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Sophie Deveraux
Biographical information
  • c. 1989 (Age 21/22)
  • Female
Family information
Family Members
  • Brynne Deveraux (Ancestor) †
  • Stephanie Laveau (Ancestor) †
  • Frederick Deveraux (Ancestor) †
  • Unknown Father
  • Unknown Mother
  • Jane-Anne Deveraux (Older Sister) †
  • Monique Deveraux (Niece)
Supernatural information
Significant spells
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Blood loss
Killed by
Played by
First seen
Last seen
I lost my faith. Then I realized that if I didn't believe, I would be letting you down. I tried to get it back. I tried.
— Sophie to Monique in Crescent City

Sophie Deveraux was a witch, a former antagonist and a main character of The Originals. In the past, she was a light-hearted girl who enjoyed partying and didn't care much for witchcraft. However, 8 months before the start of the series, she watched her niece, Monique Deveraux, die in The Harvest, a sacrificial ritual that allows the witches in New Orleans to draw power from their ancestors. After that, she became more serious, obsessed with the goal of killing Davina so she can complete the ritual and bring her niece back from the dead. Sophie has made it clear that she will do whatever it takes to reach her goal, which makes her dangerous to have as an enemy.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Sophie, through the Mikaelson's help, became an Elder and unknowingly performed the ritual that allowed Celeste DuBois to bring back to life 3 deceased powerful witches.

In Crescent City, Sophie is killed by her niece, Monique Deveraux for not believing in The Harvest.

Sophie is a member of the Deveraux Family.


Early Life

Sophie had a strict upbringing and left to see the world when she was twenty-one. She eventually returned to work at Rousseau's as she wanted to become a chef, and began a casual relationship with Marcel. She was told about the Harvest but harbored disbelief and confided in Marcel, unaware that he already had an agenda to prevent it. She attempted to stop the ritual, but could only look on helplessly as she watched her niece, Monique, be sacrificed, and Davina taken away by Marcel, but not before she witnessed Davina receiving the witch power of the 3 sacrificed girls. Sophie then promised to help Jane-Anne get Davina back so that they could complete the ritual, believing that it would bring Monique back. Marcel then enforced a law banning the practice of magic in the French Quarter.  Sophie went on to become a chef at the Rousseau's, working alongside her sister. Months later she became aware of and met Hayley and discovered she was pregnant with Klaus' baby.

The Vampire Diaries

Season Four

Sophie (5)
Sophie tries to talk Jane-Anne out of performing the spell.
QetsiyahAdded by Qetsiyah
In The Originals, Sophie observes her sister, Jane-Anne, interacting with Hayley at the restaurant they both work at in New Orleans. Later, Jane-Anne and Sophie travel to a cemetery where Jane-Anne intends to perform a spell. Sophie is reluctant to allow her sister to do the spell, as witches have been prohibited from using magic by Marcel, but Jane-Anne reassures her and they proceed. While Jane-Anne performs the spell in the cemetery that night, Sophie, and several others, capture Hayley. She keeps Hayley for several days until Klaus and Elijah arrive in New Orleans , whence Sophie reveals, first to Elijah and then to Klaus, that she possesses the supernatural gift for detecting when a girl is pregnant, and that Hayley bears Klaus' child. She also reveals her plan for a witches' revolt against Marcel and the vampires that control the city. Klaus refuses to do as she says, but Sophie insists that because Jane-Anne sacrificed herself rather than reveal their plan to Marcel, Hayley and the child's fates rest with the witches. Once Elijah gets Klaus to agree, she explains that the first step is Marcel accepting Klaus into his inner circle.
Sophie (29)
Sophie explains the plan to Elijah.
QetsiyahAdded by Qetsiyah

She also gives Elijah further instructions: Klaus must do all he can to undermine Marcel's rule but above all else, he must keep him alive. She refuses to tell Elijah why because she doesn't trust him yet. She then agrees to release Hayley to Elijah but promises him that, if Klaus double-crosses them, she would kill her. Elijah also makes her a promise: that if anything happens to Hayley or her unborn child, Elijah will make sure the witches pay.

