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  S.O.Stereo (Save Our Stereo) is group who guest starred in Season 2's The House Guest whey performed live at a concert held at the Mystic Grill. They were the first band to guest star on The Vampire Diaries television series.

Season OneEdit

In You're Undead To Me, their song, "When A Heart Breaks" was featured during a scene in which Matt Donovan and Elena Gilbert played pool at the Mystic Grill.

Season TwoEdit

They played two of their own tracks at the Grill in The House Guest. They also performed a cover of "Eternal Flame" (originally by The Bangles) in which Caroline Forbes performed the vocals so she could impress Matt.

Songs Performed in The House GuestEdit

  • I'll Take The Bullet - The band perform at the Grill.
  • Eternal Flame feat.Candice Accola - Caroline sings to Matt.
  • Hello Miss Heels - Elena finds Matt and Caroline in the bathroom.

Band MembersEdit

  • BradleyCDavis-Guitar/Vox
  • BSFurr-Bass
  • JimmyJamesMeyers-Drums/Vox
  • JohnCPhillipsJr-Guitar/Vox


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