When we lost our son in the car accident, my wife kind of lost it. She tried to resurrect his body using magic.

The Shane Family was a family featured in Season Four of The Vampire Diaries.


"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Family MembersEdit

  • Atticus Shane: was a professor at the university. He lost his son several months ago (2009) in an accident, and his wife a few months later. Grief stricken, Atticus seeks out a way to see his lost loved ones again. He traveled to a mysterious island where he comes upon the wraith of his wife, a practitioner of expression, who gives him the ingredients for the spell to resurrect Silas, and thus their souls. Since then, Atticus had been set on freeing Silas in order to revive his loved ones.
  • Caitlin Shane: was a loving mother and wife who also practiced expression. After losing her son, she tried to revive him using expression, but she died due to overuse of magic.
  • Sam Shane: was the son of Caitlin, and Atticus. He died in an accident.

Family TreeEdit

This is The Shane Family Tree contains all known members of this family.

Atticus Shane
Caitlin Shane
Sam Shane †

Name Edit

  • Shane is an Irish clan surname introduced into Ireland in the 7th century. It derives from the pre 12th century Gaelic "Mac Seain", translating as "son of John".

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