I also practice another form of magic, Sacrificial Magic; drawing power from the lives of my offerings.
Papa Tunde about Sacrificial Magic


Papa Tunde sacrificing a snake on a pyre

Sacrificial Magic is an immoral form of witchcraft used to draw power from death of a witch's victim, which, depending on who or what is sacrificed, has the potential to make the witch not only mystically enhanced, but also physically stronger.

Sacrificial magic is different from most forms of magic, but does have similarities to Expression, as some forms of sacrificial magic collects the magic that is held within the practitioner's offerings. However, unlike Expression, some sacrificial magic is solely dependent on the use of supernatural creatures and those with mystical properties. Seemingly, sacrificing a human who possesses no magical abilities would be no benefit to a witch seeking to gain more power from sacrificial magic; however, when a witch practicing sacrificial magic sacrifices a vampire, a werewolf, or a fellow witch, they gain the supernatural abilities of those creatures. This could mean additional strength, speed, and healing abilities, as well as enhanced magical power. Sacrificial magic is also sensitive in it's formula when used to make physical symbols for barrier spells or wards in order to protect their offerings, and, if disrupted by another magical component, then the workings of this magic and the spell can be halted.

Channeling the SacrificesEdit


Rebekah sacrificed

There appears to be several different ways one can channel the magic from sacrificial offerings. For example, Papa Tunde used various different supernatural creatures to enhance his powers, including carving a symbol into the foreheads of his witch sons so they could act as a conduit for the magic he was channeling, which kept them alive, whereas other creatures such as non-Original vampires and werewolves would be killed in the process in order for him to absorb their powers. In the case of an Original Vampire, who cannot be killed by anything except for a white oak stake, the "sacrifice" will instead produce an unlimited power source for a witch who channels them, as the ritual that would typically kill any other creature would have no effect aside from desiccating them; this makes Original vampires an ideal offering, as because the death of regular vampires, werewolves, and witches result in a much more limited gain in power for the witch in question.

Though it was once believed that sacrificial magic was limited to only the sacrifices of human offerings, it has been demonstrated that the sacrifice of animals can also be used in this branch of magic, such as when Lenore sacrificed a python in order to perform a Soul-Branding Spell on Esther Mikaelson.


Finn channeling Mikael

Finn Mikaelson (while possessing the witch Vincent Griffith) has demonstrated a knowledge on Sacrificial Magic such as channeling the energy of his father Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, in a similar way to how Papa Tunde did with Rebekah Mikaelson. The symbol engraved on the victim's front is different, however, suggesting that every witch has a personal brand. The victim is in a circle with mystical inscriptions and must burn candles near the vertices of the circle.

Kol Mikaelson and Rebekah Mikaelson have also dabbled into this form of magic once, in order to channel Klaus as an endless supply of power and an immortal offering. This allowed them to overload Finn with a fatal amount of power, which forced him to break his connection to his own sacrificial offerings, Mikael and Esther, which left him much more weaker.

Eva Sinclair was known to have attempted to do The Rite of Nines ritual however, she failed thanks to her imprisonment and later being killed by Rebekah when she was about to finish it.