The Originals

Season One

Sophie (28)
Sophie talk with Klaus
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In Always and Forever, Sophie is with Jane-Anne's body when Marcel arrives to take it away. Sophie refuses to confide why The Originals are back in New Orleans. While she's trying to pay her respects to Jane-Anne she's attacked by vampires but Elijah saves her. He asks what business Jane-Anne had with Klaus. Sophie takes him to Hayley, announcing that she's pregnant with Klaus' child. Sophie also says that she's linked to Hayley so anything that happens to one of them happens to the other. She tells Elijah to get Klaus to agree to their plan to overthrow Marcel. Elijah succeeds and manages to trade the cure for a werewolf's bite for Jane-Anne's body, bringing it back to Sophie.
Klaus and Sophie

In House of the Rising Son, Rebekah arrives in the Quarter looking for Elijah, announcing that he told her all about Sophie. Sophie tells Rebekah about their plans to overthrow Marcel. Rebekah asks Sophie to do a locator spell on Elijah but she refuses due to Marcel's law. Sophie then explains to Rebekah how Marcel rose to power. Rebekah shows Sophie the coffins Klaus has laid aside for his siblings; she also explains his past with Marcel and says that she has reunited father and son instead of achieving her goals.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Sophie makes Katie use her magic to protect Thierry from Marcel so that she can use her magic to find Davina. She's almost successful, but Rebekah stops her when Katie's killed.

Sophie is kidnapped by Agnes

In Sinners and Saints, Sophie is informed by Elijah that the original deal is void. She remembers her past with Marcel and her promise to Jane-Anne that she would find a way to bring Monique back. She cries over her sister's grave.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Agnes kidnaps her and use her link to Hayley as an advantage for the werewolf to miscarry her baby through a high temperance brought on by Dark Magic. While they're still linked together she tries to help Hayley and later they're un-linked by Davina.
The Casket Girls 1
Lady AscotAdded by Lady Ascot

Sophie makes her return in The Casket Girls, and finds out Davina is missing and away from Marcel. Sabine gives Sophie a hairbrush full of Davina's hair and they do a locator's spell to track down Davina. She comes up with a plan to continue the Harvest. Sophie contacts Hayley and promises that she will undo the curse Marcel put on her family if Hayley tells her where Celeste's body is buried. Hayley reveals the area where Sophie soon digs and unravels Celeste's grave.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Sophie comes back to the graveyard with Celeste's bones, noting that whatever Sabine is doing, it smells horrible. As she explained what she did-digging up Celeste's bones to consecrate them, and become an elder- Sabine notes that it is disrespectful, only for Sophie to retort that if it gets her niece back, she doesn't care. However, Elijah arrives and announces that he cares, before telling Sophie to come with him. Once there, the Originals demand to know what is going on with Davina, when an earthquake hits. Immediately recognizing what it meant, she explains that the sheer levels of power within Davina are too much, and are bleeding out of her in the forms of, in order, earth, wind, water, fire. And that, the power will kill Davina, and destroy the entirety of New Orleans.

After the winds start, the Originals have no choice but to go along with the Harvest ritual, in order to save the city. Elijah takes Sophie back to the cemetery, where she attempts to consecrate Celeste's remains, only to find out that whatever power that lay within them has already been taken. Defeated, Sophie has no idea what to do, until Elijah offers a solution in the form of his mother; Esther. Using the fact that the baby is alive, the Originals buy property in the child's name, and the bury their mother in New Orleans' land, connecting their mother to the ancestral power, and her to it.

The Originals act as a conduit, sending the power to Sophie to consecrate, making her an Elder. Then, with earth, wind, and water already done, Marcel comes, carrying Davina with fire trailing after her. Sophie asks Davina if she believes in the harvest, to which Davina replies "yes." Sophie slits Davina's throat, killing her, and causing the power to flow out of Davina. Then, Sophie attempts to finish the ritual by repeatedly calling on the reaping to resurrect the four girls. However, due to someone else secretly taking the power, it did not go to the earth, and the girls do not revive, leaving Sophie devastated thinking that she failed the ritual.

Sophie with Klaus
Drunk Sophie with Klaus
ViplajaAdded by Viplaja

In Dance Back from the Grave, Sophie first appears drunk, with a bottle of liquor in hand, before Klaus, who was investigating a series of murdered vampires in connection to ritualistic marks that had begun cropping up all over the French Quarters. Thinking her Coven to be responsible, he immediately super-speeds and grabs Sophie by the neck. She apparently sobered enough a little while later to help deduce the implications of the marks, and assists Elijah and Hayley at getting pass through the confinement spell that keeps Rebekah part of a sacrificial spell done by Papa Tunde.

