order to protect them from the village's werewolves. However, she soon regretted that decision.
  • Original Killing Spell: An extremely powerful spell that is capable of killing an Original Vampire. Because this spell requires a massive amount of power, a witch could risk killing themselves in the process if they aren't too careful.
    • Incantation: Infero Eseri Gratas, Disasustos Vom, Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te! Victamas Veras! Phasmatos Tribum, Niha Sue Exilum, Disasustos Vom, Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te! Levam, Mina Sue Te, Disasustos Vom, Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te! Phasmatos Veras! Fes Matos Tribum, Mas Pro Tes Unum! Victas Ex Melam, Phasmatos Vanem! Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te!
    • Used by: Channeling the energy of 100 witches on the Other Side, Bonnie Bennett used this spell to kill Klaus while he was weakened from breaking the Hybrid Curse.
  • Vampirism Removal Spell: A spell that can reverse the magic of vampirism and turn a vampire back into a human again. This spell was later revealed to be a less-powerful adaptation of a spell designed to use to remove all Non-Traditional Magic from the world.
    • Incantation: Saplaey Aten Cravi Carmossi Estra Nozholi Gesena Zatavit (Aten Cravi Carmossi)
    • Directions: The spell requires the blood of both remaining dopplegängers, mixed together, which possesses properties that can undo a witch's magic.
    • Used by: Markos used this spell on Sloan to make her a witch again after she became a vampire.
  • Power Siphoning Spell: A sacrificial spell that allows a witch to kill and channel the power and strength of a supernatural creature.
    • Incantation: Symbole du masque et de l'ombre, embrase-toi. Embrase-toi
    • Used by: Papa Tunde used this spell to on a large number of vampires, including the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson to fuel his strength. While the spell killed all of the vampires and only provided Tunde a finite amount of power, it did not kill Rebekah since she cannot be killed except by being staked with the White Oak Stake. The spell killed the vampires except Rebekah since she cannot be killed, which provided Tunde with an infinite power source.
  • Heart Stasis Desiccation Spell: A powerful spell that temporarily stops a human heart while an Original Vampire's heart is being stopped so that the Original can be successfully desiccated.
    • Incantation: Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos. Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos. Olo Santire, Dis Et Brav. Ocoros Mecante, Aleora Subsitos.
    • Directions: For the spell to work, it requires a balance amongst the living. To stop a vampire's heart, the witch must stop a human's heart as well. The spell also requires a physical connection to the vampire's bloodstream, such as a vein or artery (anything that is connected to the heart).
    • Used by: Abby Bennett-Wilson used this spell to desiccate Mikael and it nearly drained all of her magic. She later taught this spell to her daughter, Bonnie, to use on Klaus, who suffered no consequences at all upon performing the spell.

Lycanthropy Spells

  • Transformation Pacing Spell: A spell that is able to accelerate or decelerate a werewolf’s transformation.
    • Used by: Davina Claire and Genevieve used this spell to force Klaus to transform. Finn (while possessing the witch Vincent) also used the spell on Klaus and Oliver. Also used by Greta Martin to slow down the transformation of the werewolf Jules, making the pain even more unbearable.
  • Werewolf Weakening Spell: An enchantment meant to suppress the strength and aggression of a werewolf.
    • Incantation: Onon de es Sinj un Ctas,on Gu ol De
    • Used by: Esther on a necklace that she gave to Klaus as a child.
  • Werewolf Moon Curse: A powerful spell that could force werewolves to stay in their wolf form except on full moons.
    • Used by: Celeste Dubois (while possessing the witch Brynne Devereaux) used this spell decades ago on a clan of werewolves under Marcel's orders.
  • Reversing the Crescent Moon Cursed: A counter-spell to the Werewolf Moon Curse that allows the cursed werewolves to return to their human form.
    • Directions: Grind herbs into a liquid paste and targets must consume it the following full moon.  
    • Used by: Celeste Dubois (while possessing the witch Sabine Laurent) used this spell to reverse her curse placed on the Crescent wolves.  


Enchantments are spells that endow an object with supernatural properties or effect the said object in a certain way.

