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Biographical information
  • 1993
  • Female
Family information
Family Members
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Broken neck
Killed by
Played by
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Sarah was a Mystic Falls High School student who liked to party and was a good friend of Aimee Bradley's. She had a crush on Jeremy Gilbert and she encouraged him to party at Lockwood house. She was compelled by Katherine to get herself killed by Tyler, in order for him to turn into a werewolf, which she did.

Season Two

Sarah's head hit the table

Sarah displayed an interest in Jeremy though Aimee advised her against it. Tyler invited Aimee, Sarah and Jeremy over to his house. Later, while Jeremy and Tyler were talking, Sarah saw the moonstone and took it playfully. Tyler said that she had to give it back, but she wanted him to try and grab it from her. As she was messing on the stairs, hiding the moonstone and teasing Tyler he accidentally pushed her to grab the moonstone, and she fell down the stairs and hit her head. Tyler was terrified because he thought that he killed her, and for a split second he wanted her death to be true. Even if it was an accident, he would have triggered his werewolf gene. However, Sarah opened her eyes and told them jokingly, "I fooled you", meaning that she was not hurt.

Sarah later attended the Masquerade Ball and partied with Aimee, Tyler and Matt in Tyler's dad's study. Matt started to go through with Katherine's plans to turn Tyler into a werewolf, as Matt had been compelled too, but Caroline intervened. Sarah too had been compelled by Katherine and stated that if Matt failed, then she wouldn't. She grabbed a knife and stabbed Tyler, but Tyler threw her off him and she hit her head hardly on the table, made her land on the floor. Tyler panicked when she wouldn't wake up. Caroline examined her and confirmed that Sarah was dead, and Tyler seemed horrified after realizing that he'd triggered his werewolf gene by killing her.

After she died, students at school put a bunch of candles, pictures, flowers and notes in front of her locker. 


Season Two


  • Sarah takes the place of Sue Carson to activate the curse of a werewolf in the series.
  • Both Maiara Walsh (Sarah) and Claire Holt (Rebekah) are in Mean Girls 2.

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