Spells and RitualsEdit

Main article: Spells and Rituals
  • Sacrificial Channeling Spell: A spell that allows a witch to kill and channel the power and strength of a supernatural creature. The spell requires the sacrifice(s) to be placed within a symbol drawn on the ground. The process is normally fatal although in the case of Original Vampires, the spell desiccates them when enacted.
    • Incantation: Symbole du masque et de l'ombre, embrase-toi. Embrase-toi.
    • Used by: Papa Tunde used this spell to on a large number of vampires, including the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson to fuel his strength. While the spell killed all of the vampires and only provided Tunde a finite amount of power, it did not kill Rebekah since she cannot be killed except by being staked with the White Oak Stake. The spell killed the vampires except Rebekah since she cannot be killed, which provided Tunde with an infinite power source. It was used once again by Finn Mikaelson, possessing Vincent Griffith, on his parents for power and Eva Sinclair on multiple New Orleans Witches to complete The Rite of Nines.
  • Confinement Spell: The spell is generally used by Sacrificial Witches to protect their sources of power (sacrifices). A binding circle is drawn using a concoction of various ingredients that form a white powder. When is it drawn on the ground, the spell confines a person or object within the marked space, preventing anyone else from entering. It is a convoluted spell that can be broken by powerful binding agents such as rock salt, volcanic ash, eye of newt or the blood of a more potent witch.
    • Used by: Papa Tunde on the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson so that no one could move her while he was channeling her at the time. It was later used by Finn (in possession of Vincent) to protect his mother and father whom he was channeling.
  • Soul Branding Ritual: A ritual used to reveal if a person is being possessed by said branded spirit. In order to brand a certain person's soul, the spell requires an item blessed by the witch in question, such as a talisman and the sacrifice of a python. After the spell is completed, a distinct mark will appear on the back of the hand of whoever is inhabited by the marked spirit.
    • Incantation: Le vu ut em bu l'espirit la vu sa.
    • Ingredients: Item blessed by the witch in question, Sacrifice of a python
    • Used by: Lenore performed this spell on the spirit of Esther Mikaelson, in order to reveal who she will possess next.
  • Sacrificial Boundary Spell: A powerful spell that can trap dozens of people inside of a building. If touched, the boundary will severely burn the person trying to pass through. The spell has to be bound to an incredibly powerful sacrifice, something long-lived and indestructible, such as an Original Vampire.
    • Requirements: Powerful sacrifice as a binding agent
    • Incantation: None
    • Used by: Finn used the spell in order to trap the werewolves and the vampires inside of the Abattoir by binding the spell to Mikael, an Original Vampire.
  • Finn's Boundary Spell: Through a hand gesture towards the target, the witch can trap a certain person inside of an undetermined space.
    • Incantation: Kembe Po transi
    • Used by: Finn used this spell in order to prevent Elijah from coming anywhere near him.
  • Sacrificial Telekinesis Spell: The spell allows a witch to telekinetically lift and throw a person or object with great force such as a Original Vampire.
    • Incantation: Lec tare sel vipre.
    • Used by: Finn Mikaelson used this spell on Elijah when he came for Hope, throwing him around until he ended up in her room.
  • Blood Lust Manipulation Spell: The spell allows a witch to increase a vampire's thirst massively, making it uncontrollable.
    • Requirements: Salt circle, a dead fish as a blood sacrifice
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Used by: Finn performed this spell in order to force the vampires to kill the werewolves by placing a fish's insides inside of a bowl.
  • Death Curse: This curse allows a witch to punish someone by condemning them to a slow, supposedly irreversible death. In case of possession, it also allows the witch to trap the possessor spirits in the body of their vessels, so that they can't escape the curse.
    • Incantation: O se kwe pe se.
    • Requirements: Physical contact with the victim
    • Used by: Finn used this spell in order to punish Kol for his betrayal.
  • Poppet Locator Spell: The spell is performed by flicking a poppet of the target above the map, in a circle of many candles, unknown herbs and a jar full of caterpillars.
    • Incantation: De vuale es numerus puerum. De vuale es numerus puerum.
    • Ingredients: Dozens of candles, unknown herbs, a poppet, map, jar full of caterpillars
    • Used by:Finn performed this spell in order to break the cloaking spell on Hope and locate her, but he was unsuccessful.
  • Klaus Sacrifice2
    Over-Powering Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch (or more) to channel a great amount of power from different power sources and pass it onto an already strong power source in order to overload the witch channeling that power source. The targeted witch will then be forced to either break the link to their power source, which would leave them weakened, or unless they break the link, the witch would die from over-exhaustion. On the very climax of the spell, the witches performing it will feel a short, yet strong pain as the power channeled passes through them and onto the targeted witch. The power channeled can also cause minor, short earthquakes as the spell takes effect.
    • Incantation: Los triforce comète. Los triforce comète.
    • Requirements: Various sources of power to be channeled
    • Used by: Kol and Rebekah Mikaelson performed this spell together in order to force Finn to break his link to his sacrificial offerings (Mikael & Esther). By overloading his power source with the channeled power of dozens of dark objects, including the white oak stake as well as Klaus himself acting as a sacrificial offering and an endless supply of magic, Rebekah and Kol were able to overload Finn's magic which would have killed him if he hadn't cut himself off from his sacrifices.
  • Sacrificial Empowering Spell: An extremely dark spell that calls for sacrificial magic to imbue the caster with incredible magic, though it requires the sacrifice of something that is "truly loved". The sacrificial instruction manual details this specific spell and the sacrifices are not made to the Ancestors of New Orleans but something darker and far older. Presumably, a more potent form of this spell uses totems, personal artifacts, of it's victim that draws their life from them.
    • Incantation: Donnez moi fortitudo, Apporte moi potestatem!
    • Requirements: Totems for each target, A "true" sacrifice.
    • Used by: In Haunter of Ruins, it was revealed that Vincent, then eventually Eva, utilized this magic to gain power. It would eventually twist Eva into the person she was upon her death; seeking out children to sacrifice in the name of power. Vincent would later encounter the unnamed dark witch that kidnapped four children, including Adam Folsom, attempting to sacrifice their lives for a dark entity that has yet to be revealed.
  • Sacrificial Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell that uses the sacrifice of a powerful being, such as an Original Vampire and their sireline or a witch, in order to resurrect a deceased witch, or another being, whom is in spirit form, by reconstituting the body from the target's remains.
    • The Hollow's Incantation: Yoli conepiya miquilizti
    • Freya's Incantation: Verha hel igjen
    • Requirements: Target’s remains, Blood from the casting witches; Sage, Talisman (housing the spirit), the sacrifice's blood
    • Used by: In Queen Death, the Hollow accelerated the poison from the Enchanted Thorns to kill Elijah. Upon his and his sireline's death, the Hollow channeled the massive amount of power to complete her resurrection. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Freya utilized the Hollow's death in order to reconstitute and heal Elijah's desiccated body in order to place his soul back into his original body.


*† indicates deceased

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  • Sacrificial magic is similar in use to Expression, as both types of magic can draw power from sacrifices. However, sacrificial magic has typically been seen to be used by sacrificing supernatural beings and regular animals (such as snakes, goats and birds), whereas with Expression, witches have been seen drawing power from both supernatural and human offerings. Another difference between these two types of magics is that Expression consume the will of the practitioner.
  • Rebekah and Kol are considered users of this magic due to temporarily channeling Klaus as a sacrifice in order to overpower Finn and break his connection to his own sacrificial offerings (Mikael and Esther).
  • The Tremé Coven seems to particularly specialize in this type of magic, as Vincent Griffith and Eva Sinclair both had an inclination for this magic.
    • As revealed by Vincent in Haunter of Ruins, Sacrificial Magic need not draw only from the Ancestors, but any source of power that is willing to bestow power, as long as they accept what is being sacrificed.
    • In Sacrificial Magic, as opposed to Expression, what is being sacrificed and its quality (in terms of to the witch or the society of the witch, I.E. pets, beloved individuals and children) is important to the magic being cast.
    • This magic leans largely on the use of Sigils.

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