Rousseau's is a bar located in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Camille works here as a bartender. Jane-Anne and Sophie Deveraux worked here before they were killed. During the five-year truce guaranteed by Marcel and Vincent, Josh began working at Rousseau's.



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"I would write... Dear Diary"

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  • The bar may have been named after the Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a person who believed that people are born good and made bad only by the society in which they live. This could be a reference to the issues surrounding Klaus' supposed initial goodness but corruption at the hands of his father and the corruption of the other original siblings due to their lives as vampires. It is noteworthy that this is a view that Camille, the bartender at this bar, also seems to share.
  • In Gather Up the Killers Josh said he was working as a DJ, and in the next episode during a conversation with Eddie, he said he had managerial obligations. This seems to be true as Josh seems to deal with the management of the bar as well as DJing during evenings.


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