I have to admit there is a certain amount of peace knowing I'll be one of the only people in Mystic Falls to die an ordinary death. I'm exceptionally ordinary. I'm okay with that. Caroline is anything but. She was meant to be extraordinary. She needs to know how proud I am of her.
Liz to Damon in Stay

Elizabeth "Liz" Forbes was a major recurring character of The Vampire Diaries until her death in Season Six. Liz was the sheriff of Mystic Falls and a member of the Founder's Council. She was the ex-wife of late fellow Founder's Council member Bill Forbes, who came out as being gay, and mother of Caroline. She initially struggled to accept Caroline's identity as a vampire given her prejudices, but in time she learned to love her daughter for who she is.

Liz was a relative to the Forbes Family and a member of the Town Council.

Early life

Liz Forbes was born and raised in Mystic Falls. She is a member of the Founding Families. She went to high school with Miranda Sommers-Gilbert, Abby Bennett Wilson and Kelly Donovan, who she never liked. She also had known Logan Fell since he was six. She, along with the members of the other Founding Families, were raised with the knowledge that vampires existed and that they could return to Mystic Falls any day. Liz was raised to hate vampires, believing they were monsters and that they didn't have any good in them, that all vampires are pure evil. This is proven later on that not all vampires are evil, that some of them still have humanity left in them.

Liz was also once married to Bill Forbes, having their daughter Caroline with him. He later left her, however, after admitting that he was gay.

In May 1994 she met both Damon and Stefan Salvatore at the Salvatore Boarding House for the solar eclipse viewing party being held. Damon was hitting on her even while she was showing him a photo of her baby daughter Caroline. She even asks if he would like to come over to her house to have dinner with her and her husband Bill. When Stefan confronts him he then compels Liz to leave and forget that she ever meet them.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series


Her priority is enforcing the laws of Mystic Falls However, she is oblivious of the other supernatural threats to the town. She had no remorse in torturing Damon when she discovered he was a vampire. She was shocked and recoiled when discovering her daughter was a vampire, and did not want to talk to her until Caroline forced her, but faced with the situation she showed motherly compassion. She has an exact opposite, if not worse, reaction the second time she discovers Stefan, Damon and Caroline's secret and probably planned to kill them. She was shocked to learn about the existence of werewolves and feels conflicted by her duty to the town and the love she has for her daughter. She learns the truth about everything and finally accepts her daughter as a vampire after learning more about the supernatural.

Attitude Toward Vampires

As a member of the Council she is oblivious of the other supernatural threats on the town, she was shocked to learn about the existence of werewolves and feels conflicted by her duty to the town and the love she has for her daughter. She learns the truth about everything and finally accepts her daughter as a vampire after learning more about the supernatural. She also becomes Damon's best friend.


Caroline Forbes

"Ok, go! Before I change my mind and make you stay."
—Liz to Caroline in I Know What You Did Last Summer
Main article: Caroline and Elizabeth
Liz and Caroline.,.

Caroline and Liz

The relationship of Caroline and Liz is not the typical mother-daughter relationship. Caroline has always been distanced from her mother before and after becoming a vampire. At first, when Caroline became a vampire, Liz showed rejection to her but then ended up accepting it. Despite not spending much time together, Liz cares for her and keeps everything in control so that other people wouldn't find out about vampires, especially her daughter. Caroline cares about her mother and it has been suggested that her mother is the most important to her. Their relationship had improved a lot since. After it was revealed that she had cancer, Caroline tried anything to help her mother, even getting her mother to drink her blood in order to turn into a vampire. The plan didn't work out, and Liz decided to make the most of the rest of her life and spend time with Caroline. Her death in Stay leaves Caroline devastated, to the point where she turns her humanity off. In Because Caroline finds out that Liz left her a letter to read, but she has Stefan burn it since her humanity was off. Stefan shows Caroline a memory he had with Liz that forces Caroline's humanity back on.

