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Information on screencapsEdit

The episode screencaptures on the Wiki are categorized by season. The screencaps are listed on the category pages in order of episode airdate. To prevent duplicate images, please view the category page to double-check to see if the screencap has already been uploaded. Any questions about uploading or using screencaps or images on the wiki can be left on this page's at the bottom of this page.

Use a search engine to find screencaps. Don't forget to include the source when you upload. The webmaster at Oxoniensis is glad to allow use of the collection there, and the Devoted Fans Network requires a login, but has images for all episodes. (the gallery is currently down for technical problems.) Please upload the actual image, not the gallery preview thumbnail size.


When you upload an image, please include the source url. Also include the category, including the season and episode number, on the image description page. For example, if you are uploading an image from Haunted, it is the 7 episode of Season 1, so your category would look like this:

[[Category:Screencaps Season 1|107]]

The image will then be automatically included in the links on this page.

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