  • Disruption Spell: The spell will neutralize all forms of magic in a certain place exactly for one minute. This includes all forms of spells and magical (cursed) objects.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: A circle of salt, 4 candles
    • Used by: Davina and Kol performed this spell in order to disrupt Finn's boundary spell for a minute.
  • Gold-Creating Spell: The object that the witches are holding will slowly be set on fire. As the flame consumes the object, it will then be made into pure gold. Practice of magic such as this is called Kemiya, an Arabian form of witchcraft.
    • Incantation: E Loke Gae La lidi.
    • Requirements: Physical contact with the object, Two or more witches
    • Used by: Davina Claire and Kol (in possession of Kaleb) performed this spell on a rope which transformed it into gold.
  • Creation of Dark ObjectsSeveral spells fall under this category, enacted through a type of Arabian dark magic known as Kemiya. Such spells allow witches to imbue objects with magical abilities using a precise chemistry of science and spirit.
    • Incantation: Lim Ala dar ala dilj.
    • Ingredients Object in question, Element used as focus for power (Paragon diamond)
    • Used by: Various witches of the French Quarter performed these spells throughout the last two centuries, either to avoid persecution or for help. Some of the objects created are a rosary that drives men to madness, a bracelet that forces obedience and shackles that halt a witch's magic.
  • Destroying an Object: The spell can destroy a certain object by drawing power from the candles & the full moon
    • Incantation: Universa Ruina In Tenebras Ra Damis Infinitum. De Lon Dem Ex Nahal da Six.
    • Ingredients/Requirements: The object in question, Full moon, Dozens of candles
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett and Luka Martin used this spell in order to destroy the moonstone.
  • Destroying the Traveler Knife: A spell used by Markos to destroy the last remaining Passenger-Killing knife by putting it in a fire and casting the spell.
    • 'Incantation:' Evit ni et tempozo
    • Ingredients/Requirements: Fire
    • Used by: Markos
  • Weapon-Binding Spell: An indestructible object can be created through this spell by binding it to a source of strong & protective magic that is long-lasting.
    • Incantation: Vescaram Anta Intacurum, Vescalis Dissendis Divinitum. Ex Tutum Tatum, Dimentum Talos. Dox Toxem, Dox Malum. Dox Divinitum.
    • Ingredients: The object in question, a source of powerful protective magic
    • Used by: Esther used this spell in order to bind the protective magic of the Gilbert ring to the last white oak stake, thus making it indestructible.
  • Dispelling the Bracelet of Obedience: The bracelet cursed by the witches to force obedience will have it's mystical abilities "bleed" out, which will also undo all effects it has on a person.
    • Incantation: Dinti tu e sedo per un dayen un trahen ble doce mozore un frantue e sedo per un trahen, un trahen ble do sedo per.
    • Requirements: Physical contact with the bracelet
    • Used by: Kol (in possession of Kaleb) used his knowledge of dark objects in order to disempower the bracelet of obedience. By doing so, he reversed the binding spell over Mikael, cast by Davina.
  • Neutralizing the White Oak Stake: The original-killing power of the stake will be neutralized for a small amount of time.
    • Incantation: Mwen La bois. Donne mu la bois la bois...
    • Requirements: Two or more witches channeling each other's power for support
    • Used by: Davina and Kol (in possession of Kaleb) performed this spell together in order to temporarily cripple the effects of the White Oak Stake.
  • Object-Mending Spell: The object in question will slowly mend itself as the witch chants the spell. If a witch's concetration is broken, the spell will be undone.
    • Incantation: Venez très connu cendre.
    • Ingredients: The broken object
    • Used by: Davina used this spell as practice on a broken mirror in order to prepare herself to restore the kandhar root.
  • Daylight Rings: An enchantment placed on a piece of jewelry with a Lapis Lazuli gemstone that allows a vampire to be unharmed by the sun. The witch who casts this spell has the power to reverse the spell if he/she chooses.
    • Directions: The spell requires the ring/bracelet/amulet to be bathed in sunlight while the witch casts the spell.
    • Requires: Lapis Lazuli, Sunlight
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson (for her husband and children), Emily Bennett (for Katherine Pierce, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Pearl, Anna, Harper, and Bethanne), Bonnie Bennett (for Caroline Forbes, Abby Bennett-Wilson, and Elena Gilbert), Davina Claire (for Joshua Rosza), Luke Parker (for Alaric Saltzman and Ivy), Lenore (for Gia), and several other witches.
  • Gilbert Device: An enchantment that causes a high-screeching sound capable of incapacitating vampires and werewolves whenever it is activated. This spell can only used once and works for approximately five minutes.
    • Used by: Emily Bennett
  • Gilbert Rings: An enchantment that prevents the permanent death of person killed by a supernatural creature. The spells only works on non-supernatural humans.
    • Used by: Emily Bennett
  • Moonlight Rings: An enchantment that allows a werewolf to control his/her transformation during a full moon as well as access his/her full strength.
    • Incantation: Matere et lunare tua virtus
    • Directions: The spell must be cast when the full moon is at it's apex upon black kyanite stones.
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson created and used the spell a thousand years ago for Ansel, her werewolf lover and Klaus' biological father. A thousand years later, a witch named Genevieve combined the spell with three other spells from (presumably using Ancestral Magic) Esther's grimoire and used it on twelve werewolves. Unlike Esther's spell, Genevieve's spell worked by the rings drawing strength from the Original Hybrid, Klaus, so that whenever one of the werewolves used the ring, it would weaken him.

