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Glenridge Hall
Salvatore Boarding House
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Mystic Falls

The Salvatore Boarding House was built in 1914 and was home to members of the Salvatore Family and recently the Gilbert FamilyDamon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore were the last residents. Jeremy Gilbert also used to live here, but he later moved in the Lockwood Mansion. The Boarding House is said to be one of the creepiest places in Mystic Falls.

Over the years, the house was used as a place where visitors could stay, though this changed when Stefan and Damon returned to Mystic Falls.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

It is implied that Stefan had once lived in the Salvatore Boarding House many years ago before his return to Mystic Falls in Season One, as he leaves almost everything he owns there until his next visit. His brother, Damon Salvatore, may have resided at the Boarding House prior to his appearance in the pilot as he is seen entering the house without an invitation.

Many deaths occur within the Boarding House, the most significant ones being Joseph Salvatore, Vicki Donovan, Zach Salvatore and many other unnamed guests.

Locked cells are shown located in the basement of the house, and were most probably originally built so that vampires could be detained if they were to be caught. Both Damon and Stefan are locked up within the first season.

At the beginning of the second season, we see Katherine Pierce, Damon and Stefan's former love, arrives at the Boarding House.

In Plan B, Mason is tortured and killed inside the Boarding House.

Throughout the season, the Boarding House continued to be one of the prime locations where murder, torture, and characters' returns to Mystic Falls occurred.

In Know Thy Enemy the Salvatore brothers offer Elena the deed to the house and she accepts. This is done so that Elena has a safe place to live, away from Klaus, and the other Originals. The deed is later broken when Elena dies in the sacrifice ritual.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Rebekah moved into the house after Klaus left her in Mystic Falls in The Reckoning. Eventually, she moves back out.

In My Brother's Keeper, Elena moves in with Damon and Stefan moves out. It is also where the new couple first make love.

In Bring It On, Stefan moves back to the house.

In Pictures of You, Elena moves in with Rebekah. In the end, she is vervained by Stefan and Damon and locked in a cell in the basement.

In She's Come Undone, Elena moves back in.

In Graduation, Stefan moves out and leaves Mystic Falls.

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, it is revealed that Jeremy has moved into the boarding house during the summer.

Katherine Pierce has moved since she was kicked of Elena's dorm room.

After the Traveler spell made Mystic Falls magic-free, the house was empty until Welcome to Paradise when Jeremy and Sarah moved there.

In the 1993 prison world, Damon and Bonnie were living in this house. Later Kai joined them.

Heretics in Salvatore Boarding House

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, after Stefan Salvatore made the deal with Lillian Salvatore, Heretics moved into the boarding house.


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  • According to Damon, there are 7 bedrooms in the house. "There are 6 other bedrooms in this house... go find one." — Damon to Katherine in The House Guest
    • Elena and Damon's bedroom. (They share the same bedroom)
    • Stefan's bedroom.
    • Jeremy's bedroom. Jeremy will probably have his own bedroom because he will live there permanently.
    • 4 others bedrooms.
    • The Kitchen is seen for the first time in Yellow Ledbetter.
  • In the early episodes, before any scene inside the house, a shot of the outside would be shown. However, it is no longer used.
  • Zach Salvatore was the owner of the house, but was killed by Damon in Season One. In Season Two, Stefan and Damon decided to make Elena the new owner to protect her.
  • After Zach's death, all vampires and hybrids were able to enter the house, example:
  • Unfortunately, Elena was killed by Klaus and now any vampire can enter the house even if she is still alive, example:
  • Before the beginning of the series, Jason Harris wanted to stay at the Salvatore Boarding House, but the owner Zach, closed it down and made all the residents leave because he had family coming (Stefan and Damon).
  • The real address is 684 Abernathy Rd NE, Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.
    2015 Salvatore Boarding House Destroyed

    Glenridge Hall Mansion, 2015

    • Glenridge Hall in Sandy Springs was demolished on April 9, 2015. [1]
    • Season 6 will not be the last appearance of the house in the series.
    • In Season 7 the exterior of house was not seen as stock footage, only the interior was seen.
  • It seems that Elena stays in Damon's room.


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