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That's exactly what I mean. If Kai gets out, he'll head straight for Jo. His ability to siphon magic will overwhelm Jo, and she will die, and our coven will be left to the whims of a madman.
Joshua Parker to Damon about the dangers of siphoning in Fade Into You


Red glow

Siphoning is a distinct ability of Siphoners and Vampire-Witch Hybrids to absorb magic power from another source other than themselves. A source of magic can come from anything including witches, spells, enchanted objects and even vampire blood.

This ability often requires physical contact and when activated, it gives off a faint red glow.

Notable Users


  • Siphoners are the only type of witches who have the potential to be turned into Vampire-Witch hybrids as they keep their ability to practice magic after being turned into vampires as a result of their Siphoning ability.
    • As hybrids, their vampirism is a constant source of power for them to draw from.
  • Siphoners are capable of healing vampires from werewolf bites by siphoning the magic of the werewolf venom from their bodies.
  • In I Would for You, it is revealed siphoning may have some limits and some magic, such as the Phoenix Sword's ability to cancel out a vampires healing cannot be siphoned, as Valerie tried to stop the mark from killing Stefan when Rayna was dying on her last life, which activated the failsafe of killing any living vampire with the mark.
    • It is therefore, highly likely that since one cannot siphon the lethal magic of the failsafe of Rayna's final death via the swords mark, the magic that makes Original Vampires most likely also cannot be siphoned, thus they cannot kill or cure them.
    • However, this may be linked to the fact that the magic that made the Huntress and Phoenix Sword gave Rayna immunity to magic itself.


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