I'm going to be fine. I found peace because I made sure that you'll find yours. I love you Bonnie. You stay strong.
Sheila to Bonnie in Home

Sheila Bennett was the maternal grandmother of Bonnie Bennett, mother of Abby Bennett, and also a very powerful witch. Bonnie refers to her as Grams.

Sheila was a member of the Bennett Family.

Early History

Sheila, descended from the Bennett Family, lived in Mystic Falls, where she led an anti-war sit-in in October 1969 when she was barely a teenager. She would later pursue a higher education and taught Occult Studies at Whitmore College.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series


Born and bred in the picturesque town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, Sheila was a level-headed and strong-willed sorceress, who loved her family dearly. She also disliked vampires and getting involved in "vampire business". She was also the Occult teacher at a local community college and let people believe that she was "just a kooky lady" because they don't know the truth.

Physical Appearance

Sheila Bennett had almond brown eyes, cocoa brown skin, and curly long hair.

Powers and Abilities

Sheila was a witch from the Bennett bloodline who was a powerful witch in her prime. Even in her advanced age and a servant to nature, she stood her ground against vampires, specifically Damon Salvatore. She demonstrated her power on him by giving him an intense pain infliction.


On several occasions, she states that "witches talk, even on the Other Side". She was very devout to the craft and employed to Bonnie the same teachings. As an occult professor at Whitmore, she was adept at teaching, which contributed to Bonnie's quick knowledge of the craft. Though Bonnie's inexperience showed, Grams was powerful enough to manage the Tomb Unsealing spell at Bonnie's plea and inability to keep the spell going, though eventually succumbed to exhaustion, and passed away shortly thereafter.


Sheila watching over Bonnie before the Anchor's Collapse.

Even in death, Sheila's devotion to her granddaughter provided her guidance each and every time the veil to the other was weakened or drop and even when Bonnie became the Anchor. When the Other Side was well on its way to collapse, she was able to resurrect Bonnie (and Damon) into the second Prison World and found peace knowing that Bonnie would find hers.

As a respected family in the magical community, other covens frequent sought out the Bennett family. On several occasions, Grams (and possible other ancestors as well) provided assistance to the Gemini Coven by giving them a powerful spell and her blood in order to lock away Kai, (and presumably the Heretics a century prior) in an alternate dimension known as a Prison World.


Sheila had the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


Bennett Family, Bennett Coven, Whitmore College


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  • Sheila is of anglicized form of "Cecilia", from the Roman "Coecus" meaning "blind".
  • Bennett is an uncommon unisex name, which could be Latin or Hebrew in origin. The meaning of the name is "blessed".


  • Sheila mentions the four basic elements in preparing the spell and the pentagram, when trying to open the tomb, but she does not mention another element.
  • Sheila has an almost religious devotion to Nature and its will. Even to the point of warning Bonnie that her actions go against its will.
  • From the first season, Sheila showed displeasure with Bonnie getting involved in vampire business. Even after her death, Sheila watches over Bonnie.
  • She is the first witch seen to die from overuse of magic.
    • Chronologically, Sheila is the second to die from overuse of magic; Caitlin Shane was the first.
  • She is the first witch to appear as a spirit whenever the veil has been weakened.
  • Sheila is the first ghost shown to suffer the wrath of the spirits.
    • Chronologically, Sheila is the second spirit to be punished by the spirits, Esther Mikaelson was the first upon her death after the creation of Vampires.
    • Similarly, Davina Claire was the first to be punished by the Ancestral Spirits.
  • Sheila is the first to confirm that Nature has consciousness, including a plan for vampires.
  • She has knowledge of Expression magic, telling Bonnie 'it is the manifestation of your will'. It is unknown whether or not she came to know this knowledge from communing with witches after her death or if she knew of it while living. Given the later, it is unlikely she ever practiced such magic, given her denotation to Nature and the Spirits.
  • She finds peace before the Other Side is destroyed and is not taken by the darkness.
  • Sheila was an ally and family friend of the Gemini Coven.
    • As a family friend she specifically took Jo under her wing, presumably teaching her magic.
    • She helped the Gemini Coven create the Prison World in order to imprison Malachai so that he would relive May 10, 1994 repeatedly, which would remind him of what he have done to four of his siblings for all eternity.
    • Sheila is believed to be responsible for the creation of the Ascendant as only the blood of a Bennett witch can perform the spell to activate its power.
    • Sheila made a deal with the witches to ensure Bonnie finds peace. In Season Six, Damon and Bonnie discover that Grams had in fact arranged for her to enter a time loop created with a Bennett spell by the Gemini Coven to imprison Kai. As a Bennett, Bonnie was the only one who could do the spell to escape the time loop.


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