Communication - Message Spells

A Message Spell is spell that is able to send a message to a certain person through space by burning the message (which contains a couple strands of the intended recepient's hair) over a flame.

  • Message Spell: A spell that causes a message to catch on fire and then be transported to the intended recipient.
    • Incantation: 
      • Bonnie's Incantation: None
      • Genevieve's Incantation: Prend ce message ce au le centre se levant
      • Cassie and Rebekah Incantation: Vain se message sa a le main sur la vain
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett first performed this spell in order to sent a kidnapped Elena a message by igniting the paper. Genevieve used a similar spell in order to bring Mikael to New Orleans by sending him a photo of Klaus and Marcel. Rebekah and Cassie later tried the same spell, so that Rebekah could send her brothers a message, however, before it could take effect, they were stopped.
  • Warning Spell: A spell that allows a witch to send a message or a warning to their target.
    • Directions: The spell must be performed by drawing power from the candle's flames. In order to send a message to the target, a witch must write the symbols with salt. The same symbols will then be carved as a wound into the target's wrist. The spell is bound by a candle's flame, therefore, when that flame is extinguished, the target's wound will dissapear.
    • Used by: Esther Mikaelson used this spell to send a warning to her son, Kol. Later on, she extinguished the candle she used in her spell and Kol's injury healed.

Transportation & Dimension Transcending

  • Chambre De Chasse: An elaborate spell commonly used as a prison where witches bring their targets for mental practice. The spell is based on representational magic, and as such can unravel if the targets are not represented accurately.
    • Incantation: None
    • Ingredients: Representational symbols of the target, a blood-like liquid
    • Used by: Finn used this spell in order to trap his brothers in the astral plane that he could control, in order to figure out their secrets.
  • Esther's bilocation spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to be at two places at once & visit another location. If the witch is powerful enough, they can be conscious at both locations, in both body & soul.
    • Incantation: Apparaitre apparebis.
    • Requirements: Object - binding agent/power source
    • Used by: Esther used this spell in order to find & speak to Mikael in the woods, while her vessel's body was at the cemetery.
  • Leaving the Prison World: A dimension-transcending spell that allows a (Bennett) witch to open a portal between the mortal plane and the prison world by channeling the power of a celestial event, usually an eclipse. Whoever stands in the eclipse's light will then be transported to the mortal plane.
    • Incantation: Sangina Mearma, Ascendarum Cavea.
    • Ingredients: Blood of a Bennett witch, The Ascendant, Celestial event (Eclipse)
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell in order to succesfully teleport Damon to the mortal plane. She later performed the same spell in order to send her magic-infused teddy bear to the mortal plane.
  • Astral Projection: A spell that is able to transport the spiritual body of a person to another area within the world. However, whatever happens to the spiritual body of the witch will be inflicted on their physical form.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Es Tas Sue Sasta Nanse, Transum Viso.Mas Tenas Quisa, Nas Metam.
    • Requires: Another witch to anchor their body
    • Used by: Luka Martin, with the help of his father performed this spell in order to find & undagger Elijah.
  • Travelling to The Other Side: The spell induces death in the witch who is performing the spell, while tethering them to their body. This allows the witch to succesfully enter the Other Side & even bring someone back with them if they are very powerful. The spell however requires the witch to tap into powerful dark magic.
    • Incantation: Phasmatos Tribam, Mihan Veras Ractas, Mas Anima Mal Vita Caturam Hors. Suus Phasmatos Oproctum, E Tiamis Mihan Ractas, Somus Suster Gana. Phasmatos Tribam, Mihan Veras Ractas, Mas Anima Mal Vita, Caturam Hors. Somos Suster Gana, Phasmatos Tribam, Mihan Veras Ractas. Mas Anima Mal Vita, Caturam Hors. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victas, Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victas, Phasmatos Tribum, Mihan Veras Ractas. Mas Anima Mal Vita, Caturam Hors.
    • Requirements: Dark magic
    • Used by: Bonnie Bennett has used this spell in order to pull Elena's spirit from the Other Side & stop her transition into a vampire. However, she was stopped by her Grams before she could help Elena.
  • Banishing Spell: A powerful spell that calls on the power of a celestial event to be focused into an Ascendant in order to banish a person (or more) to a prison dimension.
    • Incantation: Sanguinem filio, sanguinem effurgarex perpetuum. Sanguinem filio, sanguinem effurgarex perpetuum. Phesmatos filio, phesmatos effurgarex perpetuum. 
    • Ingredients: Celestial event, Ascendant
    • Used by: Joshua Parker, a powerful Gemini witch performed this spell on his son during a gathering of his coven by channeling an eclipse.
  • Blood Gathering Spell: A spell used by Davina to gather what was left of Klaus's blood that splattered on a car not too far from the Abattoir. She did this in attempt to save as many vampires as she can from the poison of the werewolf bite, but what she collected was only enough for one vampire.
    • Incantation: Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis, Venez sanguis la force de la bête à moi.