In Crescent City, Sophie is first seen when she finds out that Monique is not in her grave and has been resurrected. Reunited with her niece they spend some time together and Monique is asking questions about her mother and if Sophie believed in the harvest ritual. She admits that she lost her faith, but if she realized that if she didn't believe she would have let her down so she tried to get her faith back. Marcel interrupts them and Sophie blames him because she thinks that he is there to threaten them, but Marcel says that he just wants to save the other girls to get Devina back. Monique convinces her that Marcel is there to help them, because he is loyal to Davina. Marcel asks her to locate the witches and Sophie wants to make deal before she helps him. Sophie asks him money to leave the city with Monique, because she hopes that they could escape this witch-vampire war and live normal lives.
Sophie dying
Sophie dying
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When she tries locator spell she realizes that she is weaker than she thought and is able to locate only one of them. Marcel urges her to keep trying but Klaus arrives and takes Monique for his own plans. Sophie and Marcel go after him to get her back and when Klaus is distracted with his fight with him, Sophie gets Papa Tundes blade and pushes it into Klaus' heart. After attacking Klaus she wants to leave New Orleans with Monique, but she doesn't want to go. Monique attacks her and says that she must die because she doesn't have enough faith, she blames her for not completing the harvest and wanting to run away when they should fight. Then Monique kills her and leaves with Sabine, Bastianna and Genevieve.

In Long Way Back From Hell, she is being buried in her family crypt by Monique and a few other witches.


Sophie is described as a leader armed with a sharp tongue and confidence. She is a social force, planting the seeds of a revolution among her peers in the small French Quarter of New Orleans. Her sister Jane-Anne had great confidence in Sophie, stating that she was never wrong. Despite these leadership qualities, Sophie is shown to not be above lying to others to achieve her goals.

In spite of this, she will not hesitate to work with adversaries in order to achieve the greater good.

Physical Appearance


Sophie is a beautiful young woman in her mid 20's, she has a light complexion with dark brown eyes and hair to match, worn in several different styles; pulled up, curled or straight. In The Originals, she is shown to have lighter brown tips in her hair. She has a slim figure, and looks much like her elder sister. She has a visible tattoo; on her right shoulder, although it is unknown the significance or when she got the tattoo. Sophie seems to wear more make-up compared to the other females; she particularly wears black eye-makeup to match her dark eyes and eyebrows. She often wears jewelry such as a necklaces, long pendants and a number of bracelets, large earrings and is usually seen wearing tank tops of different color and style, occasionally seen with cardigans or jackets accompanied by jeans and boots.



  • Sophie is the French variant of the name Sophia, which is derived from the Greek word sophia (σοφία) and means "wisdom".
  • Deveraux is one of many alternate spellings of the French surname Deveraux, which is of Norman origin and means "of Évreux", a town in Normandy, France.


TVD Season 4

TO Season 1


  • When we meet Sophie, she's mired in grief after a devastating loss, but her sadness is overpowered by her anger. Under the rule of a maniacal vampire, New Orleans' witches aren't allowed to practice true magic. but Sophie isn't interested in being helpless anymore. We can expect to see her form a tentative alliance with Elijah, who is focused on keeping his brother, Klaus, in line. [1]
  • She has a special gift of telling when a woman is pregnant. She told Klaus this when explaining how she knew Hayley bore his child.
  • According to Marcel , Sophie's Gumbo is famous.
  • Sophie originally wanted nothing to do with New Orleans Coven. The death of her niece convinced her to take a more active role in the affairs of the witches.
  • Sophie has a 16 year old niece named Monique.
  • At age 21, she traveled the world.
  • It is speculated that Sophie has a bad relationship with her parents.
  • Agnes was present at Sophie's birth.
  • She had been in a sexual relationship with Marcel.
  • Sophie's bloodline put the curse on Hayley's bloodline which keeps them in wolf form.
  • After consecrating Esther's remains she has become an Elder Witch of New Orleans.
  • Sophie, Niklaus, Rebekah and Stefan Salvatore are the only main characters to have permanently killed another main character (Davina, Jenna, Alaric, Vicki and Silas respectably).
  • After finishing the Harvest to get her niece Monique back, she is ironically killed by Monique for her previous lack of faith in the Harvest, with her niece returning from the dead more cold and ruthless under the guidance of witch ancestors that brought her back.
  • She is the second main character to die on The Originals and the 8th main character on The Vampire Diaries & The Originals universe to die.
  • She is the first main character to permanently die on The Originals.




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