Roman is an upcoming character on The Originals. He will debut in the fifth season.

Early History

Throughout The Originals Series


Season Five


Roman is "a devilish and charming schoolmate of Hope Mikaelson. Roman is a recently turned vampire who becomes curious about Hope’s family after she’s involved in a mysterious incident at school."[3].

Physical Appearance


  • Roman is of Latin origin meaning "of Rome" while having a Biblical meaning of strong or powerful.[4]


  • Anything for next season of The Originals? — Nelson By now you’ve heard that The Originals is looking to do yet another time jump that would age up Hope next season. Well, I hear that aging comes with some new perks in the form of a love interest. The show is currently casting for a devilishly charming, recently-turned vampire named Roman, who finds a common bond with Hope over their dysfunctional families.[5]


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