Other Spells

Sacrifice Ritual Spell: Phasmatos Tribum, Salve Sorce Das. Phasmatos Eliximo Nominum, Etrinox Sorce Sotero Callux Oxtara. A spell that is able to remove the Hybrid Curse after the requisite sacrifices have been completed.

Fire Control Spell: Ex Spiritum In Tacullum, En Terrum Incendium, Phasmatos Salves A Distum. A spell that is able to decrease and/or increase the intensity of a fire.

Healing Spell: A spell that is able to heal a person of injury.

Reduction of Pain Spell: Asinta Mulaf Hinto, Sho Bala. A spell that is able to reduce the physical pain of another person.

Paralysis Spell: A spell that is able to absorb the knowledge of another person.

Opening Spell: Phasmatos Siprum, Emnis Abortum, Fasila Quisa Exilum San. A spell that is able to open or to unlock a certain door or object.

Re-Opening Spell: Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras, Et Vasa Quisa, Exu Quisa. Another spell that is able to open or unlock a certain door or object.

Sealing Spell: Sigalis Intransium, Exalis Exalis, Omnas Quisa Operum, Sigalis Intransium, Exalis Exalis. Omnaben Libras, Sigalis Intransium, Exalis Exalis. Omnas Quisa Operum, Exalis Exalis. A spell that is able close or open a certain object.

Hunter-Creating Spell: Phasmatos Sintu Corpora, E It A Rero, Quest Ero Immortalis. Phasmatos, Victoris, E Insipio Exu Ne Moris. Sintasia Sintu Corpora, Quest Ero Immortalis. An incantation performed by a witch in the 12th Century which created The Brotherhood of the Five by binding them by fire.

Pregnancy Identification Spell: a spell used to identify if another is in fact pregnant. Jane-Anne used it to figure out if Hayley was in fact pregnant with the child of Niklaus. The witch uses salt to make special symbols on an altar and lights candles around the area while humming in order to gain confirmation. It was also used to bind Sophie to Hayley in order to control hers and the baby's life.

Harvest Hijacking Spell: Sacré sang du père. Sacré coeur de la mer. Donnez-moi, donnez-moi'. A powerful spell used by Celeste to hijack the immense magical power of the Harvest ritual in order to resurrect three powerful witches.

Vision Removal Spell: Uvon Nispoceh Vi Cristine Kuzlo Chelos Bih(te). A spell used by Travelers to reverse a spell that caused a repeating circle of connected visions in the last remaining doppelgängers, Stefan and Elena. The original curse was intended to ensure that the two doppelgängers would always find each other, but Markos eventually performed the removal spell, with the help of his fellow Travelers, to prove to Damon that they weren't enemies.

Doppelganger Prophecy Spell: An ancient spell performed over 1,500 years ago in the 5th century by the leader of the Travelers, Markos, in order to draw the doppelgangers together. As a result, the "doppelganger prophecy" was created, which caused a mystical attraction between the Petrova and the Salvatore doppelgängers in the proceeding centuries. The spell's true purpose was to help the Travelers easily locate dopplegangers, by making each of the doppelgängers in history drawn to each other.

Flower Revival Spell: Belle la vie a cette fleur, maintentant. A spell used by Monique, Abigal, and Davina to revive flowers at the lycée.

Nature Spell: Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras. Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras. A spell that is able to enhance and accelerate the growth of a flower or plant.

Plant Revial Spell: Phasmatos Tribum, Plantus Vivifey, Plantus Herbus. A spell used by Jo in an unsuccessful attempt to revive a dead plant at the hospital.

Silas' Halting Spell: (Incantation Unknown) Silas used this spell to stop Qetsiyah's anchor transference ritual. It stopped the flow of her magic which she immediately felt, while at the same time causing strong winds to blow throughout the house. Eventually, the spell caused a power outage, much to everyone's dismay.

Luke's Halting Spell: (Incantation: Phesmatos Fumos Extas) Luke used this spell to neutralize Liv's magic which in turn stopped her spell to overwhelm the anchor, therefore, Damon could not come back from the dead.

Mind Mending Spell: It was an ancient spell commonly used by Esther upon Mikael's return from his battles.In order to mend his mind,she would create two claw-like symbols on his neck and use the rare Marelok orchid to put him to sleep. Later on, through the use of the same herbs, she would awaken him and his mind would be soothed. She performed the same spell on Elijah a 1000 years later.

The Magic Purification Spell:

The spell will start with dozens of bodies inhabited by the Travelers as they all, through in ingestion of the combined doppelgänger blood, start chanting. As they chant, their human vessels slowly die from blood loss. As the spell begins to spread, all existing forms of spirit magic will be stripped away, layer by layer, together with all other forms of magic deemed unnatural by the Travelers. This process will continue until all forms of magic have been reversed completely. The effects of the spell will be:

  1. Vampire Extinction: Due to vampires being a creation of dark magic, they will slowly start as though they're dying from the same mode of death that they experienced as humans. They also begin to slowly lose their vampiric abilities, such as fangs. Finally, if they don't manage to get out of the spell's range, they will become fully human and once again die the same way they died as humans.
  2. Hybrid Extinction: Considering hybrids too are creations of dark magic, they will slowly start feeling their human deaths, first losing their vampiric abilities, and then their triggered-werewolf abilities. They then shortly revert to being an untriggered werewolf right before they die in the same manner that they died before becoming a hybrid.
  3. Purification of Magic: As the Travelers deem all magic besides their own (traditional magic and Traveler magic) impure and unbalanced, the spell they are performing will, as it slowly spreads, neutralize all "impure" forms of witchcraft. This will then disempower all witches over the world who solely practice non-traditional/pure forms of magic.
  4. Undoing of The Travelers' Curse: 2,000 years ago, Travelers were a powerful coven of witches cursed into a nomadic lifestyle as well as being blocked from practicing traditional magic. Their goal is to break the curse. The only way to break the curse on them is to use the combined doppelgänger blood to reverse all spirit magic, will lift their two-millennium old curse and restore their access to traditional magic with the intention of one again becoming the powerful witches they were 2,000 years ago. Since the spell in question will disempower witches who use "impure" forms of magic, it is possible, should the Travelers succeed with their plan, the Travelers will be the only witches left. Though, it is possible that all witches could return to using traditional magic again, once their own preferred source of magic is destroyed..
  5. Possible Extinction of Witches and Non-Traditional Magic: Since the spell "purifies" magic by eliminating any non-traditional form of magic, there is a strong possibility that removing their curse will leave almost every witch in the world powerless, due to the fact that most modern witches predominately use spirit magic or other non-traditional magic sources, since traditional magic has many limits and can easily be overused. However, it's possible that disempowered witches would still have access to traditional magic, should they desire to use it.

Incantation: Zah Pet Par Veet Eezol Ehmit Pro Kleh Et Tee.


  • The primary language all spells are spoken in seem to be Latin, or something similar to the language. However, witches have been known to cast spells in other languages, such as French and Czech.
  • Most spells invoke the Spirits through the Latin incantation of "Phasmatos Tribum", which translates to "Ghost Tribe" - a reference to the Spirits themselves.
  • Expression doesn't require verbal spells for a witch to use, as it's already pre-existing powers simply needing to be tapped into.
    • The only exception to this is when Expression is combined with other forms of magic that require verbal spells.
  • It has been shown and proven that powerful spells are bound to something even more powerful e.g. the moon, a comet, a doppelgänger.

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