Damon Salvatore

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Damon and Liz

The relationship between Damon and Sheriff Forbes is friendly. Damon gains Liz's trust during Season 1 and part of Season 2. He pretends to help her track down and kill the vampires in Mystic Fall to cover up his tracks and make sure they don't suspect that he and his brother are vampires. Damon and Liz became good friends and Liz has even called Damon her "closest ally". Liz has come to terms with Damon's vampire nature and accepts him, although she's still not too keen on vampires as a whole. She trusts him and he is always there to help her. In Season 6, she calls Damon her best friend.

Other Relationships

Forbes Family, Salvatore Family, Town Council, Mystic Falls Police Station

  • Liz and Bill (Ex-Spouses/Friends/Former Allies)
  • Liz and Stefan (Friends/Former Allies/Former Enemies)
  • Liz and Carol (Former Allies)
  • Liz and Matt (Former Allies)
  • Liz and Tyler (Former Allies)


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight


  • Liz is commonly used as a nickname for persons named Elizbathe. "Elizabeth" is a biblical name, the cousin of Mary and mother of John the Baptist. From the Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע (Elisheva) "God is my oath". The name became very popular in English languages after Elizabeth I, Queen of England. The name "Isobel" is a Latin variation of this name.
  • Forbes is a Gaelic name and means "wealthy" or "stubborn". In Scottish, it means "field"; "headstrong".


  • Liz's relationship with her daughter has been one of the major points of the series. Beginning with that of a complicated and strained relationship between mother and daughter in the first season to that of one between a vampire hunter and a vampire in the second. The Forbes' family problems came to a head in Season Two when Liz discovered that her daughter had become what she had spent her life protecting her against. However, after accepting that her daughter was a vampire, and not a monster, the two grew a lot closer.
  • After she learns about Caroline being a vampire, Liz has a closer relationship with her and is still friends with Damon. However, she still doesn't trust vampires and asks Matt to add vervain to drinks at the Grill to prevent compulsion.
  • Growing up, Liz and Kelly disliked each other.
  • She and her ex-husband had a complicated relationship after their break-up but they reconciled in the face of his death.
  • Liz was not the sheriff for a short while, having been removed from office by the Council after it was revealed that she had been concealing the truth about Tyler and Caroline being a hybrid and vampire. However, it seems that she was restored to the post after the council died in Pastor Young's cabin.
  • Liz is one of four recurring characters who appear in more that 20 episodes. Other three are Carol, Elijah, and Rebekah.
    • Liz is only of four, who appeared in more that 40 episodes. She appeared 45 episodes.
  • Damon and Alaric saved Liz in Home.
  • Despite Caroline's hatred towards Damon, Liz and Damon are friends.
  • In Black Hole Sun, it is revealed that she met Damon in 1994 where she showed him a picture of baby Caroline. But later Damon compelled her to forget she met him.
    • With the anti-magic spell casted over Mystic Falls being able to remove all magic including compulsion casted many years ago. Liz would have undoubtedly remembered meeting Damon in 1994, though she has made no mentioned of it at all.
  • In Christmas Through Your Eyes, it's revealed that Liz has cancer. An inoperable brain tumor to be exact.
    • She dies of this illness four episodes later in Stay.
    • At the time of her death, Liz was the last member of the original guest cast on the show and the only one outside the main cast to appear in every single season of the show.
  • Like her friend Miranda Sommers-Gilbert she couldn't cook as revealed in Stay when Elena told Damon that she tried to cook for her and Jeremy.
  • She took in her friend Miranda's children, Elena and Jeremy, for a while until their Aunt Jenna got used to being their guardian.
  • Before she died in Stay, her last words were to Damon, saying "I'll take that drink now."
  • Her last memory, given by Caroline, was of her teaching a young Caroline on how to ride a bike in their family cabin.
  • During her funeral in Let Her Go, it is revealed that she has been is the police service for 12 years and 4 months and that her radio number is 2-6.
  • She's the only character whose death wasn't caused by another character.
  • Her death leaves Matt the only character with a living human parent.
  • Alaric names one of his daughters Elizabeth "Lizzie" after Caroline's mom.


Liz: "Just get on with it, Kai. Listening to you talk makes me wanna die."
--- Prayer For the